Is My Cat Mixed With Bobcat?

Is My Cat Mixed With Bobcat? 3 Ways to Identify Purebred?

It can be quite hard to keep a feline that is mixed with a bobcat as a house cat. And your cat might be a hybrid of the bobcat as well. This leads to the question of is my cat mixed with a bobcat? And even if it is, how do I know? 

The best way to know whether your cat is mixed with a bobcat is to see if it matches bobcat features. The basic traits of bobcats are tufted ears, long legs, and large paws. And they weigh around 8 kg. If your cat has all these features, then there is a possibility that it’s mixed with a bobcat.

“The average calf has five toes at the front feet and four at the back, While a bobcat (pixy bobcat) may have seven toes per foot.”

Bobcat Legends

An American bobcat is one of the most available yet rare breeds of cats. These are available almost everywhere, yet you can rarely catch the sight of one roaming around.

Bobcat’s color pattern looks similar to the Bengal cat, but tends to be more aggressive than a Bengal cat

A bobcat likes to hide a lot. They are always lurking in the bushes, behind rocks, or in a forest.

Since they are wild cat breeds, people are quite afraid of them in general. However, a bobcat does not attack unless it feels threatened.

It is not hard to find out if your cat is mixed with a bobcat or not. The bobcat has some very significant and rare characteristics that can tell you whether your house cat is mixed with one or not.

To identify if your cat is mixed with a bobcat, here are the things you can do

First, learn about how to identify a bobcat. If you are aware of how it looks, if you are aware of its characteristics, then you can judge whether your house cat acts like a bobcat or not. 

Secondly, A bobcat resembles a regular feline, but it has its own features that make it different from other cats. If you can identify the significant features of the bobcat, then you need to compare it with your house cat to see if your house cat resembles a bobcat or not. 

How to identify a pure bobcat?

A bobcat is a type of cat known as the lynx. Although they are a species of cats, they are about twice the size of a regular cat. Their usual weight count starts from 11 pounds to somewhere around 30 pounds. The color of their fur is tan or brown. Sometimes it has a little hue of red in it.

Their faces have slight black markings.

These black markings also appear on the tuft of their ears. Moreover, the underside of the body is usually white.

A bobcat has a very small tail.

The tail is not very small, but it is smaller and stubbier compared to regular cats. 

When we are talking about the bobcat’s physical ability, they are very different from your regular cats. They have a very strong and flexible body, and they are agile and fast.

They run very fast and can jump really high.

Although lynx cats are a very available cat breed, they avoid the human eye like the plague. They can rarely be seen in public and like to hide more than anything.

It happens because they assume humans to an enemy. Bobcats do not go around in pacts; they prefer lurking around on their own and tend to act quite aggressively when they feel threatened.

Bobcats are quite territorial in nature.

If they feel like another cat is trying to be in their area, they will fight and fight pretty aggressively.

The prime difference between a bobcat and a house cat is the way they look. If your house cat resembles somewhat a bobcat, notice how it acts around other pets.

While a wild animal like a bobcat cannot be tamed, a regular house cat can be tamed and trained quite easily.

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Do bobcats mate with strays or regular house cats? 

A bobcat rarely mates with a house cat. A regular house cat in a bobcat’s area will make it feel threatened, and it will most likely pick a fight with it. But if it is a stray cat that is in heat and the bobcat is in heat as well, they may be mating. 

Although the chances are low, it is not impossible. If you live in an area where bobcats live as well, and if your regular house cat roams around in the wild, there is a possibility that your house cat mate with a bobcat.

Like I have said earlier, the chances are low but it is not impossible. If a bobcat and regular house cat mate, then the kitten will have some bobcat features and characteristics.

Is it safe to keep a bobcat as a pet?

You can keep a bobcat as a pet but only with proper training and maintenance.

A cat that is mixed with a bobcat will not always possess all the qualities of a bobcat. The genes of the other cat might be dominant in its body.

In this case, you can still train that cat and turn it into a proper house cat. As time passes, it will slowly learn to adjust to the homely environment and its aggressiveness will gradually reduce.

As per the bobcat’s territorial behavior, once the mixed cat learns to adapt to the homely environment, it will slowly learn to become friendlier as well.

It might act quite aggressively in the beginning. In such a case, separate it from the other pets in the house.

In most cases, bobcat does not get along with other pets easily, especially dogs.

Did I cover all you wanted to know about is my cat mixed with bobcat?

To identify a cat that is mixed with the bobcat, you must look for its features. If your cat matches most bobcat features, you can consider your cat as a boob cat mix.

Keeping a bobcat as a pet is not safe at all. It is a wild animal that is meant to stay out in the wild.

Taming it on your own is never a good idea. A bobcat feels threatened when someone invades its area and can get quite aggressive.

When it is agitated, it can attack you as well as harm you pretty badly.

In addition to that, a bobcat prefers staying out of the human eye.

Taming a wild animal that prefers to stay out of your sight is impossible unless you keep it in a cage.

A wild animal like a bobcat survives in the wild hunting, and it is never a good idea to put it in a cage and treat it like a house animal.

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