Cat or Dog: 100 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Cat or Dog: 100 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

We all know that dogs are among the most popular pets in the United States. But cats are not very behind. Cats are arguably the second most popular household pet in the United States, requiring less work and attention. 

In addition, cats are more independent and cost less. They are considered less demanding pets loyal to anyone who cares for them. In this article, we will not only talk about why cats are better than dogs but also about scientific facts. 

Research and studies have already shown that just by watching cat videos on the internet, you can experience a boost of energy. Having a cat nearby creates a positive emotion. But what is better? Should You adopt a cat or dog? 

It’s no surprise that having a cat has several benefits but what makes them stand out from dogs? Let’s first find out: are cats more friendly than dogs?

Are Cats More Friendly Than Dogs? 

Some cat breeds are more friendly than dogs. But in general, dogs are more familiar than cats because felines prefer living alone. Cats don’t like to be touched or cuddled as much as dogs. They usually choose to be friendly with people of whom they approve. 

As they do not pack animals, they don’t depend on friendship or the pack for safety. I guess this is because of the matter of evolution. The dogs have been bred for the last 100 years, if not thousands. 

On the other hand, cats were probably wild at first and were kept to catch pests. It doesn’t mean that cats are not friendly. Cats are always friendly if well cared for. In addition, they are very communicative through their body language. 

As she ages, she becomes more talkative. If you have a neutered female cat, she will be a lapcat. Unlike dogs, cats will not always run to you when you call. Sometimes they studiously ignore you. Depending upon the type of breed or personality, some cats may demand attention, whereas some may not. 

Let’s look at 100 reasons cats are better than dogs. I’ve prepared this list through extensive research. I’ve spent 3 hours acquiring this information. 

So, you won’t have to look anywhere else. Without wasting another minute, let’s examine the scientific reasons why cats are better than dogs. 

100 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

  1. Cats eat many types of fruits, including avocados. 
  2. Cats are pets for spooning. 
  3. Girls who love fashion also adore cats. Cats like the style too. And there must be a reason behind the term “catwalk.
  4. Cats like watching TV and TV series, including rom-com. 
  5. Each Cat has their unique personality. 
  6. Cats come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. 
  7. There are different types of cat breeds suitable for each person’s needs. Some felines are calmer, while some are more active. 
  8. Your Cat’s meows are the best way to start your day early in the morning. 
  9. When Cats eat biscuits or make one, they look adorable.
  10. If no interactive toy is available, your Cat can use the most random toys/things to keep herself entertained. 
  11. Believe it is not, cats are great listeners. 
  12. Some cats are suitable for keeping in a small space or apartment because they are known to go into invisibility mode. 
  13. Having a cat in your home doesn’t need any pest control. 
  14. Felines in your home will help you improve your lifestyle & have some engagement within the family. 
  15. The way a cat eats its food looks adorable. 
  16. Cats are excellent companions who will never leave you alone. They don’t understand the meaning of personal space. 
  17. Some cat breeds are calmer and silent, making them perfect in the reading room, unlike dogs. 
  18. Felines are Acrobats who will entertain you with their personality, activities, and doings. 
  19. A cat will always come running when you open a packet or crack a can. 
  20. Kitties are more suitable for senior citizens because they like to sleep and sleep. 
  21. They also make great pets around strangers and the public. They are thought to be great public servants. 
  22. Cats can be extremely fast, making a runner like Usain Bolt look slow.
  23. Cats don’t need much grooming because they can care for themselves to keep their coat look safe.
  24. Some cat breeds are hairless for people with allergies or those who don’t want to clean hair from their house corners and furniture on a daily basis. 
  25. Cats have cute scratchy little tongues that they use to groom themselves also. 
  26. Cats are brilliant and will not fall for any trick easily. 
  27. Do you know that Cats become more talkative as they age? 
  28. Cats are known to initiate a crying baby. Therefore, be cautious; otherwise, your feline may toy with your emotion. 
  29. Rather than a water bowl, some felines love drinking water directly from the faucet if it gets soaked soon. 
  30. Cats like getting cuddled and petted. 
  31. As kittens, they look adorable with their catnip crazies. 
  32. People who love trekking or going on an adventure prefer a cat as a second pet after dogs. 
  33. Some breeds can live for more than 20 years, allowing you a lot of time to care for her, have fun and collect memories. 
  34. Even cats are afraid of dogs; they don’t hesitate relentlessly taunt dogs. 
  35. They can jump over you for a loaf of bread. 
  36. Even when your Cat is angry or jealous, they are pretty cute. 
  37. Depending upon personality or how well they’re raised, they can sometimes allow you to pet her tummy. 
  38. The person from the Cat always looks cute. 
  39. Cats are also prone to allergies and are just like humans. But there are lots of supplements and healthy diets that can be provided to suppress or prevent diseases. 
  40. Do you know cats can sleep for about 18 hours in the same origami-like positions? 
  41. Cats have been known since the days of the house in ancient Egypt. 
  42. Cats are great for gifting purposes or great dinner dates. 
  43. Cats are shameless. Cats can also sense soft music and like it too. 
  44. Cats are the second most popular choice as a household pet in the United States. One of the giant domesticated CAT breeds is Maine Coon
  45. Cats are known to sleep for 70% of their life, which makes them a perfect pet for apartment living or lonely seniors. 
  46. Cats have five toes on each frontal paw and four on their back feet. This feature is unique because not many species have a total of 18 toes. 
  47. Cats are known to jump up to 6 times their height. You might have often seen them jumping off your garden fences or on a high wall. 
  48. Cats have a very compact body with strong muscles in the leaf, helping them catapult into the air quickly.
  49. Cat’s most alluring quality is that they are low-maintenance pets and cost less than dogs. 
  50. Cats are independent and will always be there for you when needed.
  51. Apart from entertaining You, Cats can also make you laugh. Therefore getting one can improve your overall life quality. 
  52. If you have children, getting a cat will be nice. 
  53. Cats are great for helping you to deal with emotional issues. 
  54. Having a cat reduces your overall stress level while giving you company. 
  55. Cats have only three modes: eating, sleeping, and zoomies. 
  56. Sometimes Cats can be grumpy or jerk but in a good way. 
  57. Cats are perfect for setting up some boundaries on where they are allowed to roam and where not. 
  58. If you party solo or dance, your cats will never judge you. 
  59. As cats have 32 muscles in their ears, they can hear anything literally from far. 
  60. Cats can see great in the dark. Therefore they don’t need any night vision goggles. 
  61. Unlike dogs, cats don’t have bad hair days. 
  62. If you can get your Cat on a cat fashion show, she can be fabulous & even win a title. 
  63. Like us, Cats also prefer late-night snacks and are always down for it. 
  64. They love eating flowers and other veggies too. They are not entirely carnivorous. 
  65. Cats like interacting with people but not the laser pointers. 
  66. Cats will not take a ton of space. Fit their necessities, and you are good to go. 
  67. Specific cat breeds can be expensive but adopting one is cheaper. Cats are content lounging, playing, and napping at home alone while you have work. 
  68. They don’t fail separation anxiety as long as mental stimulation is present. Interactive toys can be a great way. 
  69. They’re perfectly content indoors. 
  70. Unlike dogs, you don’t have to provide lots of exercise, plenty of walks, and spend time outdoors to keep them happy and healthy. Cats are so glad when perched next to a window or curled up in a Sunny spot on the sofa. 
  71. Both kittens and puppies require an incredible amount of time, attention, and energy. But when we compare them, a kitten needs less work than puppies.
  72. With a cat, cleaning its little box is much easier than walking a dog constantly. 
  73. Cats are naturally very clean creatures whose instinct is to bury their poop and pee. 
  74. Many say a pet can help you with stress and provide specific health benefits. 
  75. If there is no mental stimulation, get your Cat near a window where they will be content watching birds & bugs all day long. 
  76. Unlike dogs, cats’ meow and purr tend to be pretty quiet. Therefore, when cats are most active at night, you are less likely to hear lots of noises. 
  77. We have observed that pet owners are much healthier than non pet owners because of their better cardiovascular health. 
  78. By having a pet nearby, you can benefit from improved psychological health. 
  79. Cats quickly adapt to your lifestyle. According to most women, men who have cats are much nicer than men with pets or no pets. 
  80. Cats are most playful when they are young or kittens. But it doesn’t end with adulthood. Your adult feline is likely to be persuaded to join in any game. 
  81. Nowadays, you don’t need a cat to have fun or benefit your health. There are lots of cat videos available on the internet to enjoy digital activities. It will also help you reduce your stress level. 
  82. Your Cat will provide a welcoming greeting meow as you come home. 
  83. As you feed them, you will feel an enthusiastic rub against you. 
  84. Cats are always known to sit by their owner’s side, making them the most popular pet companion.
  85. By having a cat in your room, you will be teaching valuable skills to your children. 
  86. Understanding what a cat wants or needs according to their behavior will also help you raise your kids well-mannered. 
  87. If you are kids who don’t share food, having cats will help you make them learn how to share, especially if they have siblings. 
  88. Children will learn and encourage a sense of responsibility like they must play, feed, and look after a cat each day. 
  89. Children often learn empathy if they are kept around any pet. 
  90. Unlike dogs, cats don’t need that much food. 
  91. With cats, you may become famous on social media or be able to start a business around her. 
  92. Even Cats are independent pets. They can give your company and support in difficult periods of your life. 
  93. A cat is ideal if you have more minor children than other pets. Leaving your kids alone with the Cat will not cause any severe injury.
  94. They need less time and vaccination than dogs.
  95. Adult cats require less supervision and care than kitten. Adult cats destroy fewer things when you are not around than kittens and dogs.
  96. By adopting adult cats, you will know they will likely be litter-trained and have fully developed personalities.
  97. Kittens are one of the cutest critters in the world whose funny actions and delightful field behavior will charm you every time.
  98. I find the action of rolling over quite funny when a kitten does it, compared to dogs.
  99. When you have a kitten by your side, she will always rub her smooth face and fur on you, giving you a pleasurable moment. 
  100. Ear pricking & tail wagging of kittens is also an endearing habit.

Why Are Cats Better Than Dogs Scientifically? 

There are many health benefits of owning a pet, but below are some specific health benefits and scientific reasons why cats are better than dogs.

5 Scientific Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

#1. Improve Cardiovascular Health. 

People with pets are at lower risk for heart stroke or heart disease. Having a cat or pet nearby will improve your cardiovascular health and activities.

#2. Lower Blood Pressure. 

Many researchers and scientific evidence show that a cat purr can help your nervous system calm down while reducing blood pressure. 

#3. Prevent Allergies. 

Even pet allergens tend to be the primary cause of allergies in people. If a Child is exposed to a cat within the first few years of their life, they are likely to develop a healthy immune system that can resist all kinds of allergens found in pets. Therefore if you have children around, introducing a pet will help create a healthy immune system to combat pet allergens and allergies.

#4. Reduce Loneliness. 

Believe it or not, cats are not only great companions but also ones who offer unconditional love to their owners. They will always be by your side in your downtime. Their unconditional love can equal or be more significant than many human companionship, friends, and confidence.

#5 AiDs in healing or recovery

If any of your family members suffer from mental illness or sicknesses like Ptsd or depression, a cat can help them cope. Cats will always make their owner feel needed and give them a sense of responsibility & purpose. Therefore having a cat can help relieve depression symptoms. On the other hand, a cat purr is therapeutic for humans. Their purr will lower your stress and heal your infections, muscles, and bones. A purr within a range of 20-110 Hz positively affects human health. 

13 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs (Infographic)

5 “MUST-KNOW” Scientific Facts Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

  1. According to scientific evidence, they also calm your nervous system. Cats can reduce the feeling of unwantedness by fulfilling your need for companionship. 
  2. Sleeping with the Cat can improve your overall sleep quality. 
  3. By having a cat, you will experience higher self-esteem. 
  4. The act of caregiving will help you build healthy habits, according to science.
  5. Cats can sense dangers and warn their owners. Cats are highly alert pets and can warn you if somebody breaks in or a gas pipe start leaking.


Cats require less attention, cost, time, work, and care than dogs. Each of them has its advantage. It would help if you adopted a pet, depending on your and your family’s lifestyle. Your pet choices can tell people more about you. 

According to studies, cat owners are also more intelligent. People with cats are often seen as smart guys for girls. If you are introverted, modest, and trustworthy, you will likely adopt the Cat. 

I have tried my best to give you hundreds of reasons why cats are better than dogs, both- scientifically & logically. If you find this article helpful, then please share it with others. Did you know that a British poll showed that women are attracted to men with cats as they are more friendly and caring? 

Being Frank, I find cats amazing creatures with a lot to offer. There are many psychological benefits of having a cat. Now I am looking for a cat that needs adoption nearby. Right now, I also want a cat to stay happy, relieve stress, and improve my cardiovascular health. What about you?

Let us know your kitty’s name in the comment section… Do check our other helpful guide on cat care. See you in the other post, till then, take care and goodbye.

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