Do Burmese Cats Shed A Lot?

Do Burmese Cats Shed A Lot? [4 Ways To reduce Shedding]

Burmese cats are beautiful, entertaining, and outgoing pets. These cats have athletic skills, and their splendid appearance makes them fantastic pets for your children.

They are pretty mysterious felines that have much more to offer in addition to their unique and cute looks. The Burmese have quite fascinating origins and distinctive personality quirks that make them very remarkable.

However, have you ever asked yourself, “do Burmese cats shed a lot?” after finding extra hair on your furniture or clothes after a good cuddle? This article will explain the question for you in great detail!

What You Need to Know About the Burmese Coat

The Burmese cat has a short, smooth, and glossy coat which is very beautiful. This cat comes in various colors, making it quite an exciting pet to invest in for your family.

The Burmese kittens have a dark shading around their bodies, disappearing as they grow older and the rich colors emerge. This cat breed does not shed a lot due to the nature of the coat, but they are some factors that can make it shed a lot of furs.

Do Burmese Cats Shed a Lot? (More Than Other Breeds?)

Burmese cats tend to shed, but they don’t shed a lot of furs compared to other breeds. If you don’t want a cat breed that will leave a lot of hair in your household, the Burmese cat is the best investment.

This cat contains a very smooth coat that does not shed as much as other breeds. However, to minimize the rate at which your Burmese cat can shed, consider incorporating the following 4 tips below.

4 Ways To Slow Down The Shedding of Your Burmese Cat

1. Brush the Fur Regularly

Ensure you brush your cat every once per week. Brushing is one of the grooming tactics that ensure your cat is neat and healthy.

Ensure you incorporate a brush with soft bristles that precisely removes all loose hair on the cat and prevents fur from falling out on your furniture or mat.

Brushing the fur ensures that the cat’s hair is not tangled and helps eliminate any dirt or dander. If you want your cat to remain healthy and appealing, ensure you take proper care of it.

2. Bathe your Cat Regularly

The Burmese cats, just like any other cat breed, require proper grooming for them to be outstanding.

Bathing your cat helps in eliminating any unwanted or loose hair. It is recommended that you bathe your cat after every 6-8 weeks.

However. If you note that your cat is shedding a lot of furs, it is paramount that you bathe the cat every month.

Bathing also prevents your cat from acquiring various skin infections or pest infestations.

Ensure that your cat is always fresh and smells nice.

3. Good Nutrition

A significant cause of your cat shedding a lot of furs is because of feeding poor nutrition.

If your cat lacks some essential nutrients in its diet, it will tend to have a dry coat that sheds a lot of furs.

To ensure that your cat is healthy and its coat is in pristine condition, give it proper nutrition.

It is crucial to ensure you give your cat omega 6 and foods rich in fatty acids.

If you maintain good nutrition, you will note your pet is glowing and has minimal health issues.

Also, the coat will be so healthy and will rarely shed fur.

4.   Ensure your Cat is Hydrated

Water is quite essential for each pet, and the Burmese cats are not exceptional. Water helps to ensure the cat is healthy and the coat is moisturized and healthy.

If you don’t give your pet enough drinks, it will have an abnormally dry coat prone to skin infections and tends to shed a lot of fur.

Thus it is imperative to ensure that your cat has clean and fresh water or milk every day. You should ensure the bowls are clean and water is also clean for your pet.

Things you Need to Know about Burmese Coats

The Burmese cats are lovely pets and weigh around 8-12 pounds, with a life expectancy of an average of 15 years.

They are medium-sized pets that have muscular and compact bodies.

These mysterious pets are pretty heavy and come with rounded heads and quite large eyes.

The coat colors of these cats tend to vary from blue, sable, platinum, and champagne.

You can also find other intriguing colors. Some of the things you need to know about these cats include:

Burmese Cats Are Friendly and Tolerant

The Burmese cats, unlike other breeds, are pretty friendly and tolerant. These cats come quite handy for families who have children since these cats are people-oriented.

You can also invest in these cats if you have dogs as they tend to live harmoniously on one homestead.

Since they are social animals, it is not recommended that you leave them alone for a prolonged period.

Another essential thing to note is that these pets are pretty playful, and you can introduce various pets to them.

Grooming Needs of your Cat

It is essential to regularly brush and bathe your cat to ensure their hair is tangle-free and they smell fresh.

If you are sensitive to dander or the cat’s fur, regular grooming helps to eliminate such problems.

The coat of the Burmese cat is short and thus relatively straightforward to care for and maintain.

Health Conditions Associated with the Burmese

The Burmese cats are generally very healthy. With proper grooming and nutrition, these cats will not likely suffer from significant health conditions.

They will most likely suffer from minor respiratory problems, bladder stones, cancer, kinked tail, or glaucoma.

It is essential to regularly schedule an appointment with the vet who will identify any underlying issue with your cat and treat it appropriately.

Also, it is necessary to deworm your cat regularly to ensure it is very healthy.

Key Takeaways

Do Burmese cats shed a lot? The Burmese cats tend to shed but at a very minimal rate. These cats have soft, silky, and short hair; thus do not shed a lot of hair. However, some factors will increase the shedding rate, such as poor nutrition, a dry coat, underlying medical condition, and poor grooming.

Another essential thing to note is that these cats shed more during hot months than the cold months. To prevent your Burmese from shedding a lot, ensure it is well-groomed, fed, and hydrated.