dog pulls his bedding out of his crate

5 Reasons Why a Dog Pulls his Bedding out of his Crate?

Why does my dog pull his bedding out of his crate? If you spend a good time around your canine, you are likely to see him trying to scavenge or bury something in your yard. Canines always look for something.

It is natural and healthy for them. In fact, they do this to their bed and blankets. They throw stuff around and scratch them. 

So, why does my dog pull his bedding out of his crate? Mostly, a canine tries to create a nest for himself by pulling his blanket out of the crate. Your pooch loves the feeling of snuggle.

Sometimes, he may try to scavenge the bed as an instinct. He may also try to mar his territory by leaving his scent on the blanket. 

Here the point is that you do not need to worry about this behavior. He is just trying to do the thing that he does to your yard. It is an instinct for him to dig holes.

Hence, if you want to know how to see the difference in why he pulls his blanket out of the crate, then read till the end.

5 reasons: why my dog pulls his bedding out of the crate?

He is marking his territory

It is a natural behavior in canines to mark their territory. Hence, when your pooch is scratching and pulling his bedding out of the crate, he is just marking his bedding as his property. 

Canines have hands in their paws. These paws secrete a different scent. It is considered the scent of ownership.

It’s their natural wild instinct

Your canine has a history of being a wolf. Hence, the habit of scratching and dragging something is an inherited trait.

Therefore, you will find your pup scratching and moving the bedding before sleeping. This is to create a comfortable nest to sleep in. 

It is the maternal instinct

Female canines do nesting before and after giving birth to cute pups. It means that your pregnant pooch will dig and pull her blanket before settling down.

Hence, don’t be surprised to see your canine pull her bedding out of her crate to make a comfortable area.

Fear of the crate

If your pooch hates being locked in a kennel, then he will pull his bedding out of his crate.

Canine blankets and beds absorb the scent of your canine. Also, they become a part of his territory.

Hence, if your furry friend is afraid of his crate, he will try to take his favorite things out of it.  

It is an instinctual burrowing

Small breeds scratch and pull their blankets as they try to create a tunnel.

These breeds are majorly used for different purposes of flushing out small animals from their hiding spots.

Therefore, it is the same behavior that your pooch replicates.

Also, burrowing is not uncommon in large breeds. 

Types of dog cages

There are various dog cages of different shapes and materials. They can be circular, rectangular, or square. According to the material, we can differentiate them into the following types. 

1) Metal, plastic, or polyurethane cages

These are the most common cages food trips with small and medium canines.

Also, they can be used for vt visits, short trips, and long trips.

These cages have a plastic cover. It is attached to the metal base so that the canine has good ventilation. 

2) Metal cages

Metal cages are recommended for medium and large canines during long stays.

There are very irresistible but can get rust easily because of humidity.

If the cages are made of stainless steel, rusting can be avoided.

3) Wooden cages

Wooden cages are suitable for indoors. Also, they are great for places with very low humidity.

Also, it serves for the things above as a side table. These cages are very warm and elegant.

But, they lack the solidity of cages that are made of metal. 

4) Metal and wooden dog cages

These cages have both materials combined and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

In the case of outdoors, cages are mostly made of metal. Also, in many cases the parts are removable. 

5) Assembled dog cages

You can assemble and disassemble these cages easily.

It makes it easier for you to transport it from one place to another with ease. Also, these cages do not take much space.

How to choose the perfect dog crate?

  • Your pooch must be able to stand inside the cage.
  • He must be able to lie down properly and have a good space to turn on himself.
  • The crate should be wide. But, make sure it is not very wide that the heat vanishes.
  • Of course, it must be spacious, welcoming, and comfortable.
  • The crate must be twice the canine’s size.
  • The door must have a good closing mechanism that your pooch cannot open.
  • The height of the cage must be more than your pooch’s height.

These are some basic recommendations for a perfect crate. If your pooch loves his crate, make sure you are taking care of all the above aspects.

Final words

In conclusion, I would say that it is completely normal for your pooch to pull his bedding out of his crate.

However, you must make sure that your canine feels comfortable inside his crate.

For this, you must follow your pooch’s behavior and don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of crates.

Why does my dog thrash his bed?

In this case, a canine chewing his bed is a stereotype. It is repetitive or persistent behavior that seems to have no purpose.

But, it can be a symptom of anxiety or stress. A canine may show separation anxiety.

All furry friends need certain attention to maintain their emotional health. But in some cases, the canine needs the attention more than average.

Is it OK to put a blanket over the dog crate?

Take a note that you should never cover your canine’s crate completely. It can block the airflow.

Also, keep the blankets away from warm sources and ensure that the material is breathable. Try to avoid the knit blankets.

These may unravel or snag. Keep an eye on the conditions inside the crate in summer to make sure it does not get too hot.

Frequently asked questions

Why does my dog take everything out of his crate?

Your pooch may feel he is covering up his tracks or scent from unwanted visitors. Also, this case is the same when they bury things. Pulling the bedding out of the crate helps canines ensure that there are no threats of pests or insects.

Why does my dog move his bed around?

Your pooch is ensuring that his bed is comfortable, safe, and protected. Canines will dig their bed to mark their territory and make it more comfortable. Digging and pulling bedding can be behavior from experience.

Why does my dog mess up my bed when I leave?

Canines have glands in their paws that secrete a special pheromone. Scratching something can be a distinct way for your pooch to show others that he has marked the bedding as his own.

Do dogs need blankets in crates?

Canines need a blanket in the crate for a sense of comfort. The type of blanket depends on your pooch’s requirements. You must train your canine for living in a crate. In fact, crate-trained canines, senior canines, and puppies have different needs.