Is Your Dog Missing

Is Your Dog Missing? Here Are Some Tips To Help Find Him Quickly

If your dog goes missing, swift action should be taken to help find them and bring them back home. Dogs can go missing for several reasons. Such as not knowing their way back home or moving to a new house that they are not comfortable with.

These are only some of the reasons. We have constructed a list of quick tips that could help you find your furry friend if they went off the leash.

Tip 1- Stay Calm

The first thing that usually happens when your family dog or your best canine friend is lost is that you will panic. Let this pass as soon as possible and collect yourself. Panicking can be a necessary reaction but it can lead to making poor choices.

The latter can result in more harm than good. Take a moment to catch your breath and slow your heart to make a good plan.

As well as make a list of steps to take. This could help reduce your stress, clear your head, and give you guidance in going about finding your pet.

Tip 2- Get The Word Out

Once you have collected yourself you should get on to social media. Facebook is a good one to let people know that your dog is missing. There are several groups of people wanting to help find lost dogs and bring them back to their owners.

Some will be in your area; therefore, searching for those would be beneficial. You should join these groups and make a post about when your dog went missing, where they were last, and what they look like. Including recent photography of them would also be really helpful.

Another thing you can do is to make flyers with a picture of your pet, a contact number as well as a reward if you can afford one. However, be careful with the latter since people can and will take advantage.

You should print out as many flyers are you can and hang them around your neighborhood. You can target grocery stores and street lamps. Hanging up the flyers would be a good idea.

And, you can also try to give them to people who are passing you by and mention that you are looking for your pooch.

Tip 3- Animal Shelters And Vets

While you are going around hanging up and handing out the flyers, you should also check in at the animal shelters and vets in your area. Sometimes people can bring in lost pets to these types of places.

You can let these places know that your fluffy dog is lost so that they can keep an eye out. Also, leave your contact details with them so that they can give you a call if something turns up.

However, you would need to check in daily at these places since animals could come in at any time.

You should also keep a recent photo of your pooch to show the volunteers since they can change shifts. This would just make your life easier.

Tip 4- Websites

Many sites such as PawMaw let you post about your missing pet to their user base.

These sites are designed to help reunite an owner and their pet as fast as possible.

Plus, it is easy to use their forms to give their users all the information they would need to help look for your dog.

Another thing is that you should check these types of websites regularly.

So that you can see if there have been any updates regarding lost pets.

Tip 5- Microchip

If your dog has been microchipped then you should go to the company that did it. Here you can let them know that your dog is lost and check if they turned up there.

Some people will take the pets to where the chip was issued. And you should also make sure that your contact information is updated so that the company can reach you if need be.

Tip 6- At Home

When it is getting close to dark then you may want to set up a friendly trap in case your dog comes back.

In order to do this, you should ask the vet for help so that the trap is indeed friendly and will not hurt your beloved pet.

Leaving their favorite foods and toys out can also help since they could be able to smell this and make their way back home.

Tip 7- Don’t Give Up

While the above tips can be easy and quick to do this last one could be seen as the most important. You should not give up and keep at it.

It may take a while to find your dog, or for them to come back home but it will be worth it. Hang in there and good luck.

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