why does my dog lick my pillow

My Dog Lick my Pillow, Blanket and Sheet? 7 Reasons Why?

Wondering, Why does my dog lick my pillow, blanket, and sheet? A canine licking its body and lips is natural. A canine licking its proprietor is likewise a common pup habit whose meanings you probably already know. What about a canine licking its proprietor’s bedding? Now, that sounds strange.

But in case you own a canine, it’s common to capture it licking your bedding, especially your pillow. And like every involved pet parent, that would get you thinking, why does my canine lick my pillow, blankets, and sheets?

The most common reason why your pooch can be keen on licking your bedding is that the canine likes the flavor and scent of your pillow, blankets, and sheets. Our bodies secrete sweat, and as you shall discover, canines love that salty flavor.

Also, do not forget that canines have a sense of smell that is up to forty times more than ours.

Therefore, they’ll lick our bedding because the scent permits them to preserve contact with us, in particular, while we are away.

Let us talk about the most common reasons why your pooch does that.

Reasons why does my dog lick

7 reasons why does my dog lick my pillow, blankets, and sheets?

Your pooch loves the salty taste

Humans generally shed dead skin cells and sweat when they’re asleep. Most of the sweat and skin cells show up to fall on the pillow which can also additionally result in the pillow turning salty.

Dogs normally love the flavor of salt and human beings have plenty of it which they excrete through sweat or different means.

It is taken into consideration that one of the reasons canines lick human beings a lot is because of the salty flavor of the body.

The pillow additionally has a good quantity of this salty flavor because of how long you spend holding it against your body.

When there aren’t any human beings to lick, you can then discover your canine licking a pillow.

It is a compulsive behavior

When you discover your canine licking your pillow, blankets, and sheets it may be repetitive conduct. Repetition of this movement with no caution should have helped this behavior develop.

It is probable that your canine has developed a compulsive addiction of continuously licking the pillows in case you find him going back to your pillow, blankets, and sheets numerous times every day.

A compulsive dependency is usually difficult to eliminate and it will be a lot better if it isn’t developed at all.

As compulsion is with people is how it is with dogs, in particular when it comes to licking things all over the house.

Your pooch is missing his best friend

Another reason why your canine is probably licking your pillow, blankets, and sheets is because of your absence.

It’s nearly impossible to be with your canine always, sometimes a few really important things like school, job, family, and pals creep in and you need to find time for them.

When your canine does not have you around he might have to give you something that facilitates him to consider you.

You in all likelihood spend a very good quantity of time lying on your pillow while you are at home which makes the pillow smell like you.

When you go away for work your pillow turns into the subsequent nice thing.  Dogs usually like to be with their proprietors and in case you are unavailable your pillow will become the subsequent dependable option.

Lack of nutrients

Although it hardly ever happens, canines can occasionally be malnourished or lacking in some nutrients.

Due to the lack of nutrients, he might also additionally attempt to find lacking nutrients in the most unearthly places.

If you regularly discover your canine licking abnormal items which aren’t its usual food it is probably an end result of nutrient deficiency.

When your canine starts to discover some things oddly tasty, it could be because it lacks a few nutrients or nutritional imbalance.

So while he develops an unusual craving for pillows, blankets, and sheets at home other than actual food, nutritional deficiency is one of the things you need to consider.

Your furry friend is bore

As humans become bored from time to time, so do animals. Canines do plenty of things that you find would possibly bizarre as a human. And it sometimes gets worse when they’re bored.

It’s common for canines when they lose interest. They try to discover something to entertain themselves, something that usually appears fun. You should find them biting and chewing couches, shoes, luggage, or even your humans.

Because of rewards

Another reason why your canine is probably licking your pillow, blankets, and sheets frequently is because you have educated him to do so.

Can this actually be true?

Dogs typically are much more likely to carry on with activities that they’ve been rewarded for.

You likely have been unconsciously supplying your canine treats or different kinds of rewards while he licks your pillow, blankets, and sheets.

The timing was likely just incorrect. Also, you did not mean to provide him a reward for licking the pillow. However, the canine isn’t always aware of this.

Due to the praise the canine would possibly consider licking your pillow to be a terrific habit and do it more frequently for rewards.

Your pooch finds them soothing and comfortable

Sometimes your canine may sense a bit sick, under the climate, or injured, which could cause him to lick itself and other items to feel better emotionally and physically.

He may find something relaxing to relax on when he is not feeling certainly good, which is mostly a pillow, sofa, or other items at home.

So it is viable to find him licking something which is going to help relieve or at least lessen the anxiety and offer a calming feeling.

It is probably the thing which he finds closest to him and that would be your pillow, blankets, and sheets.

How to get your dog to stop licking your pillow, blankets, and sheets?

Whatever the cause is, the final aim is to make sure that your canine stops licking your pillow, blankets, and sheets.

While there are not any risks to it, there are negatives. The first is that your pillow can be moist with canine saliva and this is simply gross.

There is also the truth that your canine is repeating behavior that isn’t always acceptable. You will constantly need to discourage behaviors which are damaging in any manner.

Also, try to instil an area for your canine. Thankfully, there are more than a few things you may do to discourage your canine.

What you do will rely upon the cause of the licking, that is why it’s so critical that you monitor the conduct and try to pinpoint where and why.

Negative reinforcement

If you find your canine in this act, it is important to provide negative reinforcement. Call his name angrily and take away the pillow, blankets, and sheets.

It may take some time for your pooch to understand your conduct. But if this reinforcement does not work, it may be the time to try something else.

Do not yell at your furry friend if it is not working. Basically, it will not change anything. In fact, it will make both of you upset.

Introduce training

There is a certain type of training called “leave it” training. This training allows your pooch to understand that they have to leave the items that they are licking or chewing. 

First of all, get some of his favorite treats and grab the pillow, blankets, or sheets. If your canine notices the item and does not lick it, reward him with a treat.

If the canine starts licking the item, take it away and say “leave it”. Repeat this until your pooch starts to understand the command and stop licking the item. 

Check the diet

Canines need a proper diet to be healthy. In fact, a proper diet enhances their coat and prevents certain behavioral problems.

Check what kind of canine you have and the diet that he should have. 

Make needful changes and see if your pooch keeps licking the pillow, blankets, and sheets. 

How do I know my dog has anxiety?

Some of the most common signs of anxiety are-

  • Digging
  • Destroying things
  • Shivering
  • Barking
  • Howling
  • Running
  • Panting

Final words

Canines have endless energy and sometimes the things they do confuse us. If your pooch does something strange, like licking a pillow, there is no need to worry.

It is usually a common thing. But, if the frequency of this increases, then you should monitor him and understand the cause behind this behavior.

I hope you liked the article. We will be back soon. Till then, stay connected. Thank you.

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