How Much Are Boston Terrier Puppies

How Much Are Boston Terrier Puppies [2024 Facts]

What manner of dog is the Boston terrier puppy! Playful, energetic, small, active, and fun to have around the house! Boston terrier puppies and their grownups are lovable American dog breeds.

They like to be around people, play, and they are among the most uncomplicated dogs to train. More on their traits later but now, let’s put an end to the confusion about the prices of the Boston terrier.

So, how much does Boston terrier puppies cost? 

Well, the price of the Boston terrier puppies isn’t fixed. For a puppy, you can expect to pay a median price of $1450. The average price for a Boston terrier is $700. But keep in mind that a top-quality Boston terrier puppy would cost more. You can expect to pay between $1600 to over $4500. That’s how it is. But if you are seeking an energetic and cheerful companion, the Boston terrier fits the bill.

Now, these are the amount you can expect to splash on a Boston terrier. You can continue reading to get more information regarding this dog breed.

Boston Terrier Puppy History – What You Need To Know

You might have heard people call the Boston terrier the “American Gentleman” of dogs. The Boston terrier dogs had that name for good reasons. They are one of the most affectionate and loyal house pets to own.

Boston terrier got its name from Boston, Massachusetts, the 21st most popular city in the U.S. Developed in the late 1800s, Boston terriers were created by crossing the now extinct white English terriers and the bulldogs.

The Boston terriers are also called the U.S. national dog, a name they earned because of their origin. They are among the few all-American dog breeds that are in existence.

Other Names The Boston Terrier Was Called

It took a while before the name “Boston terrier” was accepted as the official name for offspring that resulted from the cross between the white English terrier and the bulldog.

Years back, Bostons had different names that other dog owners found confusing and didn’t accept.

Here are the names;

  • Boston bulls
  • American bull terriers

So these are the names Bostons were called back then, which didn’t appeal to bull terriers and bulldog owners. Consequently, in 1891, the name, Boston terrier was agreed as the official name for the breed. And in 1893, the American Kennel Club (AKC) accepted the breed into their fold.

What The Boston Terriers Were Initially Developed To Do

Today, we Boston lovers hate the injustice done to this dog breed. What’s that injustice? It’s how a lovely dog like the Bostons has become unpopular.

It is surprising knowing that the Boston terrier is no longer famous as it used to be back in the day. Years back, precisely in 1915, it was one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States of America.

Hollywood actors, actresses, and prominent celebrities had and loved their Boston terriers to the teeth. Some even took their dog pets wherever they were going; nightclubs and restaurants, among others.

Now, what was the original reason the Boston terrier was developed? The lovely, affectionate, and friendly Boston terrier you see today wasn’t designed to be that way. Boston terrier was supposed to be a pit-fighting dog.

You won’t believe this unless you are told the Boston terrier. Its playful nature seems to have overshadowed that trait fighting trait. But don’t be deceived by the Bostons’ playful and gentle nature.

They still have some fight in them, which shows whenever they feel threatened, probably by another dog invading their territory.

Size Of The Boston Terrier: How Big Can This Dog Get?

Not everyone is a fan of dogs growing bigger and becoming a challenge to cuddle. Most people like dogs that are average size or smaller, even when they grow up.

And of course, smaller dogs make good companions. You can cuddle or have them sleep beside you without inconveniencing you.

So, if you are interested in finding out how big your Boston terrier is going to get before splashing the cash on a puppy, continue reading. It’s also a good question because the size and weight do matter a great deal.

Now let’s talk about Boston terrier weight. A male Boston terrier would weigh between 15 – 25 lbs, while a female can weigh between 10 – 20 lbs.

How long before your Boston reaches adulthood?  Here goes another good question if you ask me. The answer is approximately 10 – 14 months.

Note: Boston terriers are small in size. Even their adults are like that. In short, an adult Boston terrier is grouped under smaller dog breeds. Isn’t that strange? It sure is, but that’s the fact.

Also, a Boston terrier will never look skinny or weak, irrespective of what it weighs. Concerning their height, this dog breed stands between 12 – 17 inches tall when you measure from the shoulder downwards.

Why Boston Terrier Small Size Is Good News For Companion Pet Seekers 

Once a Boston terrier starts living in your house, you should be ready to share two things; your time, and space. You can’t turn down a Boston dog breed’s love. Why would you? The Boston terrier’s small size and gorgeous eyes make it a lovable and great companion pet.

Bostons like to cuddle too. They always want to be around their owners, move from room to room to share the love they have inside with everyone in the house. Even when a Boston sleeps next to you, it would want to place its body on yours somehow.

Bostons also make great companion pets for older adults and those who live alone. They love kids, thanks to their endless energy and playful nature; they will surely match young kids’ playfulness.

Bostons’ size makes them great for dog agility games. These include agility runs, Frisbees, and even ball catching. You will love to watch a Boston running towards an obstacle. Additionally, they get along with other dog breeds very well.

The Smartness And Intelligence Of The Boston Terrier – What Are They Like?

As for intelligence, the Boston terrier dog breed should get an award. Funny, but that’s the fact. When you look at a Boston terrier, you will be able to tell that you are stirring at an intelligent dog.

How about training? Impressively, Bostons are one of the easiest and smartest dogs to train. They also learn quickly and always want to please their owners at all costs. They do pretty good in obedience and dog sports, too.

Note: Whenever you are training a Boston, ensure you are using a positive approach. Don’t use choke chains or a commanding tone. Such will be met with some resistance, and you would not be able to achieve your targeted goal.

Instead, shower praises on your dog, and give treats as a reward for good behaviors. With all these, your dog will respond well. Bostons’ sensitive nature means they would react negatively or positively to voice tone and environment temperature. So, always use the right tone and make sure your dog is comfortable where it is.

Boston Terrier Coat And Shedding – What You Need To Know And Do

The Boston terrier short coat comes with fine texture – it’s smooth and glossy, as well. The coat color of this dog breed is also lovely.

It possesses a black color with white markings that looks pretty. Some have brown coats with white markings too.

Is the Boston terrier a heavy shedder? No, this dog breed is not. This dog breed sheds minimally. On top of that, they are also hypoallergenic.

Note: If your Boston is shedding excessively, you should consider visiting your vet. But if your dog’s shedding is minimal, you don’t need to worry that much. Shedding (though when minimal) is a normal thing for Bostons. It’s their way of getting rid of dead hair from their skin. It happens during fall and spring.

It is also very possible to reduce your dog’s shedding every year, without going to your vet. These are simple things you can do at home. Let’s go through them.

How To Minimize Your Boston Terrier’s Shedding

  • Provide clean water regularly – Water is essential to maintaining a healthy coat and skin. So, make sure your dog is getting enough of it.
  • Provide a balanced diet regularly – The dog food should contain the right proportion of fat fiber, protein, and Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Ensure your dog is exercising well enough.
  • Manage your canine friend’s stress levels
  • Bath your Boston terrier at least once every month – You can use a gentle conditioner and shampoo for your dog’s coat. After bathing, rub its body with a towel to get rid of the dead hair.
  • Brush your dog’s coat twice every week.
  • Check your dog’s skin regularly for possible ticks, flea, or parasites, and get rid of them with an effective insecticidal shampoo for dogs.
  • Take your Boston terrier to the vet for regular checkups.

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Now you know how much a Boston terrier puppy costs and how great the dog breed is.

I also gave some information every wannabe Boston terrier owner needs to know before splashing the cash.

Bostons are a great dog breed; affectionate, energetic, gentle, and kind to a fault. They love to be around people and get along pretty well with other dogs – though the male can fight to protect his territory when threatened.