How Much Do Bichon Frise Cost

How Much Do Bichon Frise Cost In 2024

A Bichon Frise in your home! Wow, that’s the coolest thing you can ever wish for if you want a dog as your pet. You can never tell the excitement unless you buy one.

You will also be surprised to find your entire family in love with this pet. It’s not magic but the personality of this teddy bear dog.

It is a unique breed and a cheerful dog. BUT, before you think of splashing the cash, you need to ask yourself this question;

How much do Bichon Frise cost?

Well, Bichon Frise is not the most expensive dog in the world. But it’s worth a bit more than other regular dogs. So, it falls into the class of expensive dog breeds. If you are buying from reputable breeders, such as those from the American Kennel Club, you should be looking in the region of $600 to $2500. Also, keep in mind that other factors play a significant role in deciding the price of this dog breed. One of them is the parent. You should prepare yourself to pay a premium if you are buying a pup whose bloodline is considered the very best (champions). Price could be ridiculously high, depending on the seller. Furthermore, buying from a shelter wouldn’t cost that much.

So that’s it about the price of Bichon Frise. Read to get more useful information!

Bichon Frise Price: Why Is This Dog Breed So Expensive?

Inquiring about the price of a Bichon can put you off. Your interest could die down that minute. It’s not an uncommon thing when it comes to buying a dog. Price could be outrageous and shocking sometimes.

It should interest you to know that Bichon’s price is affected by a lot of things. Your neighbors may buy theirs for a specific amount.

And on reaching the same location, you could be asked to pay a higher price for a Bichon Frise.

These things happen, and several factors determine how much you will end up buying a Bichon.

Let’s go over them quickly.

The dog’s bloodline

Sometimes, our background increases our value. That is why people of certain descent are given more respect than others.

They may not have put in any work to earn such recognition. It’s just that their family background is making things happen that way.

Interestingly, the same thing happens when you are buying a Bichon. The dog’s bloodline will determine whether you are going to pay a premium or not.

You can’t compare a show-quality Bichon to a rescue Bichon. The former may have higher economic value to the owner because of the bloodline.

There are other qualities the champion or show quality Bichon possesses that raise their prices. In addition to the time and initial cost invested in their upbringing, another thing that makes Bichon champion quality expensive is their availability.

The Bichon champion is not that easy to find. So, wherever you find one, the seller may demand more money. Splashing the cash on such a breed is worth it, given their unique traits.

Forces of demand and supply

You don’t have to be an economist to know that demand and supply affect the prices of things. It does for Bichon Frise and other dog breeds, as well.

A seller may want to raise the cost of the dog when demand is high. Even though the demand falls afterward, he’s sure of recording a few sales and making some profits, as well.

So, if demand for the Bichon is high, you should be ready to pay more to get your dog of interest because sellers will most likely raise the price a bit higher.

Interested Bichon quality 

Another thing that can most definitely impact price is the type of Bichon you are seeking to buy. Is it a pet, show, or rescue Bichon that’s of great interest to you? Think about it. If you want a show-quality breed, then you should be ready to pay more.

Show quality Bichons are more expensive than rescue Bichons. There is also a pet quality that is much cheaper than the show ones. So, in conclusion, show Bichons are more costly than others.

Here’s some advice for you: You should take some time to consider your needs before approaching a pet store to buy a Bichon. I know champion or show quality appeals to you. But if it’s a pet quality you seek, then you don’t have to break the bank by acquiring a champion or show quality. Just stick with the pet quality, and you’ll be fine. You can also consider supporting the work of the rescue group by getting your pet quality Bichon from them. 

Those pet rescue shelters you see around are doing fantastic jobs. So, it will mean a lot if you could consider getting your pet from them.

However, if you are not ready to compromise on quality and need a top-notch pet, then you can approach top-notch breeders. You should also be prepared to blow your budget too.

Top quality breeder vs. rescue

Let’s use the pet quality Bichon as an example. If you are adopting from a shelter, you can’t expect to pay the same thing when you visit a top-notch breeder.

Quality breeders have a high reputation to protect. So, they don’t just raise and sell pets because they want to make more money.

When you are buying a Bichon from a top-quality breeder, know that you are paying for everything and receiving a top-notch and well-raised dog in return.

Things like bloodline, good genetics, health, and training, are part of what you are paying for, and that also drives up the price of these pet breeds.

Note: what you intend to do with the dog matters a great deal. It should also help you decide between approaching a rescue and a quality breeder, which is better. Well, if you are not planning to breed the Bichon you are buying or using it for shows, then a rescue would be a cheaper option. You need a Bichon as a companion, and a pet from the rescue can be a good fit. 

Buying Bichon Frise From Quality Breeders Vs. Adopting From A Rescue: Things You Need To Know

Do you feel like giving a homeless dog a roof over his head is better than buying directly from a breeder? Well, if you have sleepless nights over this, then know that you are not alone.

Your likeness for your dog will increases with every second you spent together. That’s why finding the right pup is always going to be necessary.

So if you find yourself in a position to make a decision that includes buying your Bichon from a top-quality breeder or a rescue, then the information below will be of use to you.

Buying from a reputable breeder (pet shop):

  • Whether you buy your puppy from a pet shop or not, you still need to potty-train it.
  • You can’t buy your Bichon from a pet shop and feel relaxed about deworming and vaccination.
  • You need to visit the vet when necessary and ensure that vaccination, including deworming, is up to date. These things are required for your dog’s health.
  • It takes considerable resources to raise a Bichon Frise. So, most pet shops may decide to retire their pups to puppy mills to take off some of the financial burdens.
  • But if you are lucky enough to find an adequately bred Bichon from a reputable breeder, it could bring you years of happiness.

Adopting from a rescue:

  • Not everyone can tolerate pups from a rescue. They may have unique traits that would be a put off for the owner. And this unfit behavior might be as a result of their poor background or experience before and after the rescue.
  • Even a shelter labels every white and hairy dog they find, as Bichon Frise, there might, there’s a considerable chance that they’re not.
  • Your loving and comforting lap is a Bichon’s desire. Its intention is not to rough handle it but to find comfort. And of a truth, every pup needs a home and family where they can associate with people. So, it will be unfair if I asked you to abolish your plans to adopt a rescue Bichon and get from a pet shop.
  • If you think rescues don’t get sterilized and vaccinated, then you are wrong and need to change your mentality.
  • Puppy adopters are not allowed to just walk into a shelter and leave with any pup they find ideal. They undergo proper screening before they can go home with the pet.

Buying a Bichon Frise: How you can avoid paying more money

Below are brief tips on how you can acquire your pet and avoid being tricked into paying a premium when you don’t have to. Read on!

  • Conduct your research about the current price of Bichon online. Having this knowledge will help you avoid paying too much. One prominent place to check is the American Kennel Club (AKC).
  • Meet Bichon Frise owners in your neighborhood. If you have more than one, then that will be just fine. You can ask pertinent questions about this dog breed and where they got theirs.
  • Consider buying from a reputable breeder. I know you are seeking the best price you can get. But don’t let that ever undermine your interest in quality breeds. So, ensure the breeder is reputable.


A Bichon is a smallish and cheerful dog, worthy of your companionship. It’s considered to be one of the happiest and most friendly dogs on the planet.

However, there are many questions you need to find answers to if you are thinking of splashing the cash.

One of them is how much a Bichon Frise costs, which has been answered in this post. You can read for a better understanding and be able to make an informed decision.