Can You Own A Mini Donkey? Is It Legal?

Can You Own A Mini Donkey? Is It Legal?

Are Mini Donkeys a practical pet to have? The world has very much evolved when it comes to keeping a pet animal. The classics like cats, dogs, and fishes, are now talks of old times for many. Instead of keeping them, pet enthusiasts are now fascinated with keeping animals like Mini Donkey.

But can you really keep a Mini Donkey as a pet?

Well, yes, if you have some grassy acres outside your house, you can definitely own a Mini Donkey. According to a survey done by the National Miniature Donkey Association, over three million people own a Mini Donkey as a pet. These masculine animals are harmless, fun, easy-going, and quite convenient to domesticate. Keeping up with their medical needs might come out costly; however, they are quite effortless to keep.

Do Mini Donkeys Make Good Pets?

Donkeys, though, have a history of being stubborn cantankerous beasts, but in reality, they are quite gentle.

Mini Donkeys make a good pet, given you already have some experience in owning a big masculine animal.

Individuals who have already owned Kangal, American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, and other such dogs might also have it easy with Mini Donkeys.

Beyond their size, there’s nothing more intimidating than keeping these cute, loyal, and affectionate animals as pets. 

Mini Donkey will make good pets for pet enthusiasts willing to give time and make a long-term commitment.

What Do Mini Donkey Evolve From?

Mini Donkey or a Miniature Donkey is a cute little masculine animal native to the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

For over 2,000 years, it has been valued in the entire Mediterranean region due to its usage for transporting purposes.

Beyond that, the milk of Mini Donkey is also popular for its health benefits and curative usage for skin ailments. 

A Mini Donkey grows about 34 inches tall, whereas an ordinary donkey can grow up to 50 inches.

Their build and appearance are quite similar to donkeys except for their height, making them unique.

Can You Own A Mini Donkey? Is It Legal?

History of Mini Donkey:

Miniature Donkeys were originally found in the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

However, ever since they were first imported to the United States in 1929 by Robert Green, they went almost extinct in their native land.

Since then, Mini Donkeys became American native and went popular, especially in the southern states of the United States.

Mini Donkey Species Taxonomy

Name Mini Donkey
Other Names Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys,
Miniature Donkey,
Toy Donkey
Scientific Names Equus asinus
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Perissodactyla
Family Equidae
Genus Equus
Species and Subspecies E. Africanus and E. a. asinus
Size  Height: About 3 feet or 34 inches
Weight: Between 150 and 350 pounds.
Lifespan 25 to 35 years
Conservation Status Not Evaluated

Is It Legal To Keep a Mini Donkey as a Pet in Canada?

Yes, absolutely. You can keep a Mini Donkey as a pet in Canada, and there are no laws prohibiting the same.

Even though when individuals confuse Mini Donkeys as farm-specific animals, people in cities too even can have them.

Given you have enough free space and resources to house them, no authorities in Canada will stop you.

Is It Legal To Keep a Mini Donkey as a Pet in Australia?

Yes, Miniature Donkeys as pets are common in Australia. About 20 to 30 breeding facilities breed different bloodlines of Mini Donkeys in Australia.

Purchasing costs for the same would lie between $500 to $2000 depending upon the donkey’s size, age, and special characteristics.

Are Mini Donkeys legal in the U.S.?

United States residents can own a Miniature Donkey as a pet, given they have enough space to house them. At the country level, there are no laws prohibiting the possession of these cute little animals.

However, since different states and cities might have different rules on the same, it is better to check with the local legislature first.

You might not need a license or permit, but the rules can vary on what kind of area you live in (urban or rural). 

Keeping a pet Mini Donkey- All you might need to know

Even though when Miniature Donkeys are one of the easiest pets to keep, it is always better to know what it would be like. Seeing these animals in a farmer’s field and having them in your space as a lifelong responsibility is a different experience. Let’s explore more about the same:

Mini Donkey Housing Needs

Miniature Donkeys are outdoor animals, and each of them requires at least half an acre of space. Like regular donkeys and horses, these miniature versions also prefer a farm-like setting with grass fields for grazing.

Within their pasture, some kind of shelter is necessary for providing protection against weather considerations. 

In addition, it is essential to secure their entire enclosure with fencing, given that donkeys are excellent escape artists. Also, ensure the pet isn’t standing in a wetland or muddy field since donkeys do not like getting their feet wet.

Mini Donkey Temperature and Humidity Needs

Mini Donkeys are one of the most adaptable animals who can adjust to different weather conditions. They love the sun and warmth; however, high humidity can make it difficult for them to control their body temperature.

That is why it is essential to add a sheltered space in their enclosure where they can relax during odd temperature hours. 

For winters, cover their shelter with dry grass and other resources that can keep the interior warm. Donkeys do not need heat insulation or a blanket to stay warm; however, hay bedding will definitely help them.

Mini Donkey Dietary Needs

Like regular Donkeys, Miniature Donkeys, too, are those herbivores who spend most of their time grazing. Despite their size, they will have 1.3 to 1.8% of their body mass per day.

Mini Donkeys can survive on good quality hay for most of their nutritional needs. However, you can also add quality barley straws, chaff, and dried sugar beet pulp. 

Mini Donkeys need to eat twice a day and only in a definite amount. Overfeeding can make them gain weight and develop fat rolls on their neck. 

In addition, do provide clean and fresh water to your pet Mini Donkey every day.

Mini Donkey Cleaning Needs

During the summer, Mini Donkeys need a bath once in several weeks or months. A simple water bath using a soft scrub will do the maximum cleaning job. Whereas in winters, especially in cold climatic regions, it is better to avoid a bath. 

Besides that, your Mini Donkey will require his hooves trimmed every two to three months. It is a less essential task for donkeys in rocky areas since their hooves themselves file down upon scrubbing with rocks multiple times a day.

However, if you live in plan grasslands, ensure regular trimming and cleaning of Donkey Hoovers. Ensure their hooves do not get too wet since it can lead to infection.

For cleaning their habitat, consider changing their hay bedding once in a while. Also, look for feces and other waste and remove them.

Common Health Problems with Mini Donkey

The most common health problems Mini Donkeys suffer from include

Hyperlipaemia, Laminitis, Rotavirus A, Botulism, Equine influenza, and respiratory disease.

How Much Does a Mini Donkey Cost?

Depending on age, gender, size, and special feature, a Mini Donkey will cost between $500 and $2000. Healthy female Mini Donkeys are mostly expensive, especially if they are ready to breed.

The purchasing cost of a Miniature Donkey will increase if the animal is officially recognized, measured, and approved by the ADMS or IMDR. Remember, Mini Donkeys have a different bloodline, and you can’t classify all small donkeys as miniature. 

Where To Buy a Mini Donkey?

If you are looking forward to purchasing a Mini Donkey, the best place to check are Ranches or Farms. 

Where To Find a Mini Donkey Breeder?

If you reside in the United States, you have multiple options to look for while buying/ adopting a Mini Donkey.

Multiple farms, ranches, and certified breeders in the States trade registered Miniature Horses.

Here is the list of options you can consider. 

  1. Amore Mini’s
  2. Angle Acres Farm
  3. Love That Ass Registered Miniature Donkeys
  4. Lucky Ass Acres
  5. Maple Lane Farm
  6. Marsango Ranch Miniature Donkeys
  7. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer Farm
  8. Mel-O-Dees Miniature Donkeys
  9. Millers Meadow
  10. Mini Hoofs
  11. Mini Wild Ass Acres
  12. M.J.B. Miniature Donkeys L.L.C.
  13. Moonshine Meadows
  14. Morning Glory Mini-Donkey’s
  15. Mossy Oak Miniature Donkeys
  16. O’Dell Ranch
  17. Oakwood Farm
  18. Assend Trading Company
  19. Austin’s Miniature Longears
  20. B & D Enterprises
  21. B&B Lildonks
  22. Bainbridge’s Long Ears Acres
  23. Benson Ranch Miniature Donkeys L.L.C.
  24. Continental Farm
  25. Copper Star Farm Miniature and Standard Donkeys
  26. Cotten’s Half Ass Ranch
  27. Country Cross Miniature Donkeys
  28. Country Music Miniature Donkeys
  29. Critter Haven Farm
  30. Cyder Bay Farm
  31. Dee’s Blacks And Spots
  32. Dinky Donkey’s of Southwest Missouri
  33. DOC Farms
  34. Dog Day Acres Land & Cattle Company
  35. Dogwood Hills Farm
  36. Donkette Korral
  37. Donkey Hollow Farm
  38. DonkeyTonkAcres II
  39. Double A Ranch
  40. Du Plessis Farms
  41. Pine Meadow Farm, L.L.C.
  42. Presswood Farm
  43. R&J Family Farm
  44. Radar Hill Farms
  45. Raising Assets Ranch
  46. Rancho Rhea
  47. Rearview Acres
  48. Green Acre Ranch
  49. Gusty J Ranch
  50. Half Ass Acres Miniature Donkeys
  51. Halfpint Hollow Miniature Donkeys
  52. Happy Jack’s Farm
  53. Tammy’s Tinys
  54. Timber Lane Acres Miniature Donkeys
  55. T.K.s Mountain Ridge Farm
  56. Tojo’s Legacy Mini Farm
  57. Trails End Ranch
  58. Hazlewood Minis
  59. Hickory Hill Donkey Farm
  60. Hidden ASSets Miniature Donkeys
  61. Horse Creek Farm Miniature Donkeys
  62. J.F. Miniature Donkeys
  63. Kerns Bray’n Hill Farm
  64. Kitty’s Kickass Corral – miniature donkeys
  65. Leah’s Brook Farm
  66. Legendary Farms
  67. Lil Donkey Darlins of the Carolinas
  68. Little Friends Ranch
  69. Little Long Ears Farm
  70. Lords Hill Farm
  71. Red Moon Acres
  72. Rocking M Miniature Donkeys
  73. Rodeo Center Ranch
  74. Russell Ranch
  75. Shady Oak Farm
  76. Shooting Star Acres
  77. Simple Little Farm
  78. Stalder Farms
  79. Stoney Valley Farm
  80. StoryLand Miniature Donkeys
  81. Straight Arrows Ranch Miniature Donkeys
  82. Sunny G Acres
  83. Sweet Mini J’s Farm
  84. T & J Farm
  85. Treasured Tyies Miniature Donkeys
  86. W.M. Ranch
  87. Best Friends Farm Miniature Donkeys
  88. Brayberry Farm
  89. Cabinwood’s Northend Acres Miniature Donkeys
  90. Camar Farms
  91. Wee Ass Haven
  92. Windemeer Farm
  93. Faithful Friends Mini Donkeys & Mules
  94. Foggy Mountain Mini Donkeys
  95. Foster Hill Farm
  96. G3 Miniatures
  97. Gails Mini-Donkey Ranch
  98. Granja Pinoenmedio
  99. Graves Mini Farm
  100. Old Harrisburg Farm
  101. Wisteria Woods Miniature Donkeys
  102. Witchavenfarm
  103. Cedar Oaks Farm
  104. Cedar View Miniature Donkeys

Advantages of owning Mini Donkeys

  • They require less space and food than regular donkeys.
  • They are easy to handle and safe to have around with children.
  • They are cute, unique, and look extremely fun to have around.
  • They bond well with humans.
  • Mini Donkeys can be used as service animals.
  • They are great trophy animals for display on ranches and farms.

Disadvantages of owning Mini Donkeys

  • Due to high demand and short supply, Mini Donkeys are as expensive (if not more) than regular Donkeys.
  • Dwarfism can result in several possible genetic defects in Mini Donkeys.
  • Finding a Vet for Mini Donkeys and bearing their medical expenses can prove a task for many.
  • They will live up to 25-35 years, and it is a huge commitment.

Fun Facts about Mini Donkeys for kids

  • A Miniature Donkey is not a breed-down version of a Standard Donkey.
  • Today, most Mini Donkeys are found in America but aren’t native to this land. Instead, they were imported here during the early 1900s.
  • Mini Donkeys grow no longer than 3 feet at their maximum.
  • The world’s shorted donkey, KneeHi, measures 24.29 inches tall.
  • Mini Donkeys are protective of all the animals and humans that live on their farm.
  • Mini Donkeys are attention seekers and do not like being ignored.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep a mini donkey in my backyard?

If your backyard is at least half acres, you can definitely keep your Mini Donkey there.

Is the miniature donkey noisy?

Mini donkeys are cute, but when they feel alone and left out, they will make noises to gain your attention. As a result of less attention and involvement, they might also turn out destructive.

Can a mini donkey be house-trained?

Yes, it is easier to house train a Mini Donkey, but that’s not a humane idea. Donkeys, by nature, are meant for spending an outdoor life on farms. Keeping them indoors on a concrete floor isn’t the best possible care you would provide them.

Wrapping up…

Can I keep a Mini Donkey as a pet? If you have a farm and love spending time outdoors, you can keep a pet Mini Donkey. Though remember, Miniature Donkeys serve no real benefits for farming or other services in general. Even though when they are advertised for the same, having one or a pair won’t help you much.