Dog Ate Popsicle stick: What to Do Now?

My Dog Ate Popsicle Stick: What to Do Now?

My dog ate a popsicle, and I couldn’t keep calm. What to do? Should I call a vet? Should I do some home-based remedies? What should be done?

 If you are a dog lover, these questions must be bothering you, and you must be looking for a reliable guide from where you can know what exactly should be done here. 

And here we are with this detailed guide on the same. Let us read the same.

Can dogs eat Popsicle sticks?

 Of course, not. Dogs should not be eating popsicle sticks as it is wood, and that’s definitely going to harm your dog.

However, if you’re giving your dog a popsicle to eat, then it is fine, but you need to make sure that you remove the stick before you give it to him.

Most dogs swallow such sticks directly, which can get stuck into their intestine and lead to severe complications. Although if your dog chewed the stick and has not eaten it in a larger quantity, it will be fine.

Dog Ate Popsicle stick: What to Do Now?

What happens if my dog eats a popsicle stick?

As mentioned above, eating popsicle sticks aren’t healthy or suitable for your doggo, and thus, you must call your vet and follow his instructions.

Although eating popsicles can not kill your dog as they are not very toxic, they may suffer from issues such as diarrhea, bloody stools, vomiting, lethargy, or some serious issues such as blockage and internal bleeding too.

Also, it is almost impossible to check which popsicle he has eaten as there are various types of sticks available which few of them are made up of applewood which is toxic for dogs and that lead to a life-threatening issue to your doggo. 

My dog ate a popsicle stick: What to do?

If your dog has already eaten a popsicle stick, you need to stay calm and simply follow the given tips that may help you in this situation.

Please note: such warning signs may not show up immediately after consuming the popsicle stick. It can take from 24-48 hours in general and up to a week in some cases. 

  1. Call your veterinarian– The very first thing without any delay is to simply contact your vet and ask him either to make a visit or give instructions via call.
  2. Keep an eye on your dog’s behavior– From the moment your dog eats a popsicle stick, you must monitor his behavior and see if there are some changes to it. Check if you are finding some uneasiness in his body language. Even if you don’t find anything usual, make sure that you keep monitoring him for a week as he may start developing issues later.
  3. Keep an eye on your dog’s faeces– Go with your dog when he goes to poop and checks if there’s something unusual in it. It could be anything such as blood, the whole stack, or some unusual wood fragrance. 
  4. Check on his food– Check if your dog is eating correctly after that or has stopped eating for a while. Ensure that you give him plenty of water to keep him hydrated. And also see the other signs such as dizziness, vomiting, blood in stool, or diarrhea.

Why my dog eats popsicle sticks?

It is prevalent in dogs to eat things such as plastic, popsicle sticks, and all such random things they see around.

And if you are mainly talking about a popsicle stick, then it is almost impossible to resist eating things such as ice cream bar, candies, and cake-pop for a dog, and while eating that, they may end up chewing the stick too. If you see it happening randomly and rarely, it is normal as it is a dog’s behavior.

But if it is happening too frequently, then it could be a behavioral disorder that is called pica. In this disorder, dogs like eating non-eatable products and this surely can lead to some consequences. Pica should not be taken lightly, and one must consult their vet for the same. 

reasons why your dog likes eating popsicle sticks could be

  • Anemia- If your dog is suffering from anemia, then it is quite normal to eat such things as they have low red blood cells and iron and that makes them eat such things. For that, one must consult their vet.
  • Toothache- Toothache may cause some discomfort to your dog’s mouth due to which they like eating and chewing hard things and that makes them feel better. However, it is not at all recommended and you must see to it.
  • Digestive disorder- See how your dog is eating the stick. If he is eating it aggressively, it could be something serious such as worms, tumors, or gastritis. 
  • Bad habits- These may not be as severe as you thought they would be. Sometimes it’s just his habit, due to which he likes chewing things. 

How to stop your dog from eating a popsicle stick?

Of course, eating a popsicle stick is harmful to your dog but how to stop your dog from eating a popsicle stick? It indeed is a matter of concern, and for that, you need to first know the reason why your dog is eating a popsicle stick.

We have already mentioned some of the possible reasons above from which you can know the possibilities. Once you know the reason and if it does not require any medications, follow the given tips-

  1. Make sure that you are giving enough time and love to your dog as he/she may be eating things just to seek your attention. If you have been busy and couldn’t have a good time with your doggo, ensure that you start sharing some quality time with him.
  2. Check on your dog’s diet and see if he is eating a protein-rich diet or not. If your dog is low in iron or RBC, feeding him a proper diet would surely help. Also, try to make it enjoyable so that he enjoys eating the same. 
  3. Train your dog- If you are a dog parent, you know that you can have a conversation with them, and they are trainable. Thus, you should be giving them training and teaching them the things that they should not be eating. For doing the same, you can take the help of some treats.

Wrapping up,

It was all about what to do and how you can handle a situation if your dog eats a popsicle stick.

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