Do Burmese Cats Get Along With Other Cats

Do Burmese Cats Get Along With Other Cats? 5 Facts

Burmese cats are known for being loving and affectionate pets. This is one of the reasons they make such great companions to humans. However, it’s important to know, “do Burmese cats get along with other cats?”

Yes, they do get along with other cats. Unlike some breeds that prefer one-on-one time with their owners over socializing with others, Burmese tend to be very friendly. They can live in harmony alongside any other breed as long as you introduce them slowly and give them plenty of love and attention from an early age.

Burmese cats are a social breed that enjoys being around other pets or humans. They love attention from their owners, but because of their nature, they crave lots of affection.

It doesn’t just have to be from one owner, either. The average percentage of how many people report having two or more Burmese cats is 36%.

When queried why they had two or more Burmese cats, the top reported reason was that because they were so social and friendly, it seemed like a waste to only have one.

What Do People Usually Do When They Have A Burmese Cat and Would Like Another Pet?

The average percentage of people who report having two or more Burmese cats is 36%. When queried why they had two or more Burmese cats, the top reported reason was that because they were so social and friendly, it seemed like a waste to only have one.

Having the right kind of relationship with other pets in the house is very important. You also want to make sure they get along and won’t fight or kill each other when you’re not around. This is why it is very important to learn how their relationship dynamics work if you currently own multiple cats.

When putting two cats together, it is usually best to do so slowly and cautiously because if they suddenly start fighting, you will need time and room to separate them. Additionally, put both of their scents on yourself before bringing them into contact with each other for the first time.

With your scent on both of them, they will be able to recognize that you are higher up in status than either of them, and it lets them know that you approve of the contact.

Are Burmese cats friendly?

These cats love to be active, so make sure they have scratching posts, toys, and other interactive objects. When cats don’t like each other, they may still play together for a short time before one decides to fight or run away!

Half of all Burmese owners report that their cat is “more playful than usual” with another feline friend. If your Burmese cat has been spending a majority of its time alone because there weren’t any other pets in the house yet, then introducing the new pet might not go well at first.

You do NOT want to try playing games like tag or fetch with both at once because both will likely end up fighting over the objects and ruining their relationship.

Make sure that you separate them when they play, giving each one a chance to win at different points before putting it away later. Your Burmese cat will love you no matter how well it gets along with other pets, so make sure to spend lots of time with your furry feline friend.

How Can Someone Determine If Their Burmese Cats Get Along?

In most cases, it is best not to put two cats together until you’ve been able to observe their interaction from a distance. Then, based on what you see, proceed forward or backward in the process of getting them used to sharing space and staying out of each others’ way while doing so.

 If there’s any question about whether your new cat is a cat person, introduce them slowly to an older cat who has been there all along. This will usually result in the new addition gradually becoming closer and more comfortable with their presence.

However, it could take months before they are completely at ease with each other.

In many cases, Burmese cats learn to live together without fighting if they have grown up together from kittenhood.

In situations where there is already one cat present when you bring home a second, make sure that you monitor them around each other carefully for about two weeks after bringing the new feline friend home from the shelter or a breeder.

If your cats seem to be getting along well after this period has passed, then you can assume that they’re going to be okay with each other going forward.

However, if they continue to fight after this period has passed, or your new cat is particularly small or frail in comparison. You will need to keep them in separate rooms with a solid door between them for a longer period until they learn to live together in harmony.

What If My Burmese Cats Don’t Get Along?

If it seems like they don’t like each other and aren’t going ever to learn to get along, then you may need to consider splitting them up into separate areas for a while.

You can either set up one of your bathrooms or other smaller rooms with its litter box, food, water, toys, scratching post, etc.

If you have an extra room that is big enough to do this in but doesn’t have any windows because the view would disturb them too much, make sure that they still have access to natural light by installing a window perch or something similar near the door.

This will help reduce stress for both of your cats at different points throughout the day.

If you have a larger house and can set aside two separate rooms for each cat to give it its space from the other, then that’s even better. Ensure that they have their litter boxes, food bowls, scratching posts, beds, etc.

If the cats are constantly fighting over access to one of these things, then you can try giving them each an extra bed/scratching post/bowl, etc.

However, suppose your Burmese cats are constantly fighting over access to their backyard (i.e., the entire household). In that case, it is probably not safe or practical for them to stay together under those conditions.

Final Thoughts

Do Burmese Cats Get Along with Other Cats? Burmese cats are generally friendly and get along well with other cats. They also typically enjoy the company of humans, but it is important to make sure they have their own space when you can’t be there for them.

Burmese cats are social creatures who need companionship. If you’re considering adopting one, make sure to get a friend for them, or they may become depressed and withdrawn.