Do Lions Live In the Jungle or somewhere else?

Do Lions Live In The Jungle, Forest or Glassland? Truth

Do Lions Live In the Jungle? Can Lions Live In a Forest? The Straightforward Answer is No, Lions neither live in the jungle nor in a forest. Rather, They usually live in savannah grasslands and tropical grasslands of Africa and Asia respectively. However, this does not imply that the lions can’t live in the jungle. In fact, there are various jungle lions in Ethiopia. To be precise, Kafa Biosphere Reserve and Harenna Forest have lions. However, it is difficult to see a lion in the jungle. Moreover, scientists are not sure if they are greater African lion species or subspecies. 

so, Where do lions actually live?

Lions love and live in such habitats where they can blend easily. They are very social. Hence, lions do everything in a group like hunting. For hunting in a group, they need a place to trap. And the jungle does not provide this aspect. Therefore, lions are rarely seen in jungles. However, you can find them in any of these places Such as: 

Do Lions Live In the Jungle or somewhere else?

lions in Savannah

  • Savanna is a flat region mainly containing grass. 
  • Moreover, it is spared by trees that don’t form canopies. 
  • There is a good amount of sunlight. 
  • At night the environment is cool.
  • The region has brown grass as well.
  • It acts as a camouflage for the lions to hunt their prey. 

Lions usually hunt at night. This is to cool themselves down after hunting and eating the prey. Also, lions hunt animals that move in herds. 

lion’s habitat in Grassland

  • It is a terrestrial habitat
  • Grasslands have a huge grass population, sparse trees, herds of herbivores, and little rain.
  • Few or no trees for hunting successfully.
  • Abundant grass helps to trap the prey. 
  • Good source of drinking water

These characteristics make a grassland an optimum place for lions.

lion’s Life in Open woodland

  • Open woodland is another name for the forest. It is used to address the forest with an open canopy. 
  • Trees are away from each other
  • It has more shade than savannah. However, it has less shade than a forest.
  • Open woodlands are considered transition zones between real forests, grasslands, and deserts. 

In the past, lions used to stay in Asia, Africa, and Europe. However, they have disappeared from 94% of the historic range and now can be found in India and sub-Saharan Africa. 

Regions African lions live in Include –

  • Central and West Africa – Benin, Burkina Faso, Angola, Cameroon, Chad, The Democratic Republic of the Congo,  Central African Republic, Gabon, Nigeria, Niger, and Senegal.
  • East Africa – Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Sudan, Rwanda, Malawi, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.
  • South Africa – Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, and Swaziland.

Asiatic lions live in India’s Gir Forest National Park, Gujrat.

The reality of lion population in geographic locations

lions of Central and West Africa

  • The lion population here is declining. 
  • According to, Africa has a 67% chance of declining the lion population by 50% in the coming 20 years. 
  • Around 500 lions are regionally endangered in West Africa.
  • On the other hand, 2,200 lions are endangered in Central Africa.
  • This is because of hunting by locals.
  • These geographical regions have an open system for wildlife to roam around. Therefore, it increases animal-human conflicts. 

lions of East Africa

  • East Africa is home to one of the largest lion populations in Africa. 
  • However, we can’t deny the fact that the population has decreased by 57% from 1993 to 2014.
  • Still, there are around 11,000 lions. 
  • Maasai Mara National Reserve and Serengeti National Park have the most lions. 
  • Some experts say that there is a 37% chance of shrinking the lion population by 50% in the coming 2 decades. 

lions of South Africa

  • The lion population in South Africa declined between 1993-2014.
  • The region successfully manages the conservation of the area.
  • The lions are well-funded and managed through fences.
  • Research suggests that the unfenced lion population has decreased by 62% and the fenced population has decreased by only 11%. 

lions of India

  • India is home to Asiatic lions.
  • In Gir Forest National Park, there are more than 600 lions. 
  • In the past, the increasing number of firearms led the Asiatic lions to extinction in large areas. 
  • In the 19th century, Lions were brought to Gir Forest National Park.

Why don’t lions live in the jungle?

Lions don’t live in the jungle because they prefer regions like open woodlands. Also, they try to mitigate the competition for territory in the jungle from tigers. 

Lions find prey easily in rivers with shrubs, savannahs, open grasslands, bushes around grasslands, etc. 

The lion population is at 11,800 ft on Mt. Elgon. The acacia trees provide shade to lions in the savannah habitat. The only surviving Asiatic lions are found in Gir Forest National Park, Gujrat, India. 

As tigers roam in dense rainforests, it can lead to food and territory problems. However, both species are reduced in number due to hunting by humans and loss of habitat. Tigers and lions are also used in zoos and circuses. 

Which Is The Deadliest Big Cat?

Tigers are the most dangerous and deadliest big cat due to their size and strength. History says that tigers have taken more human lives than other big cats. Also, they are responsible for direct attacks on humans. 

Moreover, on average 1800 humans per year between 1900 and 2009. Throughout the 1900s, a Bengal tigress killed around 436 humans in India. In 2008, Bengal tigers lost their habitat to a cyclone.  

  • Habitat – Asia
  • Bite force – 1,050 PSI
  • Weight – 200 to 700 lbs
  • Length – 8 to 11 ft

Additionally, tigers attack during the day, unlike lions. They are known for conserving large territories. Talking about their diet, they can live for weeks without food. However, tigers can eat around 88 lbs of meat in one go. 

Other than humans, tigers do not have predators. Therefore, they rarely have to protect themselves. However, being predators they are always in hunting mode. 

Who is the real king of the jungle, The Lion or The Tiger?

The real king is a lion, but research shows that tigers are stronger. 

Lions are stronger and more aggressive than other wild cats like leopards and cheetahs. They live in groups. The group consists of lions, lionesses, and cubs. They hunt together and raise the cubs within the group. 

The male lion’s responsibility is to make the territory with urine. Also, they defend their pride from potential threats. Lions are very highly protective and can kill an enemy that tries to enter their territory. Lionesses are the primary hunters. 

Tiger is a solitary creature and is stronger than a lion. But, a tiger is shorter in height. Moreover, if a fight happens between the 2, the tiger can win. Many experts choose the Siberian or Bengal tiger over African lions. Ions do not occupy jungles, however, tigers roam around the jungle. 


In conclusion, lions don’t live in the jungle. They used to live in Asia and Europe, but their habitat has decreased by 94%. Hence, they are only found in savannas, open woodlands, and grasslands. Despite their geographic location, they are and will be the KING OF THE JUNGLE. 

I hope you enjoyed the article. I will be back soon with more interesting and informative pieces of writing. Till then, stay connected. Thank you.

Frequently asked questions

Are Jaguars stronger than lions?

The bite force of Jaguars is stronger than that of lions. Therefore, we can say that Jaguars are stronger than lions.

Will a tiger beat a lion?

Yes, a tiger can beat a lion. Although the lion is the king of the jungle. But, a tiger has more strength than a lion. However, if 2-3 lions attack the tiger together, there is no chance that the tiger could win.

Are lions afraid of humans?

As lions are predominantly nocturnal, they do not fear humans at night. Therefore, they become more dangerous at night. Hence, be cautious of lions at night. Moreover, avoid camping in lion-density areas.

Do bears fight lions and win?

Yes, in fact, a bear can win the fight. The bears have an advantage in size and offensive capabilities. The lion could only win against the bear if it sneaks out of the area.

What animal kills lions?

Hyenas are known to prey on lion cubs. In fact, they are also famous for eating dead lions. Hyenas are large carnivores in Africa. Moreover, they are scavengers of the jungle.

What are lions afraid of?

Lions are afraid of animals like hippos and elephants. Moreover, lions can be afraid of their prey since every animal resists attacks. But, their hunger overpowers all their fears.

Are tigers afraid of lions?

As tigers are at the top of the food chain, they are not afraid of any animal. They are considered the apex predators and hence we cannot say yes to this answer.