Can You Own A Pet Pygmy Goat

Can You Own A Pet Pygmy Goat? Is It Legal?

What’s next on the popular exotic pet list? A Pygmy Goat? Well, several exotic pet enthusiasts are going crazy over the adorable-looking Pygmy Goats. Being a staple at petting zoos for a long, they today are grabbing domestic home space as well. But is it possible to own a Pygmy Goat?

Pygmy Goats are traditional farm animals that also make good domestic pets. The Dwarf or Pygmy goat are popular pets and have already found their home in countless human dwellings. They are an excellent choice for both adults and children, given their friendly behavior. There’s not much time that Pygmy Goats have even started replacing common domestic animals like dogs and cats. Everyone wants to own one Pygmy Goat, and why not? But what is it about owning a pet Pygmy Goat?

Come let’s shed some light on it:

Pygmy Goat Introduction and History

The Pygmy Goat is a dwarf breed of domestic goat which is today famous as a farm and domestic animal. Pygmy Goats originate from the Cameroon region of West Africa. However, their similar species are also found in Southwest Asia, Europe, and parts of America.

As their name suggests, these goats grow nearly 20 inches high (more or less), and their weight ranges between 30 to 60 pounds.

Pygmy Goat comes in a range of colors, including silver, black, solid black, brown, with spots, shades of sed, and caramel white. They can provide a small quantity of milk but can’t be used as more giant milking goats.

History of Pygmy Goat: Pygmy Goats are into the domestication industry for thousands of years now. Earlier, they were limited to the West African Countries until around the mid-20th century, when they were exported to parts of the world.

It was around the 1950s when the first Pygmy Goat came into California and New York. Initially, they were just trophy animals, but later on, they went to spread in zoos and households.

Can You Own A Pet Pygmy Goat

Pygmy Goat Species Taxonomy Overview

NamePygmy Goat
Other NamesCameroon dwarf goat,
Dwarf goat,
Miniature or Mini goat
Scientific NamesCapra aegagrus hircus
HabitatHillsides, plains
Conservation StatusNon-Evaluated
16 to 22 inches (female)
16 to 23 inches (male).
30 to 50 pounds (female)
40 to 60 or 70 pounds (male)
Life spanUp to 15 years

Do Pygmy Goats Make Good Pets?

Domesticating Pygmy Goats is comparatively easy, which makes them good pets. Since handling them requires little skill, even a first-time pet owner will efficiently manage and care for them. Unlike many other exotic pets, they won’t scratch, bite, or go around attacking, which also makes them safe at all levels.

What makes Pygmy Goats good pets is their playful and friendly nature. However, despite that, they do not seek constant human attention and can have fun on their own. They simply love to play, and seeing them jump all across will make your day bright.

Is It Legal To Keep Pygmy Goat As A Pet?

Pygmy Goats are popular pets worldwide; therefore, keeping them is legal in most countries. However, several governments that consider Pygmy Goats as farm animals might regulate them as domestic pets.

For instance, if Pygmy Goats are considered farm animals in a city, a private person much requires a particular area for housing them as household pets. Besides that, other zoning regulations might come between the process.

Certain municipalities regulate how close farm animals can be kept to neighboring or dwelling properties. If the neighbors raise any concerns, the authorities can restrict pet ownership. 

Is Pygmy Goat legal to own in Australia?

Yes, it is possible to keep Pygmy Goat as a pet in Australia. However, for the same, a private person must have sufficient space, and their property should be registered with the state government. Besides that, the local councils also have specific rules and regulations for keeping a pet Pygmy Goat. 

Popular Breeder for buying Pygmy Goat in Australia:

  • KawinKidink, Victoria
  • Riverstone, Victoria
  • Trinity Pygmy Goats, Victoria
  • Zodiac Mini Goats, New South Wales
  • Petite Bleat, New South Wales
  • Plumbago Mini Goat Stud & Pygmies, Western Australia
  • Arikara, Queensland

Are Pygmy Goats legal in the US?

Yes, Pygmy Goats are legal in several regions of the United States, and their popularity here as pets knows no end. Individuals who reside in rural areas, outskirts of the city, or the countryside don’t even require a license to keep pet Pygmy Goats.

However, for possessing them in any urban settlement, a specific permit/ license is a must. These permits are often released after a background verification where a team even might visit your place.

Individuals who own enough outdoor space and are well to do for keeping an exotic pet might get permission easy way. However, apartment dwellers can face disappointment in the same matter.

For more specific information, consider checking Findlaw

Pygmy Goats as pets- All that you may need to know

Pygmy Goat Housing Needs

The first thing to consider is knowing where to keep the pet. And in the case of Pygmy Goats, a pasture or big yard is ideal. For housing one Pygmy Goat, about 135 square feet is necessary. In case of more goats, increase the exact area for each of them. 

Besides a vast outdoor space, provide a well-sheltered area where the animal can rest. Goat shelters or barns that can protect from sun, snow, rain, and wind are ideal. During summer, the shelter must have ventilation, whereas, during winters, it must consume heat from within. 

In addition, fence the entire goat enclosure to a certain height that the animal can’t escape. Remember, Pygmy Goats are excellent climbers. Avoid concrete floors and make sure to maintain a simple dirt floor.

Pygmy Goat Temperature and Humidity Needs

Pygmy Goats are highly adaptable and can make it to different environments. If given suitable shelter and proper care, they do well in both summers and winters. The only consideration is to provide them safety from extreme temperatures (hot and cold).

Pygmy Goat Dietary Needs

Like the regular goats, Pygmy Goats, too, are grazers. However, despite the reputation of goats, Pygmy Goats are picky eaters. They generally tend to graze leaves, plants, twigs, shrubs, and vines over grass. However, in captivity, they do not prefer eating anything that’s fallen on the ground. Instead, they prefer using an above-ground feeder. 

There’s a standard norm that Pygmy goats can manage their dietary needs by feeding on the backyard grass. However, in reality, that’s not enough. Instead, ensure their daily diet consists of enough hay, grains, and greens. You can also consult an exotic Vet to provide the everyday nutritional needs of the pet.

Pygmy Goat Cleaning Needs

Regular cleaning and grooming are essential to keep a Pygmy Goat healthy. Consider bathing the goat with lukewarm water once every 15 to 20 days. This will help ward off ticks and fleas. If necessary, consult a safe shampoo from an exotic Vet.

Once every few months, take the goat for grooming as well. Certain Pygmy Goats grow long hairs, and thus grooming them regularly is necessary. However, avoid the same during the winter months.

Common Health Problems with Pygmy Goats

Pygmy Goats are prone to several infectious and chronic diseases. They may commonly suffer from worms and other parasites and even communicate with other animals as well. 

Some common health problems these tiny goats suffer from include

Caprine arthritis encephalitis (CAE), Coccidiosis, Bladder Stone, Caseous lymphadenitis (CL), Enterotoxemia, G-6-S (A Genetic defect), and Sore mouth (orf, scabby mouth, contagious pustular dermatitis). 

How Much Does a Pygmy Goat Cost?

The purchasing cost of a Pygmy Goat will fall somewhere between $100 to $400. The cost may fluctuate depending upon the goat’s age, size, color, breed, and sex. In addition, their initial setup (housing) would easily cost up to $500. Besides that, their per-month expenses will fall somewhere between $175–$600.

Where to buy a Pygmy Goat? Where to find a Pygmy Goat Breeder?

The best place for buying a Pygmy Goat is a ‘Breeding Facility’. The sellers here provide the animal with all updated documentation. Individuals also go the adoption way and consider finding a pet in adoption centers.

It though is an excellent way; however, finding the right information about the animal here is slightly tricky.

List of Pygmy Goat Breeders in the United States:

Pygmy goat facts for kids

  • A Pygmy Goat usually bears three litters, but it is common for them to give birth to two kids.
  • The male Phygm Goat grows a beard like humans, but the female doesn’t. 
  • Pygmy goats of the same breed can have distinct features and colors.
  • Pygmy goat hair is ideal for making clothes.
  • They are extremely friendly and love to play with humans.
  • They can learn their name and many other daily habits.
  • Pygmy goats do not get along with dogs though they are friendly with chickens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Pygmy goats produce milk?

Yes, despite their size, Pygmy goats produce around 1-2 quarts of milk per day.

Are Pygmy Goats used for meat?

Yes, Pygmy Goats are used for their meat in different parts of the world. However, they are more common as farm animals, companion animals, and milk animals.

Can a pygmy goat keep indoors?

Pygmy Goat can make it as an indoor goat, but it isn’t the best idea. These animals can’t be potty trained and have a habit of chewing things. Keeping them inside can turn the whole house into a mess.

Wrapping up…

Now that you know a bit about Pygmy Goats, you might consider keeping them as pets. But in case you are wondering which is the best breed to go to, we strongly advise American and Australian Pygmy Goats.

However, before finalizing the decision, do check your local laws and consider cross-checking with the municipality. Doing the research right is better than getting into legal trouble after spending several dollars already.

Also, until and unless you have enough space, it is better to go for apartment dogs and cats instead of pets like Pygmy Goats.