Dog Ate Toothpick: What To Do Now?

My Dog Ate Toothpick: What To Do Now? 2024 Review

Did the dog eat the toothpick? What to do? Of course, it is a panicking situation but you need to stop getting panicked first as handling the situation calmly can surely bring a lot of solutions to you. 

Dogs love eating everything they see and it is no big deal for them to eat a sharp and edgy thing like a toothpick. But is that safe? Of course not.

But how to know if you need a medical emergency and what to do until the vet comes up? To know the same, follow this article and read it till the last.

Can dogs eat toothpicks?

Absolutely no. Dogs can never eat toothpicks, and that’s a normal thing every pet parent should know about. Toothpicks are generally made of wood, and now it even comes in plastic forms.

So, toothpicks can be fatal to your dog if he/she swallows them by chance.  The simple reason being neither wood nor plastic cannot be digested even when eaten by dogs. 

Even if your dog chews it hard, its sharp points can prick your dog’s throat, damaging every part that goes through and harming the esophagus or even the gastrointestinal tract. 

It is something your dog should not be eating, chewing, or swallowing like any other food.

Dog Ate Toothpick: What To Do Now?

What To Do If Your Dog Ate A Toothpick?

It is quite normal for dogs to pick up strange things and start eating or chewing them. But if it’s a toothpick, here’s what you need to do next.

1. Call your pet’s doctor- If you have noticed that your dog is eating toothpicks, your first call should be to your veterinarian. Explain to him/her the whole situation and follow their instructions to stop more damage. But if the situation is not improving, do not hesitate to take your dog to the nearest animal hospital. 

2. Throw the toothpicks at once- After calling your doctor, the first thing would be to remove all the remaining toothpicks out of your dog’s reach. 

3. Do not give any medication– You should not personally treat your dog or give any medication or try to take the toothpick out of your dog’s throat if you have seen your dog swallow any toothpick as it can be dangerous and life-threatening.  

4. Feed soft food- If you want to help your dog in this situation, you can feed your dog more food, specifically soft like peanut butter, bread, etc. Try feeding white rice or bread that aids in passing the stools. 

5. Induce Vomiting: Depending on the toothpick size, your dog may vomit or have diarrhea. If so, keep an eye on them and give them fluids as needed. If they don’t seem to be in any distress, you can try to remove the toothpick yourself.

Start by trying to get it out with tweezers. If that doesn’t work, you can use a spoon or chopsticks to remove it.

What happens if my dog eats a toothpick?

Toothpicks are generally very sharp than other pricky objects. So, eating it can cause a wide array of problems inside your dog’s body. Let’s see what can possibly happen to your dog if he/she swallows a toothpick. 

Internal Injuries– Since toothpicks are tiny but sharp, they can damage the gastrointestinal tract badly. Several cuts and deep wounds can cause excessive bleeding both internally and externally. 

Choking- If the toothpicks get stuck in the throat and reach the windpipe by chance, your dog can lose its voice and even be dead as a result of choking. Call your vet as soon as you find your dog has eaten toothpicks. 

Vomiting– Sometimes, dogs try to let non-digested things out through vomiting. Your dog can even vomit small toothpick parts trapped inside the stomach or intestine. 

Signs to look for if your dog ate a toothpick

If you saw your dog eating a toothpick, these are the alarming signs you should look for immediately. 

1. Bloody mouth– The sharp ends of toothpicks, if chewed, can ultimately damage the internal part of a dog’s gastrointestinal tract, including the mouth and throat.

If you see blood stains on your dog’s mouth or even find blood traces in its vomit, it’s a sign that your dog needs medical assistance. It indicates the stomach, the intestine, or the throat has been pierced by toothpicks and injured. You should immediately call your vet and follow their instructions. 

2. Loss of appetite- If your dog refrains from eating any food, it means something is causing discomfort inside its body. It’s a symptom of major gastrointestinal complications.

1. Discomfort and lethargy– If your dog is unusually more restless than any other day and does not intend to do any activity, it may be a sign that something is wrong. Hence, your dog needs a vet visit.

2. Vomiting– It is the most common symptom in dogs but equally worrying. It may be that the toothpick has been stuck somewhere in the stomach or throat that your dog needs to get rid of through vomiting. 

3. Fever– Getting a fever is common and is expected in dogs.  But it can also indicate a growing infection caused by the consumption of toothpicks. 

4. Unnatural posture- Your dog is walking differently. What’s the matter? Is he just being naughty, or is something wrong with his/her body? The chances of the second option being right are high. It might be that the toothpick they swallowed has caused abdominal damage, intestinal pain, or bloody wounds. 

How to keep my dog away from sharp objects?

Isn’t it your duty to keep your dog safe? It is better to keep any sharp object away from the reaching range of your dog. But sometimes, we forget to do that.

Thus, keeping a keen eye on your doggo’s activities is advised. In addition, you can even train your dog to keep a safe distance from any sharp object at home and outside. 

Wrapping up,

Did you see the complications your dog can have if he consumes a toothpick? It is deathly and of course, should not be done again. Keep good care of your furry friend and love him like you do every day.

If you have any questions related to the topic we have talked about, please comment below and let us know.


Can swallowing toothpicks cause internal damage to my dog?

Yes, swallowing toothpicks can damage your dog’s throat, stomach, and intestine with its sharp ends.

Can my dog digest toothpicks?

Your dog cannot digest toothpicks as they are made up of wood or plastic.

Can I feed soft food to my dog after they have eaten toothpicks?

Yes, you should feed soft food to your dog after they have eaten toothpicks.

Can a dog digest a wood toothpick?

The stomach acid in a dog’s intestine cannot break down and digest toothpicks, especially made of wood. Dogs are more likely to chomp on wooden toothpicks, but both wood and plastic ones can damage the intestinal tissues if they are pushed through the digestive tract by a frustrated pooch.

What if my dog eats bamboo?

For the Bambusoideae species of the genus Bambusa, it is not toxic to dogs or cats, and horses. The leaves of bamboo can contain up to 22% protein, so it’s pretty healthy for them!

Can dogs eat satay sticks?

Never feed your dog bones that have been cooked or smoke meats. Bones can splinter and become lodged in your animal’s throat while if swallowed, could cause an obstruction in their digestive tract. Corn cobs, satay sticks, ice cream sticks, as well as many other items should not be given to dogs due to the risk of choking.