Do Lions Eat Cheetahs and Other Cats? Lions Diet

Do Lions Eat Cheetahs and Other Cats? Lions Diet Review

Can and Do lions eat cheetahs and other cats? Yes – lions can eat cheetahs and other cats. However, only in uncommon events like when they’re extremely hungry without other alternatives as far as food is concerned. 

As you in all likelihood know, lions are a few of the top predators on the food chain – the apex predators. For this reason, it isn’t always uncommon to discover lions preying on different predators like cheetahs along with their cubs.

The most interesting element is that once attacking and killing cheetahs and other cats, lions rarely consume them.

Lions are incredibly territorial animals and they regularly assault and kill different huge cats to protect their territory instead of killing them for food.

Do lions dominate cheetahs and other cats?

Yes, a lion dominates a cheetah as it’s far stronger. Lions can grow as much as eighty-two in (208 cm), weighing as much as 496 lb (225 kg), while cheetahs grow as much as fifty-nine in (150 cm), weighing as much as 159 lb (seventy-two kg). 

This is the reason different cats like cheetahs and tigers are threatened by lions, and lions are effortlessly capable of intimidating them.

Lions and cheetahs don’t compete directly; they may be actually after the same food. Lions dominate huge cats like cheetahs by stealing their meals and additionally eating cheetah cubs.

In combat between a cheetah and a lion, the lion has the top hand. In a few areas, it’s been recorded that lions kill around 80% of cheetah cubs. Lions also can assault cheetahs if lions encounter them in their territory.

Do lions hate cheetahs and other cats?

No, lions do not hate cheetahs and other cats. It is the survival instincts of these predators which cause these animals to be each other’s competitors. Wild animals only need to be secure and get adequate food for a better existence in the wild.

Even scientists cannot decide why lions kill different predators like hyenas and cheetahs that normally compete with them for meals. 

Many humans think that this is a lion’s hatred toward cheetahs and other cats. It is likewise stated that, due to the fact that lions cannot run rapidly like cheetahs, they sense competition and assault or kill any cheetah on sight.

Cheetahs get their prey effortlessly as compared to lions. Due to this competition, lions might also additionally sense that they do not have sufficient meals because of the presence of cheetahs.

The Natural habitat of lions is likewise native to cheetahs. Since they stay in near proximity, lions will assault or kill cheetahs in territorial disputes.

Not only lions but additionally other predators, like leopards and hyenas, prey on cheetahs and their cubs. Human beings also are the top predators of cheetahs. All these animals have a tendency to kill cheetahs to protect their territories. Scavengers will feed on a dead cheetah. 

With most of these threats, cheetahs nonetheless manage to continue to exist and thrive around lions. They do that by setting up dens far away from the pride of lions. They are very careful and could monitor the region constantly.

After losing their cubs, cheetahs emerge as fertile within the next few weeks. Lions are energetic at night, and cheetahs are energetic during the day. 

What animals can kill a lion?

Even though lions are apex predators, they may be inclined and may be killed by different animals, particularly while out hunting.

Animals like buffalos, elephants, and giraffes can kill a lion with one robust kick.

Other animals like hippos have big and sharp teeth that could rip a lion apart with simply one bite.

Crocodiles have very sharp teeth and an extremely robust tail that could rip apart a lion with one strike.

Tigers are bigger, heavier, and extra sensitive than lions. Hence, they may be much more likely to win in a conflict between the 2 kings of the jungle.

Humans are the finest predators of lions. Most lion deaths come because of poaching, sport hunting, and different unlawful or criminal human activities.

Exploring a lion’s diet

Lions are carnivorous that only devour meat. A carnivore is an animal that hunts or scavengers animals to benefit from nutrients and energy from their respective tissue and flesh.

As the “Apex Predator”, lions are at the top of the food chain. Because of this, no other animal sees them as prey. Also cited as “Obligate Carnivores”, lions only consume animal flesh for nourishment. “Facultative Carnivores” are animals that devour non-animal foods in addition to meat.

What animals do lions prey on?

  • Giraffes
  • Antelopes
  • Buffaloes
  • Zebras
  • Small elephants
  • Rhinoceros
  • Crocodiles
  • Wild hogs
  • Birds mice
  • Tortoises
  • Lizards
  • Hares

What white lions eat

White lions also are obligate carnivores so they need the flesh of animals to meet their nutritional needs.

These days, white lions are not often found in the wild, wherein they originated from Timbavati, South Africa. They could devour the same animals like African lions consisting of pigs, zebras, buffaloes, rabbits,  gazelles, and wildebeests.

They are regularly found in captivity wherein they’re held by a whole lot of animals and formulated into cat food.

What do lions eat at the zoo?

In a zoo, lions eat beef, rabbit, chicken, horse, and sheep. Along with animal flesh, zoo lions will indulge in commercial and specially formulated food. This food is crafted to fulfill all the dietary needs of the lion. 

How much & how often do lions eat?

A lion eats around 4.5 and 11 kg of food per day. If there is a huge quantity of food, a male lion is able to eat up to 43 kg of meat and a female lion can eat up to 25 kg in a day.

Final words

Lions are apex predators, this means that they sit on the pinnacle of the ecological food chain. They have only a few enemies and they dominate different cats.

As far as eating other predators is concerned, lions only kill other huge cats like leopards and cheetahs. However, they seldom consume them. The reason for killing different predators is to avoid competition and defend their territory.

I hope you enjoyed the article. We will be back with some interesting and informative pieces of writing. Till then, stay connected. Thank you. 

Frequently asked questions

Do lions eat other cats?

Lions usually do not attempt to attack other cats unless they have a good reason for doing this. Lions, jaguars, tigers, leopards, pumas, and other big cats can kill, eat, or prey upon a home cat, but they do not.

Why do lions hate cheetahs?

The competition for food puts these lions to hate cheetahs. In fact, lions think that there would not be any food left. Due to this, lions usually attack cheetahs to minimize the competition. Another reason why lions seem to hate cheetahs is their territorial dominance.

What animals do lions eat?

Lions hunt and eat medium to large-sized animals like zebras, wildebeests, and antelopes. They sometimes also prey on large animals mostly that are injured or sick, and eat meat such as carrion.