Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs In Terms of Housebreaking?

why cats are better than dogs

Ever thought about why cats are better than dogs when it comes to housebreaking? So let me share with you some major reasons for the same.


The main reason why cats are better than dogs in terms of housebreaking is that they do not eliminate as often.

As previously mentioned, most wild cats hunt using their nose. As such, cats only need to eliminate when they are actively searching for a meal.

On the flip side, most domestic dogs need to eliminate after they eat so that they do not develop an unwanted association between eating and elimination.

Many pet cats Are given the training to use a designated elimination area within the home.

This terminates their unwanted association between the litter box and the elimination area in a very effective manner.

Even though some people believe that cats cannot be trained to use a litter box, several proven techniques can teach your cat the appropriate way to urinate or defecate.

By using positive reinforcement, these techniques can teach your cat quickly when it is appropriate for him to use the litter box and when it is not.

In the wild, cats hunt prey using their nose to track hidden food. In our homes, we often rely on scent to locate cleanliness.

As such, it is important for us to use scent recognition training to help our cats understand when it is appropriate to use the litter box and when it is not.


Another reason why cats are better than dogs with housebreaking is that their instincts make them better at avoiding potential distractions.

If your dog constantly jumps out of your lap, uses the bathroom in the same room as your children, or uses the stairs when you are trying to leave the house, your pet cat would much prefer to avoid the distraction altogether.

This is because a cat’s instinct is to avoid potential threats that would cause unnecessary stress or anxiety. A dog, on the other hand, would not know that he is being watched.

He may end up jumping into the middle of the path just to go outside without any thought as to how he would get there.


The third reason why cats are better than dogs in terms of housebreaking is because of their less aggressive nature.

Dogs will almost always bite when they are defending themselves, but a cat has a tendency to play nicely with people and pets alike.

This is because when a cat bites someone, he is trying to scare the person away. In contrast, most dogs will attack if they see their owner get involved.

For this reason, cats are actually better around people because they tend not to be aggressive.


The fourth reason why cats are better than dogs at housebreaking is that they do not require as much exercise as dogs.

Most wild animals hunt during the day while most domestic pets need to be taken out at night because of the time spent sleeping.

A cat, on the other hand, can spend many hours running around inside the house looking for things because it is natural for them to do so.

They are comfortable spending time inside the house for longer durations. Dogs, however, can get very bored if they are in the same place day after day.

Only if you have a large house, you can leave your pet dog inside for longer periods because dogs can get destructive if they do not have a regular exercise routine.

The same is not the case with cats. Hence, cats are better off than dogs when it comes to housebreaking!

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