Can A Dog Get A Cat Pregnant? Can Dogs and Cats Breed?

Can A Dog Get A Cat Pregnant Or Vice Versa? [Truth Unveiled]

Can a dog get a cat pregnant? Can Cats give birth to dogs and Vice versa? Is it possible to crossbreed a cat and a dog?

The answer is no. Cats cannot conceive puppies. This is because both animals are of different species and have different genera. Even if the cat gets pregnant, the foetus will not survive because the sperm of a dog and the eggs of a cat are incompatible. 

Biologically speaking, dogs and cats have different chromosomes. Dogs have 78 chromosomes and cats have 38 chromosomes. However, you can breed a donkey and a horse because they have a chromosome difference of only 2.

The same is the case for a cat getting a dog pregnant. So, Can A Dog And A Cat Have Babies? They can’t; But even if they happen to do it by any chance their offspring won’t be naturally fit for Survival.

Apart from chromosomal differences, other differences include –

Size –

Cats and dogs differ in size. A feline’s pelvis is smaller than a canine’s. Therefore, it is impossible for both to mate. Also, it is not possible for a feline to give birth to a puppy. In fact, the puppy would not be able to pass through the feline’s birth canal.

Reproductive organs

Dogs and cats have differently-shaped reproductive organs. Therefore, physically it is not possible for them to produce offspring.

Mating communication and indication

Both animals have different ways to communicate interest in mating.

Moreover, it includes hormonal secretions, body language, and various mating calls. 

Menstrual cycle

Dogs and Cats have different menstrual cycles. Therefore, it prevents them from being fertile.


Dogs are omnivores and cats are carnivores. It indicates that the offering will not be able to survive on their parent’s diet. 


Dogs and cats produce different hormones. Therefore, they can’t produce offspring together. 

Can A Dog Get A Cat Pregnant? Can Dogs and Cats Breed?

Ethical Considerations of Dog-Cat Mating

Although it is biologically impossible for a cat and dog to mate and reproduce, still there are some ethical considerations for the same. 

Mating 2 different species is harmful to both animals. The mating process can be painful and has a high risk of death.

Moreover, there is psychological harm as well. Both the animals involved can be traumatised and confused by the process. 

If you approach it scientifically, there is still a potential risk of damage to both animals. In fact, many animals have died in scientific attempts. And in some cases, animals have been born with unusual formations and health issues. 

To be honest, we do not have enough advanced technologies to mate these 2 animals without harm. 

Dog hybrids

  • Coy-dog
  • Wolf-dog
  • Jackal-dog

Cat hybrids

What about Reports of Cat x Dog Hybrids?

The first report about dog-cat mating was reported in the Journal of Heredity. It mentioned 2 experiments in 1937. The organization claims that they have successfully hybridized a cat and a dog. Even they had provided a picture proof about the same. However, many claims that it is just photoshop. 

Next in 1876, a veterinary anatomist, Alessio Lemoigne claimed that his female cat was afraid of male cats but loved male dogs. Both animals matted. After 9 weeks, the cat gave birth to 2 offspring. I was in bad condition and the other one looked monstrous. Therefore, he threw it away. 

To be honest, still there is no solid proof of successful dog-cat mating. 

Will a dog hump a cat in heat?

Yes. canines usually mouth a cat. You cannot consider its mating behaviour. We often see dogs humping other dogs and people. Moreover, this is just a sign of dominance in the case of cats and people. 

Why would a female dog hump a female cat?

It is just to show dominance. Female canines are the leaders of the pack. Therefore, they frequently show their dominance over other dogs and pets. And humping is the best way to show dominance. This is not reproductive behaviour. 

What does it mean when a cat licks a dog?

Cats lick and groom canines for affection and social bonding. Other reasons include showing dominance, marking the canine as their property, or simply being attracted to the dog’s smell. Cat licks are usually safe and build a good relationship between both pets. 

Do dogs mate with other animals?

Yes, you can breed different breeds of dogs together. Moreover, you can also breed a dog with other species like dingoes, wolves, and coyotes. The offspring are known as hybrids. However, this is only possible in genetically similar species. Also, the chromosome difference must be less. 

Why is my dog mounting a cat?

The possible reasons for your dog to mount a cat include-

  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Loneliness
  • Playfulness
  • Masturbation
  • Territorial instinct
  • Confusion
  • Stress
  • Boredom

How to stop a dog from mounting on a cat?

Here are a few things you can do to stop your dog to mount a cat-

  1. Figure out the reason for this behaviour. In case of dominance, you have to establish yourself as the leader among all. Afterwards, train your dog accordingly.
  2. If it is due to boredom or stress, then provide more exercise and stimulation. Also, offer multiple toys and ways to play.
  3. When you witness this act, just interrupt it with a clap, loud noise, or just say no. Moreover, you may also need to separate them from the situation. Also, ensure that you are using positive reinforcement on them.
  4. Ensure that both pets are separate when you are not at home. This will reduce their frequency of activity with each other. In case you cannot separate them fully, at least provide enough space for both.
  5. The best way to reduce this act is to spay and neuter your dog and cat. This helps to minimise the hormones and feelings of mating. 
  6. Give your canine a lot of love. Scientifically, it helps to soothe stress and anxiety. Canines are very social and need a lot of attention from you. If they do not get it, they try to gain love from other pets in the home. 

Can a dog and a fox mate?

No, a dog and a fox cannot mate. The first thing is the difference in the number of chromosomes.

The number of chromosomes in a dog and a fox are 78 and 34 respectively. Also, both animals do not have compatible parts.

Is Cat-Dog real? Do Kuppies Exist?

If you ever come across the word “CatDog” then don’t think that it is the offspring of a cat and a dog.

In reality, CatDog is an American series on Nickelodeon. It was created by Peter Hannan.

The series features the lives of conjoined brothers of different species. Half part is a cat and the other half is a dog.

Do female cats and dogs get along?

To be precise, if you have multiple dogs and cats, the opposite sexes merge better. This is because they perceive each other as less of a threat. Also, it affects their place in the pack and mating instincts. Moreover, spaying and neutering solve many gender-specific problematic behaviours. 

Can Cats and Dogs Take Care of Each Other’s Young Ones?

Although cats and dogs cannot mate, still they can take care of each other’s offspring. This is very rare, however, it is fairly possible. Many dogs and cats have a motherly instinct. This makes them take care of any abandoned or rejected offspring. 

Moreover, cats can drink dog’s milk and vice versa. However, in case a cat is feeding puppies, she will not be able to produce enough milk to feed them. In such cases, puppies need additional supplements.

Final words

In conclusion, I’ll just say that a dog cannot get a cat pregnant. It is biologically and scientifically(as of now) possible for both animals to produce offspring together. The biological differences between them make this situation impossible. 

I hope you enjoyed the article. I will be back soon with more interesting and informative articles. Till then stay connected. Thank you.