How to Cat Proof Windows

How to Cat Proof Windows? (5 Steps Easy Guide)

Cat proofing your house windows is inevitable if you want the safety of your little pet. At first, when I noticed that my Persian cat is trying to escape through the windows, it literally freaked me out. Did I become more concerned about how to cat-proof windows? Here’s what I did to catproof my windows:

How do I cat proof windows? Using double-sided sticky tape on the windows will help in preventing cats from falling out of the window. Sometimes, using catproofing nets or screens on the windows may work as well. 

Prohibiting your cat from going nearer the open window or completely closing all the windows of your home is not a good idea. You can’t always look after your cats, which makes the safety concern more serious.

Read on to know other effective ways to cat proof windows:

Why do I need to cat-proof my windows?

If you own a cat, then cat proofing your window is a must. Cats often don’t like to stay indoors and want to explore outside. So they choose the window to get their way out.

When you tilt-turn your window, there is a chance that your cat might get stuck in it. You should cat-proof your window to prevent your cat from falling outside.

5 Reasons why you should cat-proof your window:

  • You should cat-proof your window so that your cat doesn’t go exploring the world all of a sudden.
  • Though cats are athletic and flexible, they can still have accidents from falling from windows and balconies.
  • Cats can get stuck in the window while you tilt and turn windows, so it’s better to cat-proof your window.
  • Cats mostly spend their day by the window. So there are chances that your cat can fall out of the window.
  • You need to cat-proof your windows to ensure your cat’s safety.

Step by step guide: how to cat proof windows.

There are many reasons why your indoor cat might be wanting to escape. Even though your indoor cat gets proper food, your cat can still have an urge to hunt or look for prey. Your cat might want to protect its territory and get out and mate if it’s possible. 

So, to prevent your cat from escaping, you must take proper actions. Today, I will share a few most effective solutions in a step-by-step guide to cat-proof the windows for your cat.

#Step 1: Use double-sided tapes.

For the first step, I would like to introduce you to the easiest solution. Now here’s the thing, you can only implement this solution if you are in an emergency need of protection. It won’t help you properly in the long run. 

As cats do not like sticky things, they will stay away from the stickiness of a tape. And that’s what you can use to protect your cats from falling out of the window.

You can stick some double-sided tapes on the windowsill densely. Thus when your cat touches it, they won’t like the stickiness and will stay away from your windows.

#Step 2: Reinforce the window screens

If your present window screen is not protective enough, you can reinforce it with duct tape or other heavier components at the least cost.

It will save your cat from falling from the window. All you will need is duct tape and screws to secure the extra reinforcement properly. 

But if your cat is aggressive and more prone to tear the reinforcement, then this step may not help that much.

In fact, no matter how hard the reinforcement is, if you put more force, there will be the possibility of tears and breakage.

In this case, you can double the window screen so that your cat can’t push the window screen. Make sure to choose a cat screen that lets air in and put cat safety nets over them.

#Step-3: Use cat proofing screens 

Cat proofing screens are effective to protect your cat from jumping out of the window. So, you can buy one for your cat. Implementing the cat proofing screens may need expert hands.Therefore, you need to pay money to purchase the screens and also set those up. 

This step is known to be the most effective, no matter what your cat’s personality is. The cat proofing screens are built to ensure the highest safety for your little felines.

There are many cat proof window screens out there in the market. You can choose any of them. While cat-proofing the window, make sure the car screen fits the window perfectly. Otherwise, your cat can escape by pushing the window screen.

#Step 4: Use of steel nets 

If you don’t like cat proofing screens, you can use nets to cover the windows. Interestingly, you can also use nets for covering up the balcony as well.

Moreover, the price of cat nets is reasonably low than the cat proofing screens. But the nets might not look good on the windows if you maintain a specific interior design in your house. 

#Step 5: Do not open the window more than 3 inches

This might sound odd, but if you don’t want to spend much money on the cat proofing items, then using this simple step will help you in numerous ways.

But the problem will arise when you need more air during the summer. Also, keeping the window open only for 3 inches can feel quite suffocating. But if you do so, your cat will be in less danger of falling from the window. 

Another option is to open the window and put the blinds down. This lets air in but stops your cat from jumping out of the window. Blinds let the air in and prevent your cat from going outside.

Can a cat push out a window screen?

Cats can easily push out a window screen if the window is not locked. If you own a cat, you might also have a window screen to save your cat from falling out of the window. But a screen that is held in with magnets or pressure fits into the window can be easily pushed by a cat.

If you want to avoid your cat pushing the window screen, then make sure that your screen fits the opening perfectly and is held in place faultlessly. You can use duct tape, screws, and nails to support your window screens from the outside. 

You can even put double stick tape on the windowsill to prevent your cat from jumping off. Besides, you can replace or double up your window screen with the help of heavy mesh and pet screens.

You can have many other options when the question is about your cat’s safety, which I have stated above.

A window screen is not only used to prevent your cat from falling outside. It is also used in order to prevent your cat from scratching or damaging. 

How to Prevent Your Cat from Falling Out of an Open Window? 

No matter your cat’s personality, cats tend to jump out of the window out of curiosity. To prevent your cats from falling out of the window, you can secure window screens by implementing our previously suggested ways.

Besides, you can take steps like opening the top portion of your windows, closing the windows before the outing, etc. 

Though controlling your cat fully from going nearby an open window is not possible, you can use some tactics to prevent your cat from falling out.

The first technique is to open only the top portion of your window only. Most of the windows come with two opening options. So if you open the top portion only, your cat can’t reach to sneak out of that. 

But here is another concern, if your window has any furniture nearby, then your cat will be able to jump through the top window portion. So unless your cat is a baby or you don’t have any furniture nearby, you can follow this step. 

Another way that helps is keeping the windows closed before you go out. Moreover, you can close the windows before you play with your cats.

But for a permanent solution, you must use cat-proofing screens or nets to keep your little feline safe.

How does window protection work for cats?

Window protections do not let your cat fall out of the window. The protections are very heavy to move if your window protection is made of quality equipment. So, your cat cannot move or go through the window protections, and thus, your cats remain safe from falling out of the window.  

The window protections not only keep your windows catproof but also lets the air and light come through them. So you won’t feel suffocated even if you use the protectors.

Besides, window protections like extra screens and nets are the best performing for ensuring your cat’s highest safety. 

Injuries Cats can face from Falling Out of Windows:

Though cats are likely to jump from higher positions, if your cat jumps from a height of more than 1 or 2 floors, they will probably get severely injured or even face death because of the hemorrhage. Research have shown that nearly 55% of cats face breathing difficulties after falling from a large position. 

But there are many more risks that your cat can face because of the large jumps. Have a look at the potential threats: 

  • Broken bones
  • Trauma or shock
  • Joint dislocation
  • Jaw fractures
  • Fractures to the mouth area 
  • Myocardial contusions
  • Broken teeth
  • Urinary bladder rupture
  • Internal bleeding and hemorrhage 

So I hope now you have a clear idea of how deadly the fall can be for your cat. Do not delay taking your pet to emergency hospitals if you face injuries after falling from a large height. 

What to Do if Your Cat Falls Out of a Window?

If your cat falls out of a window, it can be deadly for it. Even if you notice no signs of injuries, you need to take it to the emergency hospital for an immediate checkup.

Because there can be internal bleeding. No matter what your cat’s condition is after falling from a good height, you need to immediately take him/her to the specialist. 

If you notice bleeding from the ear, nose, or head, wrap a clean towel there to stop the bleeding. But do not use any medication until the veteran suggests. Make sure that no dirt comes in contact with the area because it can make the injury infectious.

You have to monitor the breathing as well. And do not delay even a single minute from taking him/her to the pet hospital. 

Sometimes your cat may show no signs of injuries or play just like before. But that doesn’t mean that your cat is completely fine. There can be internal damages and bleedings that you are unaware of.

So, no matter how your cat is behaving, it’s always mandatory to take it to the vet before you face anything unexpected. 

Did I cover everything you wanted to know on how to catproof windows?

I have reached the end of my observation and suggestions on How to cat proof windows. I am delighted that I have been able to share some practical solutions to cat-proof your windows.

But keep in mind that not only windows, the balconies should also be appropriately protected to keep your cats safe from falling. 

I have shared some incredible options which cost less to keep your little baby safe. But yet if your cat faces any dangers, do not delay taking it to the vet.

Otherwise, you might experience some cruelty of nature. But I can assure you that you can leave your cat out of many potential risks if you follow all the mentioned ways correctly. Good luck! 

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