Airlines That Allow Hedgehogs

4 Airlines That Allow Hedgehogs In Cabin [2022 Policies]

How do I bring my hedgehog on a plane? Are there Airlines That Allow Hedgehogs? Well, Hedgehogs are small rat-like animals that a lot of individuals keep as pets. However, since they are exotic animals, Hedgehogs require low but special care, making it a little tricky to take them along on a flight. There are only a very few airlines in the world that allow Hedgehogs to travel. And less than a handful amongst them allow Hedgehogs inside the cabin.

Here are all of those Airlines that allow Hedgehogs inside their cabin. WE have also included their policies, rules, and regulation if you plan to fly soon. Have a look:

Aeroflot Airlines

One of the most pet-friendly Airlines, Aeroflot, allows passengers to bring their pet Hedgehogs inside the cabin. Each passenger can carry one carrier of size, particularly no more than 44 cm х 30 cm х 26 cm.

As long as Hedgehogs have enough space to sit, stand and move around, passengers can carry as many as them inside one carrier. Besides that, the total weight of the cage and pets should not exceed over 17.6 lbs.

Aeroflot Airlines for Pets

Price of flying Hedgehogs inside Cabin with Aeroflot:

$57 for domestic flights and $75 for international flights.

NOTE: Aeroflot also allows Hedgehogs inside the Cargo. Only one Hedgehog per crate is allowed though individuals can ship multiple crates as well. The maximum weight of crate + pet must not exceed over 110.2 lbs. Pet owners must cover the crate with a thick cover to prevent light from entering inside.

Finnair Airlines

Finnair is another pet-friendly airline that allows passengers to travel with their cats, small dogs, pet rabbits, tortoises, and hedgehogs. Passengers can bring one of the multiple Hedgehogs until and unless all of them can settle finely inside one carrier.

The carrier must not size bigger than 101 cm x 68 cm x 76cm and 122 cm x 81 cm x 89cm (soft or rigid carrier respectively). The combined weight of both pet and carrier should not exceed over 17.6 lbs maximum.

Airlines That Allow pets
Airlines That Allow pets

Price of flying Hedgehogs inside Cabin with Finnair:

$55.7 for Flights within Europe, Russia, and the Middle East and $90 For Intercontinental Flights.

Which Airlines allow Hedgehogs in Cargo or as Baggage?

Air Canada

Air Canada allows individuals to ship their pet Hedgehogs in Cargo. An individual can ship one or more pets depending upon the size of the aircraft and space availability. The crate size and weight restriction depend upon the aircraft’s size.

However, Air Canada doesn’t allow shipping Hedgehogs to destinations where the temperature is over 30 degrees Celsius.

Air Canada Airlines for Pets

West Jet Airlines

West Jet allows individuals to ship their pet Hedgehogs in Cargo. It also accepts Hedgehogs in checked Baggage, though only in limited rooms.

An individual can ship two Hedgehogs inside one carrier and multiple carriers depending upon the size of the aircraft and space availability. The carrier must be rigid with no wheels underneath.

Westjet Airlines for Pets

Carrier’s size must not exceed 101x68x76 cm.

In contrast, both the pet and carrier’s combined weight must not exceed 100 lbs.

The fare for the same is between $118 to $236.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Crate/ Carrier is best for travelling Hedgehogs?

Since Hedgehogs feel comfortable in warmer environments, covered metal crates are best for them.

In addition, these types of crates retain heat better than soft side crates or plastic crates.

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Airlines That Allow Hedgehogs In Cabin and plane
Airlines That Allow Hedgehogs In Cabin and on board

How do I keep my pet Hedgehog warm during Air Travel?

For their best health and utmost comfort, always keep Hedgehogs between 24ºC and 27ºC. These pets are native to Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia, and thus despite whichever country you pet them in, they need the same warm mimicking environment.

Hedgehogs can become lethargic with the temperature falling below 24ºC or above 27ºC; Hedgehogs can become lethargic.

In the worst-case scenario, these animals can go into hibernation or may suffer a cold stroke or heat stroke. Thus, if you own a Hedgehog as a pet, ensure special temperature care. Here are a few tips for the same:

  • Always maintain the temperature of the place where your Hedgehog stays.
  • Use a smaller travel container, preferably the metal-enclosed ones, since they retain heat better.
  • Put a secure lid on your Hedgehog’s carrier to keep cold air from entering inside.
  • Use a hot water bottle or warm blankets to make the pet feel warm.
  • Use animal-friendly heating pads.

NOTE: Though Hedgehogs prefer warmness, temperatures above 27ºC too can also trouble them. Thus, consider using a room thermometer for ensuring the right temperature for your pet.

Is Flying Stressful for Your Hedgehog?

As long as the temperature goes too cold or too hot, Hedgehogs will fly comfortably.

Also, since they are very playful and friendly pets, bringing them to the airport or inside a cabin with strangers isn’t going to prove very tricky.

Can I take my Hedgehog anywhere in the world?

Taking Hedgehog anywhere in the world isn’t that easy since not there aren’t many Hedgehog friendly flights. Also, regardless of how cute these little pets are, several countries have a ban on them.

These countries, states, or cities may include Georgia, California, Hawaii, Washington DC, all five boroughs of New York City, and Pennsylvania.

It is because Hedgehogs can carry diseases and bacteria such as salmonella and might threaten the local ecosystem.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hedgehogs are prone to skin allergies and infections. Thus every time you bring them home after travel, give them a nice bath. Especially after public affairs like taking a flight and spending hours in the airport, clean your Hedgehog nicely. All you need to do is, take some warm water and wash your pet nicely. This will clean all the infection-causing toxins and parasites that they might have picked up from outside.

Also, do visit a Trusted VET before and after taking a flight with your Hedgehog. This is essential to save these exotic pets from any kind of possible threats.

Wrapping up…

This was all for Airlines, Hedgehogs, and how to travel safely with them. Though because there are limited airlines that allow travelling with Hedgehogs (inside cabin or Cargo), several individuals might feel disappointed. Thus in such circumstances, when travelling for you is very important, find a shelter for your pet.