Do Devon Rex Cats Shed

Do Devon Rex Cats Shed? (Do They Shed A Lot?)

If you are a cat lover, then this article is for you. Before picking the type of cat to take home with you, what do you consider? Some go for looks or an adorable little thing that you can play around with. Then there are those who say cat size is a significant factor.

Depending on their prior experiences, they either choose big, medium, or small cats. And finally, to some people shedding is an essential factor. With the cat’s characteristics coming second, its shedding rate will affect whether they go home with it or look for another option.

So, do Devon Rex cats shed?

Yes, Devon Rex cats do shed their fur. Although there is a common misconception that they do not, which is attributed to their short coat, the amount they shed is less noticeable. However, you should expect mild shedding even though this breed is considered low maintenance in terms of fur.

Which of the above types of cat lovers are you? No matter where you stand on looks and size, shedding is a crucial factor to consider for any cat lover. Therefore, this article will focus on Devon Rex cats and all there is to know about how they shed.

Devon Rex Fur and Their Fur

The first thing to consider as a prospective cat owner is the level of maintenance your cat will need, especially in terms of grooming. Therefore, the Devon Rex cat is among the first breeds to be suggested when this topic is brought up due to their short coat.

The Devon Rex is an interesting breed; with its oversized ears on an elfin face and large eyes, it has a crossbreed personality between a dog and a cat. They are fun-loving with a social and relaxed attitude, rarely found in cats.

Like their delightful appearance, Devon Rex is also silly in their antics. Their playful nature makes them interested in everyone and everything around them. Therefore, it is easy for them to learn new tricks and are always eager for a game of fetch or hide and seek.

The Devon Rex has a unique fur coat that is noticeably short and curly, its distinguishing feature from other cat breeds. They are medium-sized, and due to the short coat, they appear to have muscles. However, this should not fool you. They weigh more than an average cat.

Why is My Devon Rex Shedding More Than Usual?

In some seasons cats will lose more of their fur, while in others, they lose less. When it comes to the Devon Rex, they naturally shed more in autumn and spring. This shedding varies from one cat to the other.

Additionally, their shedding cycle differs due to external factors. For instance, the central heating will cause a Devon Rex to shed more. However, if your Devon Rex is losing more fur than usual, hence developing patches or bald places, there might be a deeper problem.

This unusual loss of hair causing bald spots or patchy fur could mean that your Devon Rex has alopecia caused by one of two main reasons, either your Devon Rex is deliberately pulling out its hair, or it has an underlying medical condition.

Common Causes of Excessive Hair and Alopecia in Devon Rex

Outlined below are some of the leading causes of alopecia that will lead your Devon Rex to excessively lose fur:

Poor Nutrition

Like human beings’ cats require a proper diet to keep them healthy. When absent, it reflects either their looks or the shedding of their fur. A Devon Rex’s diet should combine a variety of minerals, vitamins, and proteins.

Therefore, while shopping for pre-prepared food, you should check the ingredient list and ensure it has all the required nutrients. Secondly, Devon Rex is well known for its high appetites. Ensure that you are feeding it enough portions for its size.

The amount is usually indicated in the packaging according to the years.

Consequently, if you prefer making your own food, find a recipe that gives your cat all the nutrients it needs.


Parasites cause a persistent itchy feeling that your Devon Rex cat cannot ignore; therefore, it scratches incessantly, causing its hair to fall off. In some cases, you will see your cat chewing out its fur; this might tell it has parasites.

The constant scratching and chewing will lead to the cat having bald patches. Therefore, it is advisable to check for fleas and other parasite signs and get treatment. Moreover, to avoid your cat’s suffering, create a regular flea treatment with your vet.


Yes, cats have allergies, too, just like human beings. Your Devon Rex might be allergic to something in its environment. Hence it will scratch till its hair falls out or its skin is sore. Unfortunately, you might not tell what exactly is causing the allergies.

Therefore, it is ideal for taking it to your vet for a diagnosis and prescription. With a good diagnosis, you will avoid the allergic item, giving your cat a smoother time.


Although this might come as a shock to most, cats also experience stress. Stressed cats are commonly known to pull out their fur. Therefore, when it becomes impossible to determine the cause of your cat pulling out their hair, this might be the underlying cause.

New changes in your home, such as a new pet or you recently had a baby, are the primary triggers of cats’ stress. Although this might be hard to fix, there is something you could try, such as a Feliway room diffuser that you could use to calm down your cat.

Imbalanced Hormones

A hormonal imbalance is another significant factor that causes Devon Rex cats to massively lose their fur. Therefore, if you have ruled out all the other factors, this might be the cause. To get a reliable diagnosis, visit your vet so that your cat’s health can be checked.

Poor Self-grooming

Cats are generally known for their cleanliness and impeccable self-grooming qualities. Though there are cases where cats lack these said capabilities. In these rare cases, you must offer a helping hand regularly.

Though it is vital to notice that Devon Rex’s fur is delicate, and you may end up doing more harm than good. For instance, when trying to undo a knot, you might pull out the whole hair resulting in the bald spots you avoid. Therefore, it’s better to master the art of grooming your Devon Rex beforehand.

How to Groom a Devon Rex Cat

Before picking the best way to groom your Devon Rex, you should consider certain factors. The first is that Devon Rex cats have minimal fur; thus, whichever method you choose should preserve what they already have.

Secondly and most important is that the Devon Rex cat has an exceptional and delicate fur coat that needs special maintenance. There are three options for grooming your Devon Rex with these two factors considered.

1. Grooming by Brushing

Grooming is not only done for the Devon Rex who lacks proper self-grooming skills; it is also essential for those that regularly clean themselves. It has some advantages that can’t go unnoticed. First, your cat gets a striking look, and secondly, it helps to maintain the amount of hair your Devon Rex drops around the house.

Since, as mentioned earlier, this breed of cats sheds a minor amount of fur compared to other cats. Regular grooming will ensure that the shedding is regulated to those periods when you groom it.

Additionally, grooming eliminates the possibility of your cat swallowing hair while grooming itself. Hairballs, which a cat develops from not being regularly groomed, do not only cause the cat to vomit when ingested but can also cause your cat to get ill.

When ingested in large amounts, the hairball blocks the digestive causing severe damage to your cat’s well-being.

However, it is essential to note that not all Devon Rex are open to being groomed. Therefore, the best way to get it accustomed to this culture of regular grooming is to start it off when your cat is young and make it a fun bonding experience for the two of you.

It is essential to use the correct grooming tools, such as a gentle brush, due to its delicate nature. Additionally, keep in mind that Devon Rex’s hair is easy to pull from the root; hence use gentle slow strokes and in case of knots that might snag on the brush, take your time with them.

2. Grooming by Bathing

Although most cats, no matter the breed, are not big fans of water, some appreciate a bath. If you are lucky enough and your Devon Rex is one of them, it is vital to make sure the water is warm and use a pet-friendly shampoo.

However, if your cat hates water and a situation arises where it must be cleaned, you can try using wipes specifically made for cats.

3. Take it To A Professional

The above two methods might not be as friendly for you. Therefore, you could always make an appointment with your vet or seek professional grooming services for your cat. This way, you will have solved your problems with slight strain.


The shedding of any cat is highly dependent on the fur characteristics and grooming habits. Even though the question, do Devon Rex Cats shed, is common.

There are several attributes as seen that will lead to its shedding. However, the straightforward question is, Yes, Devon Rex cat do shed their fur.

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