Do Domestic Shorthair Cats Shed

Do Domestic Shorthair Cats Shed? [5 Preventive Solutions]

Shedding is usual for cats, as we all know. Cats tend to remove their old hair from the body through shedding. But people sometimes think that there is a difference in the shedding of domestic cats.

I have been researching this topic for a few days and here’s what I know after my research:

So, do domestic shorthair cats shed? All cat sheds, including domestic shorthair cats. But compared to the long-haired cat breed, short hair cat breed does not shed much. Shedding is a natural process for cats to get rid of all their old hair. Shedding dead fur is inevitable in cats. 

High-quality digestible animal protein in cats’ diets can decrease the shedding of the cats. Sometimes because of dehydration, cats have drier skin, which can increase cat shedding.

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How Bad Do Domestic Shorthair Cats Shed?

Like other popular cat breeds, domestic shorthair cats do not shed much. So, your cat won’t face excessive shedding as other cats breed. Also, with proper grooming and maintenance, you can reduce the change of shorthair cat shedding.

Excessive shedding can also increase cat hairball problems, leading to diarrhea & vomiting; more details are covered in my recent articles.

As the shedding process is natural for most cats, so you can’t stop your cat from shedding completely. 

Sphynx is the only cat breed that does not shed (born with no fur). But the question may come to your mind, how lousy shedding can be with domestic cats.

In reality, domestic cats shed but not much naturally. That doesn’t mean you won’t get extreme shedding from domestic shorthair cats.

Your domestic short-haired cat can shed extreme if they suffer from health issues like allergies, are infected with lice, or have other skin diseases.  

What Time of the Year Domestic Shorthair Cats Shed More?

Domestic shorthair cats shed more in spring and autumn. So, even if you notice excessive shedding during those months of the year, don’t worry. It’s usual for domestic shorthair cats’ to shed more in those certain periods.

Cats have a specific cycle when they shed more. For domestic shorthaired cats, the shedding time is in spring and autumn. So there is nothing to worry about if your shorthaired cat starts shedding during spring & autumn.

As a natural layer of protection, cats develop thick hair during winter. And when winter is over, they remove the thick dead hair just when spring comes. As a result, you will notice more shedding during those times of the year than at other times.

So, if you notice excessive shedding all of a sudden, try to look at the time of the year. If the season is not spring or autumn, this excessive shedding can indicate underline health problems. In this case, consult a veteran for the best suggestion.

How to Control Domestic Shorthair Cat’s Shedding?

Technically, no matter which cats you choose to pet, you will face the trouble of shedding more or less. The thing is, you can control it slightly by taking a few attempts. Regular grooming, a proper diet, weekly baths, and appropriate maintenance can prevent cats’ shedding.

If you want to reduce your shorthaired cats’ shedding, you have to maintain a proper diet for your feline. In this case, cat foods rich in Omega 3 and 6 can help to reduce shedding. You can take suggestions from your pet’s doctor and add nutritional foods to its diet to reduce the amount of hair shedding.

Also, brushing the hair with a soft-bristled brush can reduce the amount of shedding. The more fur you will brush off, the less shedding will occur to disturb you. You can make this a regular procedure to follow in the grooming of your little friend.

As bathing your cat regularly is not suggested by the doctors, I personally bathe my cats once a week. If you find it troublesome, you can cleanse your cat once in two weeks. It will drastically reduce hair shedding. Moreover, if you use some specific shampoo that ensures less shedding, you will be greatly benefitted.

Furthermore, excessive shedding can occur because of some medications. If your cat is undergoing any medication and accusing the shedding can be reasoned by this medicine, you should contact your veteran regarding this issue. Otherwise, until you stop using that particular medicine, the shedding will continue.

But you need to know that domestic cats are more prone to shed twice a year. They shed more in spring and autumn. So if you notice your cat shedding more than usual during these two cycles, there is nothing to worry about. Other than that, you need to take steps if you notice excessive shedding. Also, read another article on how to reduce long hair cat shedding.

How to Groom My Domestic Shorthair Cat for Less Shedding?

Though shedding is not a manageable thing for cats, you can keep the amount down with proper care. In that case, you can brush their hair regularly to get rid of old furs. Also, with a well-maintained shower every week, trimming the hair can help with less shedding.

As domestic shorthair cars have a short coat of hair on their body, they require less maintenance. But, it doesn’t mean that these cats will not shed. Of course, you will find it shedding hairs, but the amount will be lesser than other cats’. If you want to reduce it more, you have to groom your cat in the right way.

You can use cat-friendly brushes to brush your cat’s hair regularly. Brushing twice/ thrice a day will get your cat rid of all the dead furs and keep your home free of cat fur. Also, you can maintain routine baths with cat shampoo.

Another way is trimming the hair. Though domestic cats have short hair yet, if you notice any hair growing further, you can trim the hair off to keep your house clean. But among all these procedures, I like to brush my domestic cat’s hair regularly. It is very effective in reducing cat shedding problems.

Natural Ways to Groom a Domestic Shorthair Cat

From brushing to bath, everything is a natural way to groom your cat for shedding less. But you need to know how to do the process. Let’s get to know about that.

  • Bathing: bathing is the easiest grooming step you can do to reduce your domestic cat’s shedding. As cats do not like to regularly take a bath, you can bathe your cat twice a week with cat shampoo. It will significantly reduce the shedding of hair as bathing will wash away all the dead hairs. 
  • Brushing regularly: with a soft cat’s brush, you have to brush your cat’s body’s hair regularly. If you brush your cat’s hair every day two or three times, there will be no dead or old hair to shed. As a result, your cat will be healthy, and you will be trouble-free. 

Sometimes, excessive shedding can appear because of a few health issues. If you notice some unusual changes that increase your cat’s hair fall, you must immediately consult the veteran. In that case, ensure to use the prescribed medicines by your veteran to keep your feline healthy. 

Make sure to choose soft bristle brushes while brushing your cat’s hair to avoid any injury. 

Does Shorthair Cats Shed More When Stressed?

Shedding is a way for cats to show their stress. So, shorthair cats sometimes shed more while they are stressed. If you notice that your shorthaired cat shows symptoms like trembling or hiding along with excessive shedding, then the shedding might be the result of stress.

Like humans, cats express their emotions through physical changes. A cat can be stressed because of many reasons. Sometimes, if you don’t nurture your cat much or do not take proper care, your cat can be lonely and stressed. Sometimes change in the environment can also be a reason for your little feline’s stress.

Now, if you notice excessive shedding all of a sudden along with trembling and unusual behavior, the shedding can be more likely because of the cat’s stress. To find it out properly, you can take your furry friend to the veteran. Otherwise, you can take steps like making the environment playful and spending enough time with your pet. 

Does Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo Work to Stop Short Hair Cat Shedding?

Never use any anti-hair fall shampoo on your cat. Shedding is natural for cats to get rid of their old hair. So, you can’t control it using an anti-hair fall shampoo, which is not meant for cats’.

Anti-hair fall shampoos are not meant for your cat. In fact, you should never use anything like this without consulting with a veteran. It can create toxicity and hazards to your little friend. 

But if the shedding is happening because of any specific problem, you can consult the veteran. There are many shampoos that are specially made for cats to reduce hair fall. But obviously, never try to use any random anti-hair fall human shampoo on your cat.

Which Domestic Cats Shed Less?

Do Domestic Shorthair Cats Shed?

If you get a hair-free breed like sphynx, it won’t shed at all. But as many people don’t like an entirely hair-free cat, you can get Siberian cats. These cats have long and beautiful fur, but this breed does not shed much. Also, another cat breed known as the Bombay cats are domestic and shed a minimal amount of hair. 

Now let’s know about the cat breed that shed the least:

  • Sphynx: Sphinx is a hair-free cat breed. You might look at it and think it’s bald. But actually, it has very tiny little hair, which is mostly uncountable. As it is a hair-free breed, so there is no worry about cat hair all over your home. If you are looking for a unique species with no shedding, you can get a sphynx for you.
  • Siberian: Despite having long and beautiful fur, the Siberian cat’s breed doesn’t shed much. So, when you want a hassle-free cat to pet, you can get a Siberian cat. With well maintenance and grooming, you can make the shedding even least. 
  • Bombay cats: If shedding is your concern, here is another cat breed that sheds the least amount of hair. These cats are very playful and also healthy. If you are affectionate about black furry cats, you can get this little buddy to pet.

Are Domestic Shorthairs Hypoallergenic?

No, domestic shorthair cats are not hypoallergenic. In fact, no cat is entirely non-allergenic or hypoallergenic. Pet researchers have found that domestic shorthair cats can create allergic reactions to people even with their little fur.

So, if you tend to get allergic reactions from cat hair, a domestic shorthair cat can’t save you from that. 

If you get domestic shorthair cats, these tend to shed less than other breeds. But even with the little furs that these cats have, you can get allergic reactions.

Theoretically, as these cats shed less, they are somewhat hypoallergenic or less likely to create an allergic reaction. But you can’t expect domestic shorthair cats to be 100% non-allergenic. 

Did I Cover All You Wanted To Know About Domestic Shorthair Cats Shedding Problems?

I hope that you are satisfied with my answers to do domestic shorthair cats shed? Well, now you know that no matter which cat you prefer to pet, there will be shedding. So, until you groom your cat properly, you can’t really control the shedding much.

As a cat owner, you should avoid long-haired cats if you have health problems like allergies or asthma.


As the short-haired cat is low maintenance, you can easily reduce their shedding problems by taking proper care.