My Dog Ate Raw Bacon: What To Do Now? 2022 Review

Is feeding raw bacon safe for your furry friend? How to know if it is a healthy choice or not? And if it is, then what quantity is safe to avoid any negative health impact? To know the answer to these very important questions, you need to read this guide where we are going to talk about can dogs eat raw bacon or not. Let’s start.

Can dogs eat raw bacon?

No, your dog should not eat raw bacon as it is not a healthy food option for your dog and can also lead to some serious health issues. Bacon is a pork product and contains parasitic larvae which are not even advisable for humans.

But needless to say, bacon is something that your dog would love to eat and the chances are high that if he finds it somewhere, he would consume it without giving it a second thought.

However, as a pet parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that you never let your dog eat raw bacon as it has plenty of side effects that can ruin your dog’s overall health and growth. 

Dog Ate Raw Bacon: What To Do Now?

Why dogs should not eat raw bacon?

Without knowing why you should not feed raw bacon to your dog, it will be difficult for you to say no to your dog for the same. However, once you find out the real reason, you will understand why dogs should not eat raw bacon.

So let us discuss some of the health effects that your dog may have after eating raw bacon.

Raw bacon is high in sodium– Bacon is basically the pork under preservation for a long time with the help of salting and smoking. And thus, even for humans, it is not a very good source of protein and vitamins.

And when it comes to your furry friends, you must keep them away as they are surely good for your dogs as they are very high in fat and sodium.

Disease such as pancreatitis Pancreatitis is basically an inflammation of the pancreas that plays a vital role in your dog’s digestion and by consuming raw bacon in large quantities, your dog may get prone to it. 

Obesity- Obesity is one of the reasons why you should not feed raw bacon to your dog. Bacon is a good source of bad fats and this can surely lead to some serious issues such as cardiovascular disease and hypothyroidism. And that is why you should avoid bacon.

Symptoms to look for

What symptoms to look for to know if it is a medical emergency or not? If the amount of raw bacon consumed is not a lot, your dog may get normal in some hours or may show no symptoms which mean that you do not need to panic.

However, if it has been consumed in large portions, you must see if any of the given symptoms are visible or not.

Note– Do not judge your dog’s behavior for an hour or two but at least for around 48 hours after consuming raw bacon. In some cases, you may need to monitor him for longer than usual.

7 Valid Symptoms tO Monitor

  • Vomiting– Your dog may experience some unusual continuous vomiting until he throws up what he just ate.
  • Abdominal pain– If your dog fails to throw it up, he/she may experience intense abdominal pain which clearly is visible in his behavior.
  • Ocular inflammation– To notice that you can check your dog’s eyes. The white part would look swollen. 
  • Diarrhea– They may get infected with diarrhea and to keep your dog safe, you must make sure that you keep him hydrated enough.
  • Muscle pain and fever– you can see your dog unable to walk due to some severe muscle pain and can see his temperature being higher than the normal ones. 
  • Lethargy– Your dog might not be as active and cherished as he always is. There may be some lethargy in his behavior that you don’t get to see regularly.
  • Unable to eat– He/she may not touch water or food for some good time in case of experiencing any discomfort. And the stool’s color will be different.

All of these symptoms are the major ones and will only be shown if your dog requires some serious medication. He/she might have got infected with a parasitic worm and if that happens, you need to see the vet urgently.

My dog just ate raw bacon-What to do?

Now that your dog has already consumed raw bacon, you need to find out the amount of bacon he has eaten. If it is barely a few strips, it won’t leave any serious impact on his health.

But if it is not just a few strips, he may experience some difficulty in digesting the same. and if that happens, you are going to witness the symptoms we have addressed above.

In that case, don’t hesitate to give a call your vet and explain the whole situation. And in the meantime, ensure you give enough water and food to your dog.

What are the healthier alternatives to raw bacon?

Being a pet parent, it is hard to say no to your pet especially when he is craving the food and that would surely make you think about the healthier and safe alternatives of raw bacon.

Yes, it is true that you can not feed raw bacon to your dog but you can always look for safe alternatives such as peanut butter, lettuce, bacon-flavored dog treats, boiled chicken with plain rice, or cottage cheese.

These are not only the healthier but 100% safe alternatives to raw bacon that you can feed to your dog anytime.


Is feeding raw bacon toxic for dogs?

Although it is not life-threatening surely not a safe option to feed your dogs. Thus, you should avoid feeding raw bacon to your dogs.

Can we feed cooked bacon to dogs?

Bacon isn’t really a healthy choice when it comes to dogs. But if you have cooked it well without adding spices to it, you can feed it to your dog in some specific quantity. Make sure that you give them occasionally and never feed them raw.