Dog Ate Uncooked Rice: What To Do Now?

My Dog Ate Uncooked Rice: What To Do Now? 2024 Review

Being pet parents and dog lovers, we understand how crucial it is to take care of your dog’s health and to know what your dog should eat and what not. And that is why we thought to cover this extremely important topic can dogs eat uncooked rice or not? 

Many pet parents would agree that they feed cooked rice to their dogs every day as one of their meals. But what about uncooked rice? Is that a safe thing to eat for your fur baby? And what if your dog already ate uncooked rice? What should you do? It surely can lead to some serious issues and in today’s post, we are going to discuss all such factors related to whether can dogs eat uncooked rice. So let’s scroll it down and know more.

Can dogs eat uncooked rice?

If you ask will my dog eat uncooked rice? Then the answer is yes, your dog may eat uncooked rice. However, if you ask can a dog eat uncooked rice? Then the answer is surely no, dogs should not be eating uncooked rice as it can’t be digested well by your dog’s gastrointestinal system. But please note that if your dog has eaten uncooked rice in small portions, then it is entirely unproblematic for him.

Dog Ate Uncooked Rice: What To Do Now?

What happens if my dog eats uncooked rice?

As said above, if your dog has eaten uncooked rice in a small portion, then you don’t have to worry about the same considering the fact that he has not consumed it as per his appetite.

However, if he has eaten it in a large quantity, then it is a matter of concern as it can lead to serious health issues starting from vomiting, diarrhea, blood in the stool, dehydration, constipation, and more.

Why uncooked rice aren’t safe for dogs?

Eating uncooked rice for a dog is not at all safe as raw rice generally absorbs the water in your dog’s abdominal track and that leads to vomiting, constipation, and discomfort in your dog’s body.

Is uncooked white rice bad for dogs?

Yes, consuming uncooked white rice is bad for your dog and thus, one must not encourage their dogs to consume raw white rice.

On the other hand, if you ask whether raw brown rice is bad for dogs or not, then the answer remains the same, yes, any type of uncooked rice is going to harm your dog’s health and thus, should not be consumed. 

My dog ate uncooked rice-What to do?

If your dog has already eaten uncooked rice and you’re not sure what to do, you need to first know the quantity of rice your dog has consumed. 

The reason we’re suggesting this is because it aids in finding out the complexity of the issue along with the solution and treatment it requires.

If you have seen your dog consuming it or know the quantity, it is going to be beneficial. However, if not, then see for the following symptoms- 

  • Check how your dog is behaving. ensure if he is comfortable or not.
  • Check if your dog is going through vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation.
  • Check if your dog is feeling more lethargic than usual or is behaving normally.
  • Sudden drooling is one of the symptoms you should look for.
  • Touch your dog’s abdominal part and see how he reacts. If you experience some discomfort or swelling, then it is a sign.

Note– Any of the above symptoms are signs of an emergency where calling your vet is advisory. 

While waiting for your pet’s vet, you need to make sure that you do not look stressed as dogs detect it very well. And ensure that you keep your dog hydrated.

Although you may not see these issues just after eating uncooked rice, you need to make sure that you examine your dog well. It may take a few hours to develop such symptoms. 

What if I don’t see any such symptoms?

Please note that you need to keep an eye on your dog’s activity for a few days as your dog might start developing symptoms after a day or two.

However, if you still do not see any symptoms, then the rice might have passed through your dog’s digestive system without harming his body.

What damage can happen if my dog ate uncooked rice?

If your dog has eaten uncooked rice in a larger quantity, and you’re able to see the above-mentioned symptoms, then it is a medical emergency where consulting a vet is essential.

This could be an issue of intestinal blockage for which the vet will examine your dog’s body and have multiple X-rays.

If the issue is not severe, you can easily solve it on the prima facia by inducing vomiting in dogs. 

However, if this doesn’t solve the issue, your dog may have an intestinal blockage for which abdominal surgery will be required.

The surgery will help in removing the uncooked rice from your dog’s abdomen and it will make your fur baby back to normal.

How to stop your dog from eating uncooked rice?

As we already know, eating uncooked rice is not safe or recommended for dogs and thus, one should know how to stop your dog from eating raw white rice. For that, you can follow the given tips-

  • Punish your dog when he does that- If you find your dog eating uncooked rice or any such thing that is not good for his health, then you should punish your dog in a way so that he understands that it is a wrong thing to do and that would make him not do it again.
  • Keep uncooked rice away from his approach- If you keep your dog roaming all around, then ensure that you keep such things away from his area. You must not let your dog touch or even play with uncooked rice for a minute. 
  • Treat him whenever he obeys- If your dog is changing his behavior and following what he has been told, you must encourage your dog by treating him with his favorite food. By doing that, he would be encouraged to follow your actions always.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is eating uncooked rice toxic for dogs?

Although eating uncooked rice is not going to lead to death, it is still not recommended as it could lead to other health issues such as abdominal blockage, vomiting, etc. 

Can I feed uncooked brown rice to my dog?

No, any type of uncooked rice is not advisable to feed your dog. Thus, you must keep your dog away from uncooked rice.

Is it okay to feed cooked rice to dogs?

Yes, cooked rice is not only a healthy option but also one of the most recommended ones to feed your dog. You can surely feed your dog cooked rice.

Can Dogs Eat Brown Or White Rice?

Usually Well Cooked both types of rice are healthy for dogs. The main difference between the two is that brown rice still has bran and hull left and is also more fibrous than white rice. Also, it retains natural oils that white rice normally loses when cooked