Cat Breeds with Dog Personalities

10 Cat Breeds with Dog Personalities

Cats are unquestionably a worthy and smart investment. Having a cat breed with a dog’s personality alleviates not only your moods but also improves your life.

Whether you have a puppy fever, but you can’t get one due to unavoidable circumstances, or you are in search of a cat breed that has a dog personality, then read on as this article got you covered.

We briefly walk you through 10 cat breeds with dog personalities that are a fit for you and your loved one. We also help you understand in depth what cat breeds with dog personalities are and some of the characteristics of a cat with a dog personality.

What are cat breeds with dog personalities?

Also known as puppy cats, puppy-like cats, dog-like cats, or canine-like cats. These are cats that exhibit dog-like characteristics and behaviors.

Most of these cats behave so due to selective breeding (choosing to breed cats with specific traits that will produce desirable characteristics).

However, not all puppy cats are selectively bred; some breeds appear to have dog characteristics naturally.

Common characteristics between dog-like cats and dogs

Below are some of the traits that dog-like cats have similar to dogs:

  • Constantly following you around, more so indoors when they are not on a leash
  • Attention loving behaviors -puppy dogs, will stand on your head, sit on your lap, meow more than usual as a way of communicating to you that they need your attention
  • They want to be acknowledged for doing something-most puppy cats will want you to give them a treat as a way of acknowledging that they have accomplished a given task or training
  • Cats are receptive to a leash being used on them– most cats will either shy off and hide or become aggressive when you try to put a collar or a leash on them, unlike puppy dogs who are always willing to be leashed
  • They are friendly to other animals and strangers– they don’t become aggressive when they encounter strangers or other animals
  • Responsiveness to simple commands and training

10 Cat Breeds That Have Canine-like Personalities

Below are some of the most common cat breeds that have the temperament of a dog or a puppy;

Sphynx Cat

1. Sphynx

For a snuggle buddy, the Sphynx breed will never disappoint you. This canine-like cat is unique due to its ‘naked’ coat.

Its coat is covered with a fine layer of peach fuzz that gives it a naked illusion. It’s famous for its outgoing and socially friendly nature.

However, this cat breed is prone to skin irritation and temperature variations due to its delicate skin and coat.

Therefore, regular baths and the application of cat-friendly sunscreen will go a long way in ensuring that your cats’ skin is healthy.

Burmese Cats

2. Burmese

This vocally active puppy cat is loyal and extremely friendly, making it an ideal pet. It positively responds to leashing, thus making it a good walking companion.

However, this cat breed is known to develop a strong dependency on its owner, causing it to suffer from anxiety whenever its owner is not around.

If you notice that your cat has started developing a dependency trait, immediately break that dependency cycle by;

  • Petting your puppy catless
  • Engaging your cat in activities that don’t involve you being around
  • Letting your puppy cat socialize with other cats, people, and other nonaggressive animals
Abyssinian Cat

3. Abyssinian Cat

With a life span of 9-15 years, this breed is a mix of Siamese, Russian blue, and Burmese cat breeds.

It’s known to love to swim and play fetch with its favorite toys, just like dogs. It’s also receptive to a collar and a leash.

This puppy cat loves attention so much that it may become depressed, leading to its health deterioration when left alone.

Bombay Cats

4. Bombay

This species demands so much attention that it has earned the nickname Velcro cat.

Apart from being too ‘clingy,’ this puppy cat is always to keep itself entertained.

So don’t be surprised if you find it doing something that it wasn’t doing the previous day.

It’s not shy to strangers and will get along very well with other dogs or pets around it.

It’s a good fit for a home that has lots of new guests regularly.

5. Birman

Also known as the sacred cat of Burma.

It’s believed that this cat had divine powers as it used to accompany priests on their way to the temple in the Northern region of Burma.

It’s known for its tolerance and patience, making it a perfect fit in a home that has multiple pets.

When it comes to being receptive to commands and training, this cat aces at it.

Ragdoll Cat

6. Ragdoll

If you love traveling, then this cat breed is the best fit for you.

It gets its name from how it rests in a doll-like bent position when it wants to be picked or is about to be picked up.

This breed loves physical attention and affection from its owner, so it’s not a surprise to find it greeting you at the door or sleeping with you instead of sleeping in its designated area of sleep.

Manx Cat

7. Manx

It’s unique in that it’s tailless due to a gene mutation (though not all Manx breeds are tailless).

This canine-like cat loves climbing and jumping over obstacles, playing fetch with its toys, and burying them.

It is intelligent, making it easy for you to teach simple commands such as ‘no’ or ‘come.’

This cat breed will also come right to you if you call them by their names or make a sound familiar to them, like clicking or whistling.

8. Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is a cat breed that originated in Turkey around the 15th century.

It’s an intelligent breed known to be remarkably handy as it can open cabinets and turn on faucets on its own.

Its eagerness to please and outgoing nature make it a good fit for you and your loved ones, especially if you have children around.

American Curl Cat

9. American Curl

It’s back curled ears make it exceptionally distinguishable from the other dog-like cats.

It’s peculiar since it has the attentiveness of a dog and most often will be seen exploring its environment by sniffing around just like dogs.

Maine Cat

10. Maine

With a life span of 13-14 years, this hardy breed is the largest domesticated cat in the world.

It’s a cheerful, playful, and loyal cat breed that tolerates being picked up by their favorite humans.

It is easy to train and socialize with this cat breed once you gain its trust.

However, this cat requires lots of grooming due to its long hair that quickly gets tangled when proper grooming is not taken into account.

Key Takeaway

Having cats around not only improves your quality of life but also alleviates your moods.

For loyal, outgoing, affectionate, and walking companions, ensure that you get a puppy cat that possesses characteristics like a dog.

Make sure that you engage your vet before settling on a specific breed.

Also, ascertain that you purchase your new family member from a trusted and qualified cat breeder.