Do Siamese Cats Shed A Lot

Do Siamese Cats Shed A Lot? +10 Causes & Tips

Why do Siamese Cats Shed? Do Siamese Shed A lot? If you’re inquisitive about getting a Siamese cat, then you definitely are certain to have at least some questions about this cat breed.

Buying or adopting a cat is a large responsibility, so it’s vital to examine whether or not a Siamese cat is the correct pet for you or not.

Siamese shedding guide

Siamese cats are famous for having extraordinarily short hair. However, this does not mean that they do not shed.

In fact, Siamese cats shed regularly and continuously re-develop their fur, this means that their old fur should fall out.

With that said, their loss is frequently much less considerable due to how small their hair is.

This has caused the false impression that they do not shed at all.

These cats may also shed mainly a lot at some point in certain seasons. During the autumn and spring, they’ll frequently shed more drastically and can even need grooming.

It is frequently recommended for proprietors to groom their Siamese at some point in these periods.

Do Siamese cats shed a lot?

The best news is that Siamese cats do not shed a lot. They go through 2 molts every 12 months, which is normal for cats as well as different hairy animals.

Because Siamese cats have an alternatively short coat, this loss isn’t difficult to manage. Perhaps, it is the right cat breed for individuals who need a pussycat companion, however, do not want immoderate cat hair on fixtures and clothing.

You can assume Siamese cats shed more than regular in the spring whilst they may be casting off their thick winter undercoats and in the fall once they begin to develop a brand new undercoat for the winter.

During these periods, it’s advocated to brush your cat’s hair every day to hold the shedding procedure under control and your carpets and fixtures free of immoderate cat hair.

How often do Siamese shed?

The indoor cats regularly lose track of seasonal changes and consequently shed constantly all 12 months round. In that case, the loss would not be as immoderate as throughout the spring and fall months, however, it might require you to brush your cat often all 12 months.

If you do not want your Siamese cat to constantly shed hair, then you need to make certain that she or he does not lose track of the seasonal changes.

For this, you need to make certain that your cat spends a lot of time outdoors. If you no longer agree with your cat outdoors unsupervised, then you will need to take your cat on leash walks or purchase an outside cat enclosure.

10 causes of shedding in Siamese cats

Seasonal changes – 

One of the reasons for a Siamese cat’s shedding is that the climate is turning hotter because of the time of the 12 months. Siamese cats accumulate a thicker coat to stay heated in the winter, and because the climate warms up, your Siamese cat begins to lose the extra fur.

When wintry weather returns, you may notice that your Siamese cat begins to shed in much less quantity and his hair thickens.

As a result, in the spring, Siamese will shed their winter coats as a way to alter their body temperature.

They will accumulate a thicker coat in the fall to prepare for the approaching winter. So, assume extra shedding at some time of the 12 months than different instances of the 12 months.

Allergies –

Environmental changes or dietary changes can produce allergies in your Siamese cat. This can make them lick, scratch, or bite themselves. Therefore, they can lose a lot of hair.

Other factors that contribute to an allergic reaction in cats include dust, insects, food, and medicine. If you are worried about excessive shedding, then you must consult your vet. 

Shedding due to allergy is not a common scenario, you can only witness it when your cat is having any kind of allergy. 

Stress or anxiety – 

The most popular reasons for sudden and immoderate shedding are when your cat undergoes an excessive amount of stress or anxiety.

Siamese cats are touchy pets and reply rapidly to environmental changes. It does not take much for them to get upset, nervous, or stressed.

Causes of stress include

  • Change in house
  • Moving to a new location
  • Loud sounds
  • Loneliness
  • Change in daily routine
  • Change in food
  • Lack of mental stimulation
  • Another pet

Wrong diet –

A cat’s diet can cause odd shedding; cats also can shed because of nutritional issues. Siamese will shed if they no longer gain the right stability of ingredients, which is a symptom of bad health.

Vitamins A, B, and E are crucial for the production and protection of a healthy coat.

It is likewise crucial to choose cat food that is sturdy in omega-3 fatty acids. It promotes the fitness of the cat’s coat and decreases irritation, which could result in immoderate scratching.

Also, keep your cat hydrated always as it aids in overall wellness. It is obvious from this that you have to provide your cat with first-rate food and maintain the nutrients in the diet balanced.

Always ask your vet to affirm the proper food for your Siamese cat, don’t choose any random food you notice online.

Gender and age –

It is essential to be aware that Siamese cats do not shed as much as other cats, however, as Siamese cats grow old they shed more than they did at a more youthful age.

In a much less shedding breed of a cat just like the Siamese cat, the loss of hair is significantly inspired by age.

Gender, like age, has a power over how much a cat sheds, for example, a female Siamese cat who turns pregnant will probably shed far more than male cats.

The motive for that is that once female cats become pregnant, they become stressed, and it is a primary cause for shedding in lots of cats.

Hormonal changes – 

Hyperthyroidism causes a greater release of thyroid hormone that results in an increase in metabolic state. 

Excessive shedding is one of the side effects of this situation when this hormone called thyroid is over secreted in the body of cats.

This is more common in female cats; thus, in case you own a female cat, you must be conscious that she will undergo bodily changes, along with shedding more hair than usual.

This hassle of immoderate shedding, however, generally resolves itself while the female cat has birth and her frame returns to normalcy.

It is vital to observe that whenever there may be a hormonal change in the cat, you must count on seeing a few stages of shedding.

Parasite attacks –

Fleas, a substantial pet parasite, can also cause an allergic reaction to your Siamese cat’s skin once they bite your Siamese cat.

When those bugs bite right into a Siamese cat’s skin, the cat will try and relieve the ache by clawing, licking, and biting the troubled location; this can similarly result in pointless shedding.

Both inner and outside parasites can result in or cause excessive shedding for your Siamese cats.

Changes in cat food –

This form of shedding in Siamese cats is usually determined in cats whose proprietors love trying out one-of-a-kind foods instead of sticking to what’s working for them.

A change in nutrition in your Siamese cat’s diet can also additionally bring about shedding. This is much more likely to arise in case your cat’s eating regimen has fewer nutrients.

If you adjust your cat’s eating regimen and find out that their hair is reacting negatively, you need to consider switching again to a previous form of meal.

A Siamese cat will shed greater when you turn to new cat food that lacks all of the required nutrition.

Side effects of medicines –

Side results of medicine can simplest cause useless shedding when you have administered any sort of drug to your cat and shortly after your cat starts shedding.

Some medicines, on the other hand, may also set off itching or scaling, inflicting your cat to scratch and shed more frequently.

Some illnesses can also additionally cause your cat to groom herself excessively, resulting in naked regions in her fur.

Illness – 

If your Siamese cat is dropping hair because of illness, you will notice that the hair is falling out in clumps. The pattern isn’t similar to when your cat sheds normally.

Nonetheless, it’s far essential to be aware since you may directly get your cat treatment to make him feel better. Hair loss in Siamese cats may be induced or precipitated by numerous illnesses.

Some common health challenges include

  • Thyroid
  • Skin diseases
  • Kidney problem
  • Bacterial infections
  • Liver conditions
  • Fungal infection
  • Adrenal issues
  • Cancer

How to reduce the shedding of your Siamese cat?

  1. Avoid parasite infestations
  2. Keep the cat’s body temperature low
  3. Provide high-quality food
  4. Avoid cat allergies
  5. Reduce stress and anxiety
  6. Keep the cat hydrated
  7. Do not give stale food
  8. Maintain hygiene
  9. Regular brushing
  10. Consult a vet
Do Siamese Cats Shed?
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Are Siamese cats hypoallergenic?

Many people think that cats are hypoallergenic. But the truth is that there is no such thing called a hypoallergenic dog or cat. 

Individuals who have feline allergies are allergic to different proteins such as the Fel d 1 protein that cats produce. Around 10% of the population is allergic to this protein. 

Cats lick their fur to groom themselves. When they do this, the allergen from your cat’s saliva dries out and becomes airborne. These allergens can easily enter the respiratory tracts of anyone close to the cat.

Therefore, we can say that Siamese cats are not hypoallergenic. Siamese cats are just like other cat breeds, shed moderately. The best thing here is that the Siamese cat has a lower release of Fel d 1 protein.

Final words

If you’re searching for a cat that gets in conjunction with the entire family, children, and dogs included, is easy to groom, and doesn’t shed a lot, then a Siamese cat could be the right choice.

With Siamese cats, everyday brushing is all that is needed to maintain the shedding under control and your clothes and house free of immoderate cat hair.

A crucial factor to note, though, is that Siamese cats enjoy the attention and do now no longer want to be left alone for long durations of time.

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