Does Cat Urine Kill Grass?

Does Cat Urine Kill Grass? Will Big Cat Urine Burn Grass?

Once in the morning I and my wife were walking around our garden, suddenly my wife notices our garden grass starts to dry up in random areas.  Though we water our garden every day our garden grass starts to dry up and die.

So, I was curious about what could possibly kill grass, after further investigation, I found the place where grass dries up stings like cat urine.  So, I asked myself, does cat urine kill grass?

Let me tell you we have a 2 years old pet cat —who loves to play around the garden.

So after researching online and talking with cat veterans, I was 100% sure that it was cat urine that kills the grass of our garden.

Why Does Cat Urine Kill Grass?

You probably know that urine contains a high concentration of nitrogen.  The nigh concentration of nitrogen is bad for small plants like grass.

So if your cats pee on the grass the roots of the grass get burned, resulting in dead grass or brown patch.

Though cat urine contains other organic components like urea, phosphate, ammonia sodium, uric acid, etc. it’s the nitrogen in the cat urine that mainly causes the death of the grass.

How Train Your Cat Not To Pee On Grass, Furniture, Carpet, And Couch?

Before you allow your cat to play in the garden, make sure you make your cat pee in the toilet.  If you train your cat pee in the toilet, your cat will never urinate outside its peeing area. The following video shows, how to train your cat to use the toilet:

How to Remove Cat Urine Odors?

If your cats are not trained, they can pee anywhere in the house such as on the carpet, floor, couch, furniture, and so on.

Cat urine odors are very unpleasant and they can also cause respiratory health problems for your family members.

If your cats stay in the pee/urine area for longer, it can also cause many cat health problems.

Cat urine contains lots of petty pesky components primarily uric acid.  Uric acid is the only component in the cat urine that cause unpleasant odors. 

Uric acid is not water-soluble, so you cannot remove the smell of uric acid with water or a dishwasher. So, what does work?

There is mainly two type’s product that works to remove cat urine odors:

  • Enzyme Cleaners
  • Ion Based Order Eliminators

Enzyme Cleaners

Enzyme cleaners contain enzymes and living bacteria (non-pathogenic bacteria) that will break down the uric acid crystals and living bacteria will eat up the waste. Enzymes cleaners really work great to remove cat urine odors smells.

However, there is one issue with enzyme cleaners. If the enzyme cleaners are sitting on the shelf for a longer period of time, the bacteria in the enzyme cleaners could possibly die. In this case, the enzyme cleaners will not work anymore.

Ion Based Odors Eliminators 

Ion Based Odors Eliminators, remove the unpleasant cat urine smells when it contact with it. Ion-based odors eliminators neutralize the smells of uric acid so that it won’t come back. This is the fastest odor eliminator that I know to date.

I want to see more people using this type of process to remove cat urine smells. Though there are lots of tutorials for making home remedies to remove urine smells, to be honest none of them work perfectly.

How to Use Enzyme Cleaners And Ion Based Odors Eliminators to Remove Cat Urine Smells?

Now you know what type of odor eliminators will work. Let’s find out how to use them. First of all, you need to buy a black light, the black light will help you to identify the area of the cat urine stain. 

There are many people who find it difficult to identify cats’ urine stains.  In this case, a black light can be a perfect solution to identify urine stains.

Now you need to simply soak the area of the stain with enzyme cleaners. After 10 minutes you can simply wash the area with water if you want.

Washing the area with water is not necessary but enzyme solution has strong perfumey smells, you want to get rid of perfumey smells you can wash the area.

With ion-based odors eliminators, you need to simply spray the solution in the area of statin. It is not necessary to wash the area, because the solution does not have any perfume smells.


Final Thought

Now you know that the nitrogen in the feline urine causes damage to the grass or lawn. That doesn’t mean that you will not take your cat outdoor just because of their peeing problems. Unlike humans, cats also need fresh air and outdoor adventure to keep them healthy.

As I explain answering the question — Does Cat Urine Kill Grass? I have also explained how to get rid of pee smells and how to train your cat not to pee outside. Hope all my suggestion helps you to get a perfect solution.