tricks to make your dog to drink water

8 Effective Tricks to Make Your Dog Drink Water

Today we will see how to trick your dog into drinking water. This is one of the most serious concerns of a pet owner whose pooch consumes less water. In this article, we will see different tricks that will help you with your concern. But first of all, let us see what will happen if your fido does not drink a sufficient amount of water. 

Why drinking water is important?

Every essential physical function is based on water, including handing over oxygen to organs and tissues,  digestion, lubricating joints, and regulating body temperature. Water additionally performs an important role in helping a canine’s cells with the absorption of nutrients from the food. Another essential characteristic of water is that it allows your canine to preserve its body temperature, that’s specifically essential in the course of warm summertime.

And just like in humans, dehydration in canines can cause a lack of electrolytes. Minerals like sodium, chloride, and potassium have crucial capabilities in your canine’s body. A lack of electrolytes can affect the body’s pH stability and muscle and nerve function. The most critical instances of dehydration can cause kidney or different organ failure and might even cause death. No person desires this for his or her loved companion. 

What are the signs of dehydration in dogs?

  1. Vomiting

Dehydration can cause vomiting. A dehydrated fido can feel ill which causes them to vomit. As vomiting causes to loss of moisture, it can increase dehydration. If the vomiting continues, it is better to take your pooch to the vet as soon as possible.

  1. Loss of elasticity in the skin

Loss of elasticity in the skin is the most common symptom of dehydration. Pull a small portion of the pooch’s skin and look for it to come back to normal. If the skin goes back slowly, then your pooch is dehydrated. 

  1. Loss of appetite

If your fido is dehydrated, he will lose his appetite. This can become worse in many cases. This is because dehydrated fidos can experience an upset stomach. Ultimately, this will stop them from eating.

  1. Heavy panting

Dogs use panting to cool down themselves. They also lose some fluid when they’re panting. Hence, when there is warm weather, dogs are more likely to be dehydrated. 

  1. Dry nose

Dogs are acknowledged for their moist little noses. But what happens whilst a canine isn’t receiving sufficient water? Its nostril turns dry. Dogs suffering from dehydration produce much less mucus in their noses due to the fact they lack the right quantity of moisture.

This causes their noses to turn out to be dry and much less effective. Additionally, dogs’ noses get moist after they drink water. So, in case your canine’s nose isn’t moist, it is an indicator that it has not visited its water bowl.

  1. Dry gums

Dry gums are the indicators of dehydration. This is because your pooch cannot generate saliva because of insufficient moisture in the body. Dry gums become bluish in color, sticky, and produce bad breath. This is the common indicator of extreme dehydration. 

  1. Lethargy

It is a sign of extreme dehydration. Your dog tends to lose more moisture and hence its muscles start to stop working. This can even lead to incoordination and dizziness. If your pooch is experiencing some of these symptoms, you must take your furry friend to the vet immediately.  

How to trick your dog into drinking water?

Keep multiple water bowls around the house

Dogs might not drink enough water because there is limited access. Hence, keep multiple water bowls to encourage your pooch to drink water. This trick increases the accessibility of water. 

Give flavored water

Canines can end up pretty choosy with the water they want to drink. This isn’t troubling however an issue of preference. Since pooches dislike specific tastes, they could refuse to drink water when they do not like the taste.

The answer for that is to offer flavored water to the canine. You can gain this by including flavored ice cubes right into a bowl of water. Adding taste to water, specifically using pleasing flavors such as tuna juice encourages fidos to drink greater water and therefore live a healthy life.

To flavor water, canine owners may additionally use broth. The broth is a sweet-smelling additive giving the water an appealing and inviting smell. Examples of broth are bone broth, chicken broth, and red meat broth.

Feed wet food

When a dog refuses to drink water, the best alternative is to offer him wet foods. You have to take dog food (kibble, cooked, or canned) and add water to it. Leave the food for some time to settle with water and then feed it to your pooch. 

Some human beings consider that giving a canine crunchy ingredients aids in cleansing the teeth. However, that is only a myth and must now no longer save you from socking the canine meals in some water. Providing moist foods is an excellent choice for humans struggling to get their canines to drink water.

Use water fountains

Many vets recommend encouraging dogs to drink water through water fountains. These water fountains keep the water fresh. If the water in the bowl is there for long, it starts tasting bad and produces a bad smell.

Dogs will prefer to drink fresh water. Hence water fountains encourage dogs to drink fresh water.

Also, water fountains are playful for dogs. They love to see the water moving up and down.

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Offer the water by bottle or hand

When your pooch is ill, he might feel tired of standup and drinking water by himself. In this scenario, many vets recommend providing them water in your hand. This approach is best when your pooch is ill. 

You can also use a water bottle to make him drink water. It is helpful when your fido is ill.

Change water regularly

When water remains in a bowl for too long, it turns warm and foul. Due to the terrible flavor and foul smell, canines would possibly get discouraged from ingesting the water. Therefore water needs to be exchanged frequently to maintain its freshness.

Cooling the water additionally aids in retaining it fresh. It additionally enables you to refresh your dog, in particular after a run or an extended walk. To maintain the water cool, occasionally add numerous ice cubes.

Exercise your fido

Exercises are dehydrating and tiresome. Hence, after a great run or long walk, dogs will automatically drink the water due to thirst. 

This is one of the best and most natural ways to make your furry friend drink water.

Keep the bowls clean

Just like us, canines love clean habitats and drinking and feeding bowls. In fact, a few pooches refuse to drink the water due to the fact the bowls are unclean, which makes the water dirty. To keep away from such an occurrence, it’s far recommended that you maintain water bowls clean at all times.

Apart from encouraging the canine to drink water, retaining bowls clean protects them from illnesses and infections. Thus, further to maintaining the water bowls clean make sure that the water supplied is clear.

Final words

So, this is it in today’s article. We have compiled eight amazing tricks to make your pooch drink water. Just make sure that you are keeping the water clean to mitigate any possible health issues regarding the bad water.

If you have tried these tricks and your pooch is still not drinking water, it’s better to visit the vet. This could be a sign of something serious like pancreatitis, urinary tract infection, etc. 

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