Can Donkeys And Goats Live Together

Can Donkeys And Goats Live Together? (Explained)

Do Donkeys and Goats Get Along? Do Goats and Donkeys make good companions? Yes, donkeys and goats can live together, however, unfortunate accidents can still happen. Goats with pointed and large horns can trouble donkeys. Moreover, some goats are a bit more mindful than others goats. However, still accidents can take place. 

If you wish to keep donkeys and goats together, you need to carefully introduce them to each other first. A few donkeys do not mind goats. However, others can be hostile, and both animals do not like each other. 

Hence, everything depends on the individual personalities of both animals. If you neglect things, donkeys can become violent toward other animals. Therefore, it is necessary to keep everything in mind while keeping donkeys and goats together.

Moreover, feeding both animals can be complicated. Goats and donkeys don’t have the same nutritional needs. This makes things more complicated. Hence, you may need to keep the feeding areas separate. 

Donkeys and other animals like goats, Llamas, pigs, and alpacas can usually live together. However, they need a primary introduction and supervision to make sure they coexist well. A few donkeys are more territorial. Therefore, it can reflect hostile behaviour depending on the circumstances.

Will A Donkey Kill A Goat?

As donkeys are larger in size, they can kill a goat. Although it is very unusual, various farmers have reported goats killed by aggressive donkeys. 

This can be an accident as well and in some cases, it can be deliberate. It is more likely to happen when donkeys are unfamiliar with the goat or the donkeys feel that their territory has been threatened. 

For this reason, it is not recommended to keep donkeys with goats when you are expecting baby goats.

Can Donkeys And Goats Live Together

Housing Donkeys and Goats Togetherness

Goats are very social animals and need at least 1 goat as a companion. Moreover, goats also get along with other animals well. The interaction between donkeys and goats depends on their personality.

A few donkeys can get along with goats very well. Others can get abusive towards them. Hence you need to keep a close eye on their pasture and introduce both animals carefully. 

How To Introduce Donkeys To Goats?

Here’s how you introduce donkeys to goats. 

  1. Keep both the animals separate in the beginning. Fence off the pasture and ensure that both are strictly separated from each other. 
  2. Introduce one donkey to one goat very slowly. Increase the time of meetings gradually. Keep them on the same land.
  3. Do not force the donkey to interact with the goats. Just let them meet naturally and take their time.
  4. Observe them until you find them getting along well. This integration can take time. You do not want any of them to attack the other one. 

In case you see the donkey chasing, biting, or attacking the goats then take care of it immediately. Separate both the animals as soon as possible. 

Can Donkeys Protect Goats?

Yes, they can. Donkeys look similar to horses, however, they are very different in various ways. One of these things is their propensity to fight against the danger. Donkeys do not tend to run when there is a predator around. Hence, many farmers keep donkeys as guards for the goats. These donkeys live with the goats and protect them from predators. 

Donkeys are strong and sizable. This makes them do a good job in what they do. Donkeys would not be bothered by any pests. 

They are very efficient against predators that canines cannot handle well. Still, you cannot rely on them when there are large predators like mountain lions. 

Additionally, the donkey may not tell you when there is a genuine problem. Hence, many farmers have alert dogs and donkeys together. 

It is better to introduce them to the herd of goats early if you want the donkeys to protect them. Donkeys can be territorial, and this can make the process of introduction difficult. However, there are various reasons that can affect the donkeys’ temperament to get along with goats. 

Can Mini Donkeys Protect Goats?

Mini donkeys may not protect goats as the big donkeys do. Sometimes, mini donkeys will chase goats and try to jump on them. However, they can still live peacefully in the same pasture. 

Therefore, the best advice is not to keep both animals together suddenly. If they are unfamiliar with each other, they may end up having a fight. 

What is The Best Companion Animal for a Goat?

Goats are very social and need at least 1 companion to live. The best companion for a goat is a goat. Goats can get along very well. Goats bond with each other very quickly and the plus point is they have the same needs. 

Apart from goats, various other species can also be good companions to goats. One of these species is the cow. Goats and cows do not share many common parasites and both of them have different grazing preferences. Ultimately there is less competition for food.

Horses are also good companions for goats. Goats can consume underbrush and are invasive weeds and horses eat more grasses. Moreover, they carry different parasites. Therefore, they would not infect each other. 

Donkeys, hinnies, and mules are very similar to horses. Still, these species tend to nibble rather than graze. Therefore, there is less competition. 

Why Doesn’t My Donkey Like Goats?

There are various reasons for this –

  • Lonely donkeys – They act out because they are scared or depressed. 
  • Jennies in heat – They may get irritated with the goats and run away from them. 
  • Territorial donkeys – Some donkeys just love their personal space and hence they do not like it if any animal comes there.

Here, it is important to note that although there are donkeys that do not get along with goats and there are some who can stay with goats. 

How Do You Prevent Fighting and Competition between Them?

To prevent conflicts and competition among animals, it is important to introduce them properly and ensure they get to know each other.

Sometimes, goats may try to assert dominance, but this behaviour usually subsides as donkeys can shake them off by the neck.

It may also be necessary to keep them apart and feed them separately since goat feed contains minerals that are not necessary for donkeys and may be harmful.

Final words

It is possible for donkeys and goats to coexist peacefully, and they are often used as guard animals. However, not all donkeys are suitable for this role, as male donkeys can be too aggressive with sheep and those that have not been around other livestock may exhibit hostile behaviour. 

To introduce new animals, it is best to keep them in a separate pen for a few weeks before attempting to introduce them. Unfortunately, not all donkeys will be suitable for guarding, as some may never tolerate strangers or newborn animals.

I hope you enjoyed the article. I will be back soon with more interesting and effective pieces of writing. Till then, stay connected. 

Frequently asked questions

Can mini donkeys and goats live together?

While mini donkeys can be pastured with horses, it is not recommended to pasture them with goats. They can get aggressive while playing. They can bite goats’ necks while playing.

Do donkeys get along with other animals?

Donkeys can get into a fight with other animals. These animals include other equines, pets, as well as livestock.However, a few donkeys can bond well with animals like goats and horses. Domesticated donkeys usually bond well with other animals.

How do you introduce goats to donkeys?

The best way to introduce goats to donkeys is to pen the new one in an adjacent pen for two ro 4 weeks. During this time they will get to know each other via fence and then introduce them personally. Not all donkeys are good caretakers. In fact some can never accept a new species in their territory.

Do donkeys protect other farm animals?

Although donkeys are portrayed as moody and hard to work with, still if you train them right they can be very loyal and can be a very effective helping hand for a farm.