Dogs Follow You To The Bathroom

Why Dogs Follow You To The Bathroom: 20 Logical Reasons

Wondering Why do dogs follow you to the bathroom? Should I Let My Dog In The Bathroom With Me? Well, This Is Why Dogs Follow You Into The Bathroom And You Never Knew This

The reason your dog follows you to the bathroom includes Curiosity, Pack Living mentality, Psychological reasons, Grabbing your Attention, Obsession, Insecurities, Separation anxiety, Expecting Treats, Socialization, Protective nature, Breed traits, Dogs love Your smell or a Way of showing love to their master.

As you can see there are many reasons for your dog to follow you to the bathroom. Hence, it is very challenging to understand the real cause. To be honest, it’s not a tough thing to do. 

Let us have detailed knowledge about the possible reasons for a dog to follow you to the bathroom.

Dogs Follow You To The Bathroom


The most common reason for your dog following you to the bathroom is the need for companionship. And hence, this is not a habit that you can break. Dogs love to be around their favourite humans. Moreover, you cannot raise a question about a dog’s companionship.


Dogs are very curious animals. They hate to be left out of anything around them. Moreover, this behaviour lets them find out what you are doing inside the bathroom. Additionally, your pooch may think that you are inside means that there is something interesting happening. 

Hence, curiosity is the most common reason for your dog to follow you to the bathroom. You do so many things in the bathroom. For example, you get fresh, do make-up, take bath, etc. therefore, your canine is curious every time you go to the bathroom. 

Pack Animal mentality

We all know dogs are pack animals. This means that they have a pack mentality. And hence, they like to stay by your side all the time. Even if you are going to the bathroom, they will follow you. Also, they see you as the pack leader. Therefore, they follow you everywhere. 

This canine behaviour is in your dog for ages. It is in his genes to have a pack mentality. This implies that it is not your canine’s habit. Therefore, you cannot break this chain anyway. 

Psychological reasons

Dogs also get anxious and nervous just like us. Therefore, this is a potential reason for your dog to follow you to the bathroom. It’s simply that he does not want to be alone or away from you. It is your dog’s way to ensure that you will not leave him forever. 

To grab attention

Dogs love to grab the attention of their owners. To do so, they do different things like running, playing, following, staring, etc. 

Moreover, they won’t be happy if you go to the bathroom and shut the door. At the early age of the pet, many owners make the mistake to offer a hug or treat before going to the bathroom. Therefore, the dog connects this with a good opportunity. 

If you feel your dog is following you to grab your attention, then train him to do something else in this condition. Reward him when you see a change in this behaviour.

Obsession (OCD)

When your dog repeats a certain behaviour, it turns into an obsession. Moreover, a dog can get obsessed with you. Hence, this results in your dog following you to the bathroom. It is suggested to discourage your dog when he follows you to the bathroom. 


Dogs are sometimes very insecure about their belongings. In many cases, dogs get easily disturbed by small things. This includes you going to the bathroom alone.

A dog does not know how to react in this situation. Therefore, he ends up following you to the bathroom. A dog just wants to spend time with you.

Separation anxiety

If a dog is very attached to you, it will be hard for him to be away from you. If this happens, it exerts stress on his mind and results in separation anxiety. It can get worse to a level that your dog may show destructive behaviour. 

If your canine has separation anxiety, then you need to give him specific training to mitigate the problem. The signs of separation anxiety include

  • Increased stress
  • Constant whining
  • Sticking by your side
  • Shaking
  • Restlessness
  • Refusing to eat
  • Excessive salivation


Your dog thinks that a predator can hide anywhere. Hence, it is his job to protect you from the predator. 

A bathroom is a potential place for a predator to hide. Since you are risking your life by going to the bathroom, your canine needs to keep you safe. 

Specific traits of Breed

Your canine is following you to the bathroom because of his breed traits. Many canine breeds are known to follow their owners everywhere. They consider their owners as the leader of the pack. Also, they do not want to let them go out of their sight.

Some breeds that follow their owners everywhere include Shepherds, border collies, and other herding dogs. 

Other breeds like Doberman pinschers, Labrador retrievers, and Boxers show the same traits. 

Showing love and Affection

Many times your dog follows you to the bathroom with his favourite toy in his mouth. In some cases, dogs even offer you toilet paper and pick up towels from the floor. This means that they are showing their love towards you. 

My dog follows me to the bathroom: Now what?

The best way to stop your pooch from coming to the bathroom is to shut the door. If you keep the door open, he will surely come inside the bathroom. 

You can train your dog by telling him to stay outside the bathroom. Afterwards, reward him with a small treat, praise, or pat. This will give him a reason to stay outside patiently. 

If your dog is suddenly following you to the bathroom, here are a few things to consider:

  • Do you think he is in pain? Many dogs do this. If they are in pain, they tend to follow their owner. If this is the case, take your pooch to the vet.
  • Are you giving them enough time?
  • Are there any behavioural problems?
  • Is there something in the bathroom that they like?
  • Has there been a major change in the surrounding area? Like you have moved to a new home or a new baby.


Not all canines follow their owner to the bathroom. Moreover, some canines do not even bother where their owner is going. However, it does not mean that the canine is abnormal.

Some canine breeds are not that affectionate. And some breeds are very clingy. For example, Shepherds are more clingy than aloof breeds. Moreover, clinginess depends on your canine’s personality. However, a dog following you to the bathroom is normal canine behaviour. 

I hope you enjoyed the article. I will be back soon with interesting and informative pieces of writing. Till then, stay connected. Thank you.

Frequently asked questions

Why does my dog follow me to the bathroom and not my husband?

There are various reasons for this. The most common ones are-

  • Velcro dog syndrome
  • Instinct
  • Separation anxiety
  • Consider you as the parent
  • Consider you as the pack leader
  • Have a positive association with you
  • Breed trait

What are the signs that your dog doesn’t like you?

  • Chewing up your things
  • Peeing on things
  • Biting
  • Scratching
  • Growling
  • Bearing teeth
  • Keeping the ears flat

Why do dogs watch you while they poop?

When dogs poop, they are in a vulnerable state. Therefore, they need you to protect them. Hence, while pooping they look straight into your eyes. Sometimes owners get confused about this situation. They think that the dog is asking for privacy and hence they turn around. But this is not the case. When you establish eye contact with your canine when he is pooping, he feels safe and secure. 

Why do dogs sleep so close to you?

It just indicates that they feel comfortable and safe with you. When the dog was a pup, he used to sleep with other siblings by cuddling them. This gave warmth and comfort to them. And now, he wants to do the same with you.

How do dogs pick their favourite person?

Dogs pick their favourite person based on socialization and positive interactions. The dogs become impressionable when their brains develop. Therefore, they pick up the way you behave with them, the way you treat them, and love them. From birth to 6 months, pups are in their socialization period. 

Does my dog see me as Alpha?

If he allows you to go through the door, follows you, and protects you, then he considers you Alpha. The Alph means the leader of the pack. Therefore, it is your responsibility to lead and protect the pack. In fact, your canine will look for protection from you by letting you face the danger.

Are dogs more protective of female owners?

No. It is not yet signified that a dog is more protective toward a female owner. Protective and territorial behaviours are more visual in unaltered dogs. Neutered dogs exhibit fewer traits. Moreover, this also depends on your dog’s breed.

Why do dogs lay on you every morning?

This means that they feel comfortable and secure around you. Moreover, lying close to you is their way of protecting you and telling you that they love you.