Why do Dobermans have their ears cropped

5 Reasons: Why Do Dobermans Have their Ears Cropped?

Why do Dobermans have their ears cropped? When I was a kid, I thought Dobermans have their tail, and ears are naturally short. Then I got to know that they have long and floppy ears naturally but humans crop it when the dogs are puppies. This process of chopping off the ears is known as “cropping” and is done when the Doberman puppy is a few months old, Doberman is known as the best guard dog in the world. In the United Kingdom, they consider floppy-eared Dobermans normal.

Then why crop the ears? Well, Cropping the ears is an important aspect for guard dogs. People say cropped ears improve the hearing capacity. Also, cropping mitigates the chance to grab the dog from its ears.

Doberman with uncropped ears

Doberman with uncropped ears is often considered as less aggressive, and gentle in appearance.

This will make a problematic aspect for a guard dog like Doberman. Therefore, people crop their dogs’ ears to make them look fierce and fearless.

Doberman natural ears

When you see a Doberman puppy, you will find that its ears are in their natural state.

The natural ears are wide, long, and floppy. Puppy ears are very silky and soft, and from inside they are pink and smooth.

As the dog gets older, this color becomes dark and a layer of soft hair starts growing inside the ears.

Cropping your dog’s ears takes place when you take him home. Or, your breeder may recommend you to do it from your vet.

But, if the puppy’s ears are not been cropped, then you can choose to leave them in their natural state.

It is advisable to do so as ear chopping and its aftercare is not straightforward as it seems to be.

Are Dobermans ears naturally pointed?

As we already know, Dobermans have a muscular body and lean frame. It will be a delight to see them if they have pointed ears.

However, Dobermans ears are not naturally pointed. Ear cropping is responsible for the pointed ears.

When Dobermans are just puppies you can crop the ears to achieve pointed ears.

This has become the most significant character of the breed that depicts the protective instinct.

How to crop Doberman ears at home?

Things you will need:

First Step: Put all the equipment in boiling water for 30 minutes to sterilize them.

Second Step: Be sure how much sedative you need to inject on your dog.

Third Step: Use a marker to mark the area that you are going to chop.

Fourth Step: Use the kitchen knife or scalpel to trim the marked area. You should hold the ear with the help of forceps.

Final Step: Stitch your dog’s ear and apply the bandage.

Cropped Ears vs. Natural Ears: Which is Better?

Ear cropping is now banned in many areas. There is a number of reasons for this. Cropping the ears of your Doberman can be hazardous to your dog’s health.

Also, this practice is very painful for the dog. Plus, there are chances that your doggo gets an infection during the surgery.

In addition to this, a bleeding disorder called Von Willebrand’s disease is common in Dobermans.

This will affect the platelet function in the Doberman. and may lead to blood clotting.

Also, Excessive bleeding during and after the surgery may result in death. Therefore, cropping surgery can be extremely dangerous for your dog.

Post-operative care is also a big challenge for the owner as it is very time-consuming.

Is cropping Doberman ears cruel?

Many people think that cropping Doberman’s ear is cruel. And now the procedure is banned in many areas.

Even if cropping ears are not banned in a certain area, many people choose to leave their Doberman ears uncropped. Plus, a few vets agree to do so.

Cropping is an expensive surgery and causes the dog a lot of pain.  If you crop your dog’s ears, it is your responsibility to take the post-operative care properly.

Just to tell you, post-operative care lasts for many months. So, it will be your responsibility to handle it with care.

I think a Doberman with uncropped ears looks very beautiful.

Why do People cut Dog’s ears?

First of all, chopping off any dog’s ears is an ill practice. It is very hazardous for animals. But there are certain misbeliefs and misinformation that people believe and cut Pitbull’s or any other dog’s ears.

To protect during a fight– Pit bulls are the fighting dogs. Therefore, people chop off their ears so that they can’t don’t tear off during a fight.

To prevent ear infections– Some people believe that long ears cause some ear infections. Hence, they decide to chop off the ears of their dog to protect the dog from it.

To improve hearing capacity– One misbelief states that long ears prevent sound waves from going directly into the ears. Therefore, it is better to chop them off.

 It is the requirement of some dog shows– Some dog shows have a requirement that the participating dogs must have chopped ears. And the owners agree for the same to win the prize from the dog show.

It Makes breeds look Appealing– It is very disheartening that people consider pets as a show-off material. Hence, they want their dog to look more powerful so that they can show off

Dog breed that requires cropped ears

  • Doberman
  • Boston Terriers
  • Great Dane
  • Boxer

Final words

I think chopping of ears and tail of a dog is not necessary. Look at dogs the way they are non-materialistic things or showcase for your status.

There is no medical healthiness in chopping off the dog’s ear. Therefore, avoid this practice unless it has a medical reason. Dobermans are beautiful with their fluffy ears. Therefore you must not do that.

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