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How Much Does Doggy Day Care Cost?

The cost of doggy daycare service can vary from one city to another and it also depends on certain conditions of service.

In general, the larger and busier the daycare center the more expensive it gets.

Similarly, the more personalized service needed for a dog, the more you will likely pay in service costs and charges.

If your dog suffers a medical disorder, for instance, the animal will require special care which will quickly add up to the original cost.

The costs of monthly doggy daycare will vary from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

Doggy Day Care Costs According To Sizes

According to doggy daycare Melbourne, the main determinant of prices for doggy daycare service is the size of the dog.

There are 4 categories of dogs according to size, these are;

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large, and
  • Extra-large.

You should keep in mind that most daycare centers will not accept puppies that are a few weeks old and still suckling.

These categories are susceptible to several infections and will still require vaccines and other essential medical attention.

Average Day Care Costs For The Small Dog

According to the categorization of dogs, a small dog is one that weighs between 2 and 22 pounds.

Some miniature dogs can weigh between 3 and 12 pounds and are still categorized as small dogs.

The average standard daycare rates for most small dogs are $70 per date and this may vary depending on the number of hours. To save money, you may want to buy multiple days at the same time.

For instance, you can save between $2 and $12 when you purchase 5 to 20 days at a go.

Some of the small dog breeds that qualify for this category include;

  • Maltese,
  • Shih Tzu,
  • Chinese crested,
  • Pekingese,
  • Pekingese,
  • Pomeranian,
  • Chihuahua,
  • and Yorkshire Terriers.

Just like the extra-large dogs, the smallest dog sizes usually have the most needs at most cay care centers hence you may be charged extras for feeds, mediation, and other necessary additions.

Average Day Care Costs For Medium Size Dogs

According to the categorization of dogs, a medium dog is one that weighs between 24 and 57 pounds.

As expected, the doggy daycare service for medium dogs will be higher than the small size dogs.

The average standard cost for medium size dogs is $75. You can also save money by purchasing 5, 10, or20 days at a time.

Multiple-day purchases can also save you between $3 and $10 depending on the number of days purchased.

Common medium dogs that are categorized as medium include;

  • Most bulldog breeds,
  • Basset hounds,
  • Border collie,
  • Dalmatian,
  • and Australian Shepherd.

Average Day Care Costs For Large Size Dogs

According to the categorization of dogs, a large dog is one that weighs between 59 and 99 pounds.

The standard daycare rate for the large dogs is $85 and just like rates for other sizes of dogs, you can also save money by purchasing multiple days, up to 20 days.

Buying multiple days at a single time can save you up to $12. You may be charged extra for other medical conditions associated with certain breeds of large dogs; hence prices may go up quickly.

Some of the dog breeds categorized as large include;

  • Rottweiler,
  • Golden Retriever,
  • German shepherd,
  • Alaskan Malamute,
  • Golden retriever,
  • and Boxer.

These dogs are up to 30 inches in height. Most of the dogs categorized in this option may live for between 8 and 10 years.

Average Day Care Costs For Extra Large Sized Dogs

According to the categorization of dogs, an extra-large dog is one that weighs more than 100 pounds.

Extra-large dog doggy daycare may cost a standard average of $90 and you can save up to $15 when you purchase multiple days of 5, 10, or 20.

Some of the popular dogs categorized as extra-large or giant dog breeds are; Great Dane, Saint Bernard,  Irish Wolfhound, Mastiff, and Newfoundland.

These dogs could attain up to 30 inches or in some cases more. It must be noted that the large and extra-large dogs usually have the most needs at a doggy daycare center as some of them do suffer from medical conditions like arthritis and other conditions that may impair their movements.

What Else You Should Consider For Day Care Service For Your Dog

There are penalties to be served if you fail to honor the agreement on your doggy daycare arrangement.

For instance, most daycare centers will charge you $20 or more extra for late drop-off and feeding for the dog.

Some doggy daycare center offers some free incentives to their customers. A Free bath and blow dry are offered to some dogs, if their owners purchase multiple days at a time, instead of paying the standard daily rates.

In many cases, you need to purchase a minimum of 5 days at a time to save money and qualify for incentives like a free bath and blow-dry.

You may also enjoy certain incentives if you register more than 1 dog at a doggy daycare center.

You may get up to a 15% discount for each dog you add and if you add up to 5 dogs you may register for the 6th for free.

With the COVID19 pandemic still active, most daycare for dog operators is operating at reduced hours because they are considered essential businesses.

The reduced hours of operation will ensure that dogs don’t get exposed to viral infections.


You need to keep in mind that the costs of doggy daycare services are normally prepaid. This you need to sign an agreement and fulfill other necessary obligations before your dog or dogs are accepted for the daycare service.

You must also keep in mind that the doggy daycare center will require the provision of the medical records of your dog before its registration and acceptance at the daycare center.

You may want to keep updated on the immunization and other records of the health status of your dog to avoid the penalties attached.