Why is my cat pooping on the floor

Why is My Cat Pooping on the Floor?[4 Reasons, 3 Tips]

When your cat starts to poop outside the poop box, first of all, rule out the health condition. Cats know how to hide their illness.

Therefore, even if she does not show some major symptoms, you need to consider this aspect first. 

Your cat is suffering from a health condition

There are different health issues that can make your cat poop outside the poop box. The common illness include 

  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation

If your cat suddenly wants to poop, cannot find a litter box nearby, and poops wherever she is then you need to get serious. If she is uncomfortable while using a litter box, then your kitty will associate the box with pain. There are different reasons for your cat’s pain:

  • Issues with the digestive tract
  • Inflammation in the urinary tract
  • Intestinal disease

Some age-related health issues include:


Stress can make your pet do weird things like pooping on the floor. Moving to a new house, bringing another pet, hearing loud noises, etc can make your cat stressed out. This may cause her to poop on the floor rather than in the litter box. 

A small change in environment can cause a big difference for your cat. Other things that can affect your cat include changes in the daily schedule, adjusting the family mealtime, rearranging furniture, etc. 

When your cat is stressed out, she may try to relieve it by pooping on the floor. If you think stress is the reason behind the poop problem, then try to understand the root cause. Try to interact with your cat more. 

Change in diet

If you have recently switched your cat’s foods, it can be inflicting diarrhea or constipation, which could have an effect on your kitty’s litter box habits.

If she is now consuming raw meals, higher-fiber content meals, or maybe switched from dry meals to wet meals, it can cause diarrhea and she will suddenly get the urge to poop when she is not near the litter box.

Or, a change in meals in the different route might also additionally cause constipation, which makes the use of the poop box uncomfortable.

It might not be a whole change of her diet, however rather, a brand new type of milk, treat, or some scraps from the dinner desk can provoke your cat’s stomach.

Uncleaned litter box

When cats grow old, they might go very choosy about the litter box location and cleanliness. Hence, it is important to maintain the hygiene and place of the litter box.

Also, if you change the litter box, it can also affect your cat’s poop habit.  Some cats like shallow boxes, others like small, deep ones. Many cats do not like covered boxes

How to stop a cat from pooping on the floor?

Solving health-related issue

There are various health issues that may impact your cat’s poop habit. Therefore, only a vet can diagnose this. Taking your pet to a vet is the best option.

Your vet will run different tests, based on the information you provide. Make sure to tell every weird thing you notice in your cat. 

For example, your cat is depressed because of another pet’s demise. You may not notice this thing immediately. Also, you may not associate it with the fact that your cat is pooping on the floor. Hence, in this case, your vet can prescribe your cat some antidepressants to solve the problem.

Relieving stress

Do not get mad when you see your cat pooping on the floor. Try to understand the cause behind it and pay extra attention to your cat. Make sure that you are not paying attention immediately after she poops on the floor. Your cat can take it as you are giving her some reward.

Hence, take some time to pet your cat and play with her. Also, you can invite her to cuddle with you. It is very important to pay attention to your tone as well. Talking to your cat in a loving tone can make a huge impact on how your cat feels. 

Similarly, if you shout at her, she may feel stressed out and do some weird things. Therefore, try to create a loving atmosphere for your beloved pet. If you get angry after finding the poop on the floor, it can make her feel depressed. 

Therefore, it is important to make your cat understand that the litter box is like a reward to her. Also, she needs to poop in it every time. 

Take care of the diet

If you have recently changed your cat’s diet, try to bring the old diet plan back. This may fix the poop problem.

Also, it is important to introduce new food by mixing it with the old one. You can gradually increase the new food quantity over time. Hence, it is not a big shock to her digestive system. 

Changing litter box

In fact, pay attention to what she eats and try to eliminate anything that you think can upset your cat’s stomach. One of the cheapest and easiest solutions to test is to keep multiple litter boxes. You can purchase a new litter box, but do not throw out the old ones. 

This technique helps ensure your kitty has a clean place to poop. You can:

  • Test different types of litter box
  • Keep multiple litter boxes in new areas
  • Test litter boxes of different sizes

When you are purchasing a new poop box, try to go for a bigger litter box with a lower entry point. If you are covering the litter box, try to remove the cover to see what she prefers. 

If you are using a self-cleaning litter box, turn it off until your pet gets used to it. Also, you can keep the old litter box beside the new one.

Final words

In conclusion, I would say that there are many reasons for a cat to poop on the floor. As pet parents, it is our duty to diagnose the cause and treat it well.

The behavioral issue can be controlled but health issues can be fatal. Hence, make sure that you are properly back passage what your cat does and how she behaves. 

Just stay calm and understand that shouting at your cat will not be helpful. Instead, show some love and affection towards your cat and help her tackle the situation. 

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