Why Do Dogs Scratch The Carpet

Why Do Dogs Scratch The Carpet? [7 Reasons, 5 Tips]

You must have encountered this thought many times: Why does my dog scratch the carpet?” Why Do Dogs Scratch The Carpet? Do All Dog Breeds Scratch The Carpet? or Some Specific Ones are prone to this behavior.

Well, Canines have this weird behavior of scratching the carpet. It is evident that they roll like fish, crawl, scratch, and love the carpet. If you find this behavior annoying then you can train your fido for it. But it would be helpful for you if you first understand the reason behind the cause.

In today’s article, we will discuss why dogs scratch the carpet and how to stop or prevent them from doing it.

Why do dogs scratch the carpet?

There are many reasons behind this behavior.

You may think that it is fascinating for your pooch to lay down on the carpet, but there is a different logic behind the cause.

Hence, let us understand the possible reasons for a canine to dig carpet. 

Finding a cozy spot to sleep

Many dogs love selecting their sleeping spot. One of the most common spots is on the carpet. This behavior depicts their wild instinct where they do not get that cozy bed. In fact, in the wild, the dogs need to find some comfortable and safe place. 

Although pet dogs live in a much better condition and do not need to arrange their beds. Still, they have this natural instinct of digging and sleeping. Therefore, they dig the carpet. 

When your fido is digging the carpet, say “No” to make him understand that this is not a good habit.

Exciting smells

We already know how powerful a nose a dog has. And many dogs love to smell a spot, dig it, and then roll on it.

If your pooch is the same, then he will also try to dig the carpet if it has some exciting smell. 

For example, you went outside in the garden and you transferred some soil to the carpet. Your canine will pick up the smell immediately, start digging the carpet and investigate it thoroughly.


Dogs show all sorts of destruction when they are bored. And digging holes is their favorite thing to do. If your pooch is home alone and getting bored, he can dig the carpet. 

If you feel that your doggy needs mental stimulation then try to provide him some sort of entertainment. 

You can also hire a dog walker if you stay out of the home for many hours. This way, your canine friend can easily release his energy and will not be interested in destroying the carpet.


Some dogs have that volcano of excitement inside them. Therefore, some dogs can dig and scratch the carpet if they get excited. 

The trigger for this excitement can be anything. For example, your pooch saw a squirrel or bird in the garden, senses other dogs nearby, or smells a favorite treat. 

If your canine gets excited often, then you will have to find some way to divert his attention. You can achieve this by playing or taking him for a walk. 


Dogs that have separation anxiety show a common behavior of scratching the carpet.

Most canines who have separation anxiety tend to show destructive behavior in order to find a comfortable spot. 

If your canine has separation anxiety then you must try to control his anxiety via medications.

Understand this, anxiety cannot be cured overnight. Therefore, you will need professional help and a lot of patience. 

It’s the breed instinct

All the dogs have a digging instinct. But, there are certain breeds that show a strong urge to dig carpets or floors.

Mostly, Terrier dogs love to hunt, chase, and dig up things. If your pooch tries to dog hole in the carpet, then it is just his breed instinct. 

Attention seeking behavior

Dogs do certain things to seek attention. Digging can be one of them. It may happen that if your fido feels ignored, he may start scratching the carpet to get our attention.

Your canine understands that if he does something mischievous, you will be attentive to him. And this is all he wants. 

To mitigate this behavior, spend some time with your furry friend. Go for a walk, play with him, or do some training sessions.

How can I get my dog to stop scratching the carpet?

Stimulate the high energy

If your dog scratches the carpet due to boredom, then you will need to divert that energy towards somewhere else.

One simple solution to this is to take your pooch on a run or walk.

Playing will release the excess energy and your fido may reduce the habit of scratching the carpet.

If you are busy, then you can hire a dog walker to stimulate the energy. 


Training is the best way to mitigate and stop the behavior of scratching the carpet. “No” command can help here.

Training will help to stimulate the energy and make your canine calm and diverted to some other activities.

One of the simplest ways is to provide some chewable toys to cut off the boredom. 

Set a good bedding

Dogs love to sleep comfortably. Hence, they dig holes before going to sleep.

Your dog may scratch the carpet to find that comfort before sleeping.

Therefore, it is your duty to make a comfortable sleeping spot for your furry friend, 


When you see your pooch scratching the carpet excessively, it is a good option to discuss it with your veterinarian.

Your vet will diagnose the cause and try to solve the problem. 

Take help from a behaviorist

A dog behaviorist can help the dog’s parents to reinforce good behavior in the pooch.

Although you can try this on your own. But if you face difficulties, then a dog behaviorist can help you in this situation. 

Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Beds, mattress, and Sheets?

Dogs need to scratch. This is one of the many reasons they are so great. They can get a good amount of exercise without even realizing it! When they want to scratch, they do not always do it on your furniture; sometimes, they go right for your bed or couch.

Dogs have a very different sense of touch than we humans. They often scratch at something with their paws in order to feel it, or when they are anxious. When their scratching is done on the bed, you may see claw marks in the fabric or wood of the bed.

If you live with a dog and you have a pet bed that is in the bedroom or living room, consider putting it away when company comes over.

11 Valid Reasons why Dogs Scratches Sheets or Beds?

The dog is Sick: If your dog has a condition or is sick, it might scratch objects to let out pent-up energy.

Affinity: some dogs just have a strong affinity for certain materials.

Anxiety: A dog may scratch as they might be experiencing anxiety or need to express themselves.

Playful: They might also scratch as a form of play or just because it feels good.

Marks Territory: Dogs want to mark their territory. They will scratch beds, couches, and furniture to show that they “own” them.

Dog Itch: They might also scratch a bed, furniture, or objects because of an itch or for exercise.

Scents or Strange Smell: Dogs feel the need to scratch the ground to reach a scent and express their natural instinct.

Protective Instinct: Some dogs might scratch a bed to protect themselves or their family members.

A place to Sleep: Dogs are known for scratching up furniture in their quest for a comfortable place to sleep.

Curiosity: Dogs might accidentally scratch an item they find interesting or new while exploring.

Absence of Scratching post: Dog May consider your couch, Furniture, or even your bed as an alternative to a scratching post,

Final words

In conclusion, I would say there are several more for dogs scratching the carpet. Therefore, it is better to understand the cause and work on it.

Else, your dog will end up tearing the carpet. Hence, to save the carpet, we made this list of 7reasons and some tips to help you. 

The first step for you is to find out the real reason behind your pooch’s behavior. Once you understand this, you can move forward and try to mitigate the problem.

In many cases, dogs scratching the carpet is very normal. But in some cases, it displays a destructive nature.

Therefore, keep your canine happy and try to participate in different physical activities with them. 

Keep your Dog from Scratching your Carpet

If your canine is continuously scratching the carpet, there are methods that may save your carpet from destruction. The secret is to first get down to the lowest of their behavior, finding out why this is happening.

Once you recognize where this behavior is coming from, you can easily take steps to preserve them from doing it. In a few cases, scratching is absolutely normal, simply a part of the way that canines do things.

In others, there’s an obvious motive why your canine can be scratching the carpet and taking part in destructive behavior.

Keep your pooch satisfied and keep your home and carpet from getting destroyed with these recommendations on how to stop your dog from scratching.

The primary thing you need is patience, mainly in case, your fido is new.

It can take some time and a few training sessions to get used to it. Still, eventually, you may get them to stop digging in one way or another.

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