Medium Goldendoodle

Medium Goldendoodle: All You Need To Know!

Goldendoodle is the ultimate Doodle of all. They come in three different sizes, Miniature, Medium, and Standard. And today, we are going to discuss the Medium Goldendoodle, one of the most in-demand pets.

A Medium Goldendoodle is a designer dog, a crossbreed between a Golden Retriever and a Medium Poodle. Medium Goldendoodles have been popular since the 1970s Doodle craze and every second dog lover wants them.

Though all Goldendoodles are the same, many dog lovers often confuse when picking the right size. The size of a dog depends upon the parent Poodle breed and its size. This gives Goldendoodles the right and choice to pick a dog according to the size that they can handle.

Medium Goldendoodle

25 Facts you must know about Medium Goldendoodles

  1. A Medium Goldendoodle is a relatively new designer Doodle that first appeared in 1990 and was coined in 1992. 
  2. A Medium Goldendoodle is a mix-breed produced after breeding a purebred Golden Retriever and a purebred Standard Poodle.
  3. An organization like the American Kennel Club does not recognize Medium Goldendoodles since they aren’t purebred. 
  4. A Medium Goldendoodle will typically grow 15 to 20 inches (standing) as an adult.
  5. A Medium Goldendoodle will weigh between 30 and 45 pounds as an adult. However, both males and females from the breed will have a comparable weight range.
  6. If you want a comparatively smaller Medium Goldendoodle, go with the Medium female Goldendoodle. 
  7. Most Medium sized Goldendoodles are first-generation hybrids
  8. Wally Conron of the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia 1989 first bred medium Goldendoodles. However, according to several claims, it was the great-granddaughter of Charles Dickens, Monica Dickens, who bred this designer dog even before in the year 1969.
  9. A Medium Goldendoodle is a great choice for first-time dog owners.
  10. You should feed specified pet food for small to mid-sized breeds when it comes to the dietary needs of Medium Goldendoodles.
  11. A Medium Goldendoodle is a wonderful blend of characteristics from a Mini and a Standard Goldendoodle. According to experts, Medium Goldendoodles often have a percentage blend of both Standard and Miniature Poodles.
  12. Medium Goldendoodles are natural athletes. They, on the one hand, will love spending time on the sofa, but when prompted, they will choose to jump in the swimming pool and enjoy their fun time. Goldendoodles, in fact, love water, be it in lakes, oceans, rivers, or in your bathroom. They even make the best playmates for humans.
  13. One of the major disadvantages of Medium Goldendoodles is that they are often a blend of Miniature Poodle and Standard Poodle. Due to this, there are always higher chances of size and personality variability in these dogs. This, however, is an exception rather than a rule.
  14. Though Medium Goldendoodles appear small, they are a great addition for active families and owners. 
  15. Medium Goldendoodles are extremely intelligent, and much of it is flaunted while you train them. Besides basic sit, stand, run, and other commands, they can easily learn commands like dance, shake, roll over, etc.
  16. Medium Goldendoodles can be quite colorful but remember that their coat color may fade with age. 
  17. Medium Goldendoodles also make an ideal service pet.
  18. An F1b Goldendoodle, regardless of size (Mini, Medium, and Standard), is the most expensive of them all. 
  19. A Medium Goldendoodle is an excellent addition to families who want a laid-back dog. In addition, these dogs also become exciting companions for park walks and traveling. Due to their intermediate size, Medium Goldendoodles are the top choice for car travel. Their higher center of gravity makes them more comfortable for both short and long travels, especially when compared to other size Goldendoodles.
  20. A Medium Goldendoodle is a perfect companion for people who love going on hikes. Initially, these dogs will walk a long way with you. Later, even if they are tired, a Medium Goldendoodle is small enough to be picked up without much trouble.
  21. While Miniature and Standard Goldendoodles need a good long hour of exercise, with Medium Goldendoodle, 20 to 30 minutes of daily walk even is enough. 
  22. A Medium Goldendoodle doesn’t come with many genetic illnesses and has a longer lifespan.
  23. Ever since hybrid dogs have gained popularity amongst dog enthusiasts, Medium Goldendoodles are termed as ‘Perfectly Sized Dogs.’
  24. F1b Medium Goldendoodles are more hypoallergenic than other generations of the breed.

Do Medium Goldendoodles liver longer?

Yes, since designer dogs like Goldendoodles are healthier than their purebred parents, they enjoy a longer lifespan. An average lifespan of a Medium Goldendoodle is between 10 to 15 years. 

As per dog experts, the smaller the dog, the larger their life expectancy, some experts also suggest that the higher the Poodle DNA, the longer a Medium, Mini, or Standard Goldendoodle will live. However, factors including diet and nutrition, exercise, weight, teeth, physical health, and mental well-being too play an important role in extending or shortening a dog’s lifespan. 

Frequently Asked Question- Medium Goldendoodles

Are Medium Goldendoodles hyper or hyperactive?

Medium Goldendoodles definitely have hyper energy, but they aren’t particularly hyperactive. These dogs love to play and spend more and more social time. However, if their energy isn’t spent well, Medium Goldendoodles can become restless and can even develop behavioural problems.

Are Medium Goldendoodles smart?

Medium Goldendoodles are quite popular for their canine intelligence. Even despite their size, Goldendoodles, in general, are quick learners, great at intuiting human emotion, and easy to train.

How big will a Medium Goldendoodle get?

Upon Standing, a Medium Goldendoodle stands around 15 to 20 inches from floor to shoulder. A Medium female Goldendoodle is typically smaller than a male of the breed. Their weight, on the other hand, typically stands between 30 to 45 pounds.

Wrapping up…

Medium Goldendoodles are the best addition as family dogs, and you should bring them home right away. For dog lovers who are always confused about their pet’s size, there’s no better dog than a Medium Goldendoodle.