How To Make Your Own Bully Sticks

How To Make Your Own Bully Sticks? 2024 Guide

Today’s article is all about how to make your own bully sticks. Before we discuss it, let us first understand what exactly bully sticks are.

Bully sticks are usually made from bull penises. Yes, that’s right, you probably did study that correctly! Although this tends to come as a surprise to many canine owners, it’s constantly best to be aware of what substances are used to make treats.

This is because the final element any proprietor of a four-legged buddy desires to do is feed them something that is healthy. 

Bully sticks are made from an ingredient that’s usually thought of as being more secure than rawhide-based treats.

If you have never heard the phrase “bully stick” before, you’ll be familiar with one of their different aliases, which include: puzzle sticks, puzzles, bull puzzles, and bully sticks.

If you are thinking why bully sticks are so famous, it is due to the fact they have a myriad of benefits over rawhide treats. 

8 Benefits of Bully Sticks over rawhide treats

  • 100% natural
  • Long-lasting.
  • Can be chewed up, which means they break down in the belly quickly 
  • Much less complicated to digest in comparison to rawhide and different natural chews.
  • Great for preserving oral health. 
  • High in carbs and low in carbohydrates, which reduces the possibility of tartar build-up.
  • Low in fat, so no need to fear extra calories.
  • Bully sticks are usually considered safe for pups – however, constantly supervise them.
How To Make Your Own Bully Sticks

What do you need to make your own bully sticks

Raw Materials –

All of the butchers and slaughterhouses preserve bull phalluses. They ensure purity; therefore it is great to get the substances from them.

It can also additionally appear absurd to buy that part of the bull from your nearby shop. But as soon as it is executed, it will be a lot less complicated the next time.

Cleaning – 

The cleansing procedure of the meat is executed in 3 steps. First, to make it healthy, the extra fats are reduced from the meat. This additionally guarantees the treat to not be calorific. Next comes the cutting down of the phallus.

This releases the meat of extra and undesirable fluids. Third comes the washing procedure of the meat. The meat ought to have a smooth water bath for a few hours. Following the steps could provide you with a bit of hygienic uncooked meat to make.

Cooking – 

Cooking the sticks nicely can take up to days. These sticks need to be cooked up for numerous days. They ought to be baked at around a hundred and seventy degrees Fahrenheit.

This will ensure the meat gets nicely dehydrated. Being dehydrated guarantees the treat to be an enduring one.

Cutting – 

Bully sticks aren’t pre-available in small sizes. They are available in large lengthy sizes like a rope.

After being cooked, they need to be cut into smaller pieces. Once cooked, it is then recommended and encouraged to cut the sticks into smaller sizes.

10 Benefits of homemade bully sticks

There is an extended list of advantages of Bully sticks as they’re 100% natural treats for the canine, and far better than rawhide.

But, those benefits are commonly taken from those bully sticks which can be made at home as they lack preservatives and flavors.

Not only do the homemade bully sticks offer the canine important nutrients, but additionally have many safety advantages.

Let us have a brief review of these advantages.

  • Homemade bully sticks are long-lasting canine treats as they’re made of natural ingredients.
  • They are one of the most secure chew treats for canines.
  • Usually, younger dogs aren’t allowed to chew treats. however, they could devour bully sticks, all thanks to the natural ingredients.
  • Fat content is pretty low in bully sticks, as it’s far removed in the first step. Therefore,  it is useful for the canines who’re at threat of having obese.
  • It does not disturb the hormones of the canine and also presents important nutrients including calcium,  vitamins, magnesium, and protein.
  • The low cholesterol treats maintain the canines away from a couple of life-threatening diseases.
  • Unlike rawhide, bully sticks are safe to consume as they prevent swelling in the intestine but break down fast in the stomach.
  • As compared to different natural as well as industrial chewing treats, the bully sticks digest faster.
  • Bully sticks proved useful for dental health. When a canine chews a bully stick, the enamel gets abrasion. This not only saves the canine from constructing tartar on the floor of enamel but also prevents the formation of plaque.
  • As bully sticks are made of bull meat, it is all protein.

When should you give your do bully sticks?

Bully sticks are an outstanding supply of amino acids, and they are pretty good for the canine’s coat, brain, and body.

Usually, humans give bully sticks to the canines while they’re making plans to leave them alone as treats to keep them busy.

Now, there are a few different conditions, in which offering your canine the bully sticks are beneficial.

  • It is crucial to maintain your canine’s health. Whether the canine is underweight or over-weight, the bully sticks will assist them to do so. As they’re low in fat and excessive in protein, they promote muscle building.
  • If you’re searching for a quality chew in addition to an economical way to provide them to your canine, then making them at your house is a terrific idea.
  • If your canine does not have any hypersensitivity or sensitivity, then bully sticks are nice treats.
  • Most canines must face negative dental fitness at a certain age. ‘Hence, to enhance the quality of their dental fitness, such natural treats are enormously recommended.

Bully sticks alternatives

Bully sticks aren’t dangerous treats for canines. They are even loved by the dogs. However, the proprietors may not be comfortable getting bull pizzles in their residence for their canines.

Not simply uncomfortably, but different elements such as religion and the odor may additionally be a few hurdles for the proprietors.

Hence there are options for the meaty sticks. The variety of options available would possibly just be infinite.

However, we have some to list.

Carrots – 

Carrots are brilliant for the canines’ enamel and are wholesome as well. They won’t last long as chewy treats. however, can be given more often than the bully sticks.

Chicken Chews – 

These are very easy to make and can be made at home quickly as well. The most effective aspect needed for this is boneless chicken thighs. The thighs ought to be cooked at around one hundred eighty degrees Fahrenheit to the extent of being completely dehydrated and chewy.

Deer Antler – 

Deer Antlers are the most lasting treats for canines. They are one of the best approaches to keeping the enamel of the canines in shape.

However, whilst given antlers, you must supervise the canine, specifically if it is a pup.

Final words

Being a puppy parent means that you make certain that your furball receives the very excellent care that you need to offer.

When it involves offering snacks for your dog, it is a clever move to provide a natural treat that satiates your pup’s taste buds, soothes the urge to chew, gives dental benefits, and makes your canine more potent and healthier.

But, there are numerous pet parents who choose to make bully sticks at home instead of purchasing a few commercially-made bully sticks. They do this to prevent providing a treat to their puppy that would comprise additives, chemicals, or preservatives.

If you have made up your mind to make bully sticks at home for your furball, then you definitely need to make sure that the bull penis is absolutely dehydrated, very well cleaned, and baked for long hours.

This is to ensure that the bully sticks you have made last long and bring your furball countless hours of chomping and munching.

Frequently asked questions

Can you make bully sticks?

Yes, you can make bully sticks but you will have to find a slaughterhouse that can provide pull penises. Once you get them, there is a proper process for cleaning, cooking, and drying the treat.

Are bulls killed for bully sticks?

Although bully sticks come from bulls, people do not kill them. Bully sticks are not for human consumption. Therefore, they are of no use to us. Hence, instead of throwing it, the part is used to make bully sticks.

Is pig ears OK for dogs?

The ears of a pig are made of cartilage. This means that their ears are very soft to chew. Therefore, pi ears are ideal for canines. Whether you have a pup, an adult dog, or a canine with dental issues, pig ears are easy to chew.

Why Bully Sticks Smell Bad?

The smell of a bully stick comes from the animal byproduct used to produce them. Bully sticks have a distinctive odor, which comes from the pizzle of the bull. This natural ingredient has a unique and distinct smell.

What makes bully sticks odor free?

The first reason is that they are made with all-natural ingredients.