Importance of Trimming Dog Nails

Trimming Dog Nails: Is It Necessary Or Optional?

Do Dogs Really Need Their Nails Trimmed? Well, Trimming Nails isn’t just important for humans but for dogs as well. To protect both the owner and the animal, it is important to clip/ trim the nails of your pet dogs regularly. Not just that, but small nails amongst dogs also lead to pet’s health and hygiene.

Furthermore, the procedure is simple and hassle-free if done correctly. Though with aggressive and sensitive dogs, nail trimming/ clipping can come out as a big challenge.

This article today isn’t just about how to cut your dog’s nails, but it also explains those positive reinforcement and desensitization techniques that every dog owner might need to know. Especially with dogs who show signs of serious distress or aggression, the information below might help you.

Why do Dogs Need Their Nails Trimmed Regularly?

Today in the culture of suburban and urban apartment pets, nail trimming is an essential responsibility for dog owners.

Apartment dogs who walk mostly on soft surfaces or have seen les

s outdoors except lawns need regular nail trimming.

Such dogs have an absence of floor friction in their daily schedule, which otherwise would have trimmed their nails naturally.

Importance of Trimming Dog Nails

The Importance of Trimming Dog Nails

Do I Need To Clip My Dogs Nails Regularly? What if I don’t?

Yes, Dogs need their nails clipped/ trimmed regularly, every 3 to 4 weeks on average. However, clipping should be done even more frequently or slightly later, depending upon the need of the hour.

Once you find your dog’s nails making noise on the floor, remember it’s time to trim them right away. When the dog is standing, his/her nails should barely or not at all touch the ground.

Long, unkempt nails not only look unattractive, but they can also damage your dog’s physical fitness and floor, of course. 

But what if you don’t trim your dog’s nails regularly?

Most dogs trim their nails naturally due to friction while walking, some need regular grooming. 

When dogs’ nails aren’t clipped for a long time, they will curl and grow into their skin and paw pads. This can further result in infection and pain.

Long nails upon hanging on something can also damage the object and injure the dog. 

Long uncut nails of dogs can harm humans while handling. Since long nails have pointy tips, they may cut the skin, and bleeding can prove difficult to stop.

Long dog nails can damage major kinds of furniture, floor, and upholstery.

Long nails lead to collecting bacteria and fungi from their environment and transferring it to the dog’s mouth.

Does Walking Your Dog Naturally Trim Their Nails?  

Yes, walking your dogs on rough surfaces, for instance, Asphalt, can cut down the number of trimmings they need. However, it won’t necessarily trim a dog’s nails, just like what is done manually while grooming. 

Does Walking Your Dog On Asphalt or Rough Surfaces Trim Their Nails? Walking on harsh surfaces like concrete and pavement can naturally wear down a dog’s nails. The friction on these created while walking manages to clip the overgrown tips.

That is why dogs who spend more time outdoors have nails that are short and blunt. In contrast, dogs who spend more time indoors have long pointy nails instead.

Trimming Dog Nails

Do You Have To Cut Dogs Nails If You Walk Them?

Yes, walking on rough surfaces isn’t just enough, and cutting/ clipping a dog’s nails regularly are, therefore, important. Walking doesn’t perform the job sufficiently or rightfully.

Also, if your dog is often on wet soil and sidewalks, there are fewer chances that concrete-based friction is contributing to any friction. That is why you check your dog’s nails every 2 to 3 weeks and trim them as and when required.

The Basics of Trimming Dog Nails

Dogs who have been getting their nails trimmed from the first or second week become habitual of the process.

However, a lot of them who begin it, later on, might develop an aggressive attitude while getting their nails clipped. However, since your goal is right, do not despair.

Dogs’ nails, which are technically called Claws, are made of a tough protein called keratin.

Dogs nails are different from humans since they consist of two layers, unguis, and subunguis.

The former is a hard outer covering made up of keratin fibre. It runs perpendicularly towards the nail growth direction over the soft and flaky subunguis. Unguis gives a dog’s nail a characteristic that develops that unique curl later. 

Step-by-step process of ‘ Trimming your dog’s nails perfectly’?

When your dog is in a relaxed mood, pick his paw softly but firmly and remove all the fur from the way of the nails. 

Now using a nail clipper, trim the tip of the nail straight across and make sure you include the declaws.

However, avoid trimming the curve of the nail, which is also the pink area of the nail, or you will end up punching the blood vessel. 

Trimming Dog’s Nails- 9 Helpful Tips and Tricks

  1. Introduce your dog to the nail trimmer/ clipper and allow him to sniff it properly first. 
  2. Try clipping the tiniest part of their nail and give the dog a treat. Even if the dog is behaving comfortably, do not go through all nails in one single day. 
  3. Always hold the nail clippers at a 45-degree angle.
  4. Form a positive association with your dog before you begin with the nail trimming process.
  5. If your dog has white nails, stop before reaching the nail’s pink part.
  6. However, if your dog has black nails, clip/ trim until you no longer see a whitish interior, though again, stop before the pink part.
  7. Always start nail clipping at a very young age, and it will reward you once your dog grows older.
  8. Choose the right nail trimming tool.
  9. Make sure you have a bright light source, or you will end up hurting the dog. Also, be patient during the process.
  10. Always keep blood clutter at home if you trim your dog’s nails by yourself.

Extremely Overgrown Dog Nails Problem

Extremely overgrown dog nails will curl into the paw. No matter how scared you are, you can’t leave your dog’s nails to grow more than a certain length.

Not only is it unhygienic, but overgrown nails can also lead to different physical problems and discomfort among dogs.

For instance,

  • Extremely Overgrown Dog Nails can lead to instability while walking. It may also result in sliding into the ground and injuries such as joint luxation or a hairline fracture. 
  • Big overgrown nails can result in gingerly or limping while walking.
  • Overgrown nails can lead to multiple infections and fungal deposits.
  • With long nails, your dog’s walk will look as if he is tip-toeing.
  • Extremely Overgrown nails of dogs can also lead to sounds of screeching and floor damage.
  • Nails that are too long will possibly scratch you as well.

How To Dremel And Grind Overgrown Dog Nails?

For Dremel or Grinding overgrown dog nails, firstly, pick the right tool. 

Now hold the dog’s toe firmly, remove all the hairs and lead them towards the back, and begin grinding with the smallest part. 

Next, keep grinding across the edges of the nail and ensure you are smoothing them. 

TIP: Holding the nail grinder higher will allow you to attain better results.

What Happens If A Dog’s Nails Are Never Cut?

Neglecting nail trimming and grooming in dogs can lead to some serious health problems.

For example, when your dog’s nail begins overgrowing, they can cause deformed feet.

Or over an extended interval, overgrown nails can also lead to injuries and cracks. 

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Best Nail Grinder for Dogs 2022

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Wrapping up…

Trimming your dog’s nails at home takes a lot of patience and a bit of practice.

Some dogs wear their nails down and won’t require such regular clipping, but pet owners have to be very frequent with some of them. 

Now since you know how important it is to trim your dog’s nails, we hope you will continue regularly with the process.

However, if it is still a difficult task for you, options for taking help from a professional dog groomer are always available.