How Much Does A Maltese Dog Cost

How Much Does A Maltese Dog Cost?

Maltese dogs are not your regular everyday dogs; they have a rich history that dates years back. They hold the unique reputation of being one of the oldest breeds of dogs with the Greeks having a special place for them.

I am not too sure about where Maltese dogs come from with some claiming they are from Malta (as their name implies) and others claiming Asia and Italy.

I may not be too sure about where they come from, but we can at least attempt to tell you how much they cost in this article!

So How Much Does A Maltese Dog Cost? On average, a Maltese dog should cost between $0 and $10,000. The show-quality Maltese dogs with breeding rights go for $6,000-$10,000, and the show-quality Maltese without breeding rights go for $4,000-$6,000.

Also, there are Maltese family pet quality with breeding rights for $2000 -$4000,  Maltese Family pets from breeders without breeding rights for $1000-$1,300, and Maltese family pets from pet shops for $500-$1000.we also have the shelter Maltese that goes for between $0-$400 and the re-homed Maltese that goes for $0-$100.

However, it should be noted that the cost of a Maltese dog is largely dependent on factors such as the purity of its breed.

Before you purchase a Maltese dog, I would advise that you confirm if they have been vaccinated and treated for worms and fleas. If it has been vaccinated, do well to collect the vaccination card as evidence.

Why Is There A Disparity In The Prices Of Maltese Dogs?

There are quite a several factors that influence the price of a Maltese puppy and they include; location, litter size, Reputation, breed popularity, lineage, pet shop, and age.

What Are Maltese Dogs Like?

If you are still not sure of the type of dog to buy and are considering getting a Maltese dog, it would interest you to note that they are pretty friendly.

We know that dogs are man’s best friend, but Maltese dogs are Betsy’s indeed! As a result of this unique trait, it makes them quite easy to train and bring up.

What’s more? Maltese dogs are quite outgoing and confident; this usually makes them have their way often and as such become easy to spoil.

What Do Maltese Dogs Look Like In Terms Of Size?

Let me begin by saying Maltese dogs are small! Usually, they do not weigh more than 7lbs and should ideally weigh 4-6 lbs when healthy. They measure about 10 inches for the male with the female measuring smaller.

A lot of breeders tend to breed the ‘teacup’ Maltese. However, as it is with all other smaller dogs, they are susceptible to several disorders as a result of their size.

It is also worth of note that they are quite fragile. Because of their size, you must know where they are per time so you don’t step on them accidentally.

Why Should You Get Yourself A Maltese Dog?

I don’t know what you look out for in a pet, but I can tell you a few features that make a Maltese dog stand out. Maltese dogs are quite lovable, fun and friendly pets.

They are ideal for anybody with a small garden space or apartment. They usually don’t need much stress as a result of their size; however, they need attention and space to play around.

Furthermore, you may want to get a Maltese dog because it would love to have you! They love people and this is evident in the fact that they do not like being alone.

You should be mindful of the fact that they get a bit destructive when they are bored, hence you need to keep them busy always.

How Long Does A Maltese Dog Live?

If you are looking for a long-term companion and friend, Maltese dogs should be on your list.

They live as long as 15 to 18 years. That certainly is enough time to create fond memories!

What Should I Be Mindful Of Before Getting A Maltese Dog?

Knowledge enhances the value and the more you know about a subject matter, the better prepared you are to handle it.

The same principle applies to your quest to own a Maltese dog. Ideally, you have enough relevant information to handle it.

It requires commitment

In the same way, marriage requires long-term commitment and sacrifice, in the same way, owning a Maltese does.

Maltese are cute and lovable, and like I rightly mentioned earlier on, they tend to live quite long.

What this simply means is that you should be prepared to have a dog that would live with you for a very long time. 

It, therefore, suffices to say that you must be ready and willing to take care of it for the rest of its life. 

Also, due to their small size, they are usually easy prey for larger animals and as such, they are safer indoors than out.

The smaller the Pup, the greater the Health Issues

Maltese are quite small and adorable, and they usually remain so even when they are fully grown. 

However, as cute as this may sound to you, it also means that they have loads of health concerns. 

They have a tendency of falling ill especially when they are not properly taken care of.

Hence, if you feel you are not up to the task of taking good care of them, you should stay away!

They are brave

Lions are brave animals, and so also are Maltese dogs. They are regarded as being very fearless. This is a good thing because they can stand up for themselves.

However, it can turn out to be a bad thing especially if you have a snake or skunk somewhere around the yard, Maltese dogs wouldn’t mind saying hello with their teeth.  It is therefore important that you keep a close watch on them always.

They love children

If you have been apprehensive about getting yourself a pup because you fear what they may do to your kids, a Maltese is certainly a great idea.

The good thing about them is that they love kids!  They may be overexcited at first, but eventually, they warm their way into the heart of your kids as they calm down.

It is however vital that I note that you must never leave your dog with your kids without an adult presence.

Maltese Dogs are lap dogs

I’m sure you must have figured that out yourself already. Because they typically weigh about 8 pounds, they are quite easy to carry on your lap.

Hence, if you are searching for a small dog that likes sitting with and around you, Maltese dogs should be an easy choice.

You should, however, know that they can be quite clingy, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to go to work without carrying them along.

I’m Looking To Buy A Maltese Puppy, What Should I Look Out For?

I like to advise people asking me this question first and foremost ascertain the temperament of the dog. 

Usually, Dogs that tend to run towards you and smother you with affection are the alpha dogs. Maltese dogs that are quieter would tend to hang back.

It is therefore imperative that you take out time to evaluate them individually first. Your choice should be a function of the desired temperament.

It is also important you do not go for distrustful or shy puppy litter.  If you find yourself in a situation where none of the puppies is making efforts to come around to greet you, then you may as well take your leave.  The bottom line is that some of them should be friendly enough to come towards you.

Also, I would advise that you go for an in-between puppy as you do not want a dog that bosses everyone in the group around.

You don’t want a puppy that steals the toys and makes the place uncomfortable, but also you do not want a dull dog. Be on the lookout for alert and curious puppies that do not disturb everyone with noise.

How Do I Identify These Ideal Puppies?

Since you are not a veterinary doctor, this may not be an altogether easy task.  However, there are simple ways you can identify the right puppy.

The first thing would be to separate the candidate from other pups in the litter and observe their behaviour towards you. Also, make sure you are patronizing a breeder with a good reputation.

What Other Options Do I Have Aside from Buying A Maltese?

If you are not looking to buy a Maltese but would love to have one, you should consider adopting one from an animal shelter.

There are quite a number of them out there and I believe there must be one in your neighbourhood.  You should, however, note that you may not easily get a puppy from a shelter.

Take Home!

By now you must have made up your mind on whether to get yourself a Maltese or not. Whichever choice you may have made, you must note that a Maltese requires great responsibility and as such you must be up to the task. You are surely on track to further reinforce the belief that dogs are indeed man’s best friends!