Do Burmese Cats Scratch Furniture?

Do Burmese Cats Scratch Furniture? (5 Ways To Stop It)

What is a Burmese Cat?

A Burmese cat breed originated within the borders of Thailand and Burma. Its original color is dark brown or sable but has now developed a wide variety of colors from brown to blue, chocolate, lilac, cream, lilac-cream, red, and tortoiseshell color variations.

Their body built is slim, stocky to muscular as they may show athleticism and they have short and shiny coats.

They are medium-sized cats with round heads and are usually mistaken for Siamese cats but their body build is somewhere between not as big and stocky as the British shorthair and not as slim as a Siamese cat.

Burmese cats are notable for being very social with persistent vocalization playful and intelligent.

However, sometimes they may get too aggressive and might go after your furniture with their sharp claws. So, do Burmese cats scratch furniture?

Do Burmese Cats Scratch Furniture?

The answer is yes, they do scratch the furniture if they are not provided with a good scratching post.

Burmese cats are outgoing and very inquisitive and they tend to be very active as they exercise on their own that’s why they don’t put on weight very easily.

Burmese cats are born climbers and jumpers that’s why they need cat trees, perches, and scratch posts to avoid scratching furniture.

Cats normally claw their nails from time to time. Scratching is a cat’s way of marking its territory by depositing scent from its paws. It also removes the translucent covering from its claw to grow new sets of claws.

How Do We Avoid Burmese Cats From Scratching Furniture?

Most breeders trim their claws because Burmese cats are known to be climbers and very active but, sometimes most Burmese cats still scratch furniture even with trimmed claws.

The reason behind this is their lack of activity, a space to roam around, and lack of scratching posts.

Below is the list of things and tips that will help prevent your Burmese cat from scratching on things and unwanted places.

5 Ways to Stop Burmese Cats From Scratching Your furniture

1. Install scratch posts around the house

Burmese cats love to scratch because they are born as climbers and as climbers, they instinctively grip their claws into something that they can hang and climb.

Purchase a variety of scratch posts so that it will leave your Burmese cat with something that they can claw inside the house.

Choose or create scratch posts with nylon ropes because they last longer and are more durable to more scratches.

The placement should be high enough that the cat would be able to stretch its body while holding unto it, that way your Burmese cat will prefer to choose the scratch post more than that of the furniture.

The preferable height of its placement is from knee level with the length up to the thigh, which will be good enough for your Burmese cat to claw, scratch, and stretch.

You can also purchase and install scratch rags or scratch pads so that your cat would be able to scratch from the floor level they will have more options to scratch and avoid the furniture.

2.Trim Your Burmese Cat’s Claws

This may not be a good option but it is better to trim your cat’s claw to avoid further damage.

Trimming your cat’s claws and filling them will make their claws dull and will save you from scratches too.

Burmese cats have a very playful nature and are likely to play and scratch unintentionally.

A well-trimmed cat’s claw and scratch posts will combine the benefits in so many ways.

It can also protect your other pets and other people in your household from accidental scratches when they can’t resist holding and carrying your cute Burmese cat.

This will also prevent further damage when your cat eventually will be scratching your furniture again.

3. Have a readily available water pistol

Burmese cats are smart and easily trainable. You can teach them to avoid the bad habits of scratching your furniture by shooting them with water pistols every time you see you see them in the attempt of scratching.

It will not hurt your Burmese cat but cats generally hate water and it will teach them to avoid that bad habit.

4. Always have time to play with your cat

Playtime will not only spend their energy levels but will also stimulate your cat to positively play and will teach them things that they need to avoid like unintentionally scratching you or blasting its ways into your things and your displays in the house.

If you have inadequate space in your house, playtime will make your cat spend its energy because Burmese cats are usually very energetic and playful.

You can purchase laser pointers, mouse toys, ping-pong balls, or just place unused boxes for them to place with you or on their own.

5. Install cat trees or cat perches for them to climb

Burmese cats are climbers and that’s a good use of their athletic ability and their claws.

Having them something to climb on is necessary so that they can spend their energy and they will have something to climb and perch on when they need to be on top.

Make use that its placement is safe and your Burmese cat would be able to land on the floor and away from other things that may drop or break.

You can also place a cat bed on top of the perches so that your cat will have something to rest on top where it can be safe from being stepped on.

Conclusion: Do Burmese Cats Scratch Furniture?

Burmese cats will not scratch your furniture if you provided them with their needs to claw and to spend their energy.

They are very active and social cats and those things that they need will make them expend their energy and their habits.

Burmese cats are very playful and providing them with those needs will help prevent them from scratching your furniture plus the love and support that you give your cat will make them a more lovable, well-behaved cat.