Why Do Magpies Suddenly Disappear

Why Do Magpies Suddenly Disappear? 5 Valid Reasons

There is no need to panic if you find magpies suddenly disappearing from your surroundings. They are simply following the natural rules, behaviours, and food availability. Additionally, there are a few more reasons for magpies to suddenly disappear that I am going to reveal further in the blog.

One surprising fact about this is that magpies can of course suffer from food shortages during the breeding season in the summer months.

Let us unfold the reason for magpies suddenly disappear –

Why Do Magpies Suddenly Disappear

Moulting season

Moult is a natural process that most animals go through in the autumn season. The stress of the breeding season makes them shabby with weak feathers that need to replace.

However, this can have a significant consequence on the magpies. They effectively overcome this issue by progressive moult. This means that these birds shed flight feathers in a well-organised way.

During this period, magpies like to stay undercover in bushes and trees away from anyone’s sight and predators. Therefore, this means that they may be around you but remain commando.


Safety is the prime reason why magpies suddenly disappear from your surroundings. When there is too much human interference around their territory, magpies will disappear and find another area to live in.

Additionally, if there are any other birds that fight with them, magpies leave the surrounding for this reason too.

Predators are one of the reasons why magpies suddenly disappear from your surroundings. Another bird may have entered the vicinity or cats become active around their nests. Magpies need to feel safe.


The scarcity of food can be one reason for magpies to suddenly disappear. Every living organism needs food to live.

And if there is a scarcity of food in the area, they will leave the vicinity and find another area when there is no scarcity.

The reason for the scarcity of food is due to some birds that try to fight for their food. These birds usually eat flies, beetles, worms, caterpillars, and spiders.

If they do not find these things around them, they will leave the area and will find a place where there is no scarcity of these insects.


Nesting is another reason for magpies to disappear from your surroundings. When the females get pregnant, they require a larger nest to lay eggs, keep them there till they hatch, and the babies to live.

These creatures live in their nest and move to a larger one if they have multiple eggs.

Mating for life or death

I know this sounds weird but this is true. Magpies can mate for life or death. However, if a male magpie dies in a fight while young ones are there in the nest, the female magpie will go for new partners. The partners will protect the young magpies even though they are not genetically related.


Climate is the last reason for magpies to disappear suddenly. Generally, magpies migrate in winter. They need to have a warm nest because of the low temperature. This can cause death.

Some More FAQ’S

What keeps magpies away?

You can hang CDs or plastic bottles in trees to keep magpies away. They do not like the reflected light. Moreover, you can also use scarecrow balloons to scare off magpies and other creatures in your backyard.

Do magpies remember humans?

It is interesting to find that magpies do remember humans. Moreover, they have great recall ability for faces and good memory. Therefore, if a magpie has seen you before or someone who looks like you, it will remember you.

Do magpies use the same nest again?

Both Eurasian magpies and Black-billed magpies usually reuse their nests. According to research gate, around 30% to 40% of magpie nests in the United States of America are upgraded and reused. In Europe, Eurasian magpies usually return to the same territory and reuse the previous nest.

Why do magpies lie on the ground?

Magpies usually sunbathe while lying on the ground. This is one of the favourite activities of birds. Moreover, it has many health benefits. One of them is to hot the skin and kill any parasite living on the skin. These creatures are known for being very clean.

What is the natural predator of magpies?

To be honest, magpies are too large to be a prey for other birds. They have a few predators in the wild, but magpies are too clever to be caught by the predators. Therefore, you can say that they do not have natural predators as such.

Can you be friends with a magpie?

Yes, you can be friends with a magpie. This is because around 80%of magpies live in human vicinity. This means that they see a lot of people in front of them repetitively. Moreover, they live between 25 to 30 years. Therefore, they can grow a strong bond with you.

Where do magpies sleep at night?

Magpies usually sleep in open woodlands that have tall trees. These trees give a sense of security to them and help build nests and lay eggs.

What does it mean when one magpie visits you?

Very famous rhyme says that if you see one magpie then it is bad luck for you. I don’t know how far this is true. However, as per my observation, if you see a single magpie then it may mean that it has lost its other half. And this is why many people relate this with bad luck.

How long do magpies stay in one area?

Magpies can stay in one area for their whole life. Once magpies find a good area, they will stay in that area forever. According to the Victoria state government, magpies live for 25 to 30 years. This means they can stay in one area for up to 25 years -30 years. This is also a reason for them to remember you.

Is it good to have magpies in your garden?

In some sense, yes. I mean I know they peck around the lawn and damage it. But, look for the insects and larvae in the soil that can damage your plants. Magpies are good for controlling root-eating pests.

How do you tell if a magpie likes you?

When magpies create a bond with you, they often come close to you to show that they trust you. For instance, they can also introduce their babies to you. Moreover, they may also allow their babies to play with you.

What attracts magpies to your house?

Other than birdseed, magpies can get attracted towards pet food, dust bins, and anything edible around the house where they can reach. If they get on your roof, then clear your gutter as there may be collected leaves, worms and dirt which can tempt the magpies.

Do magpies swoop if you look at them?

No, most of them will not. Magpies see canines, felines, and other creatures as intruders, it is just not about humans. Some humans may harass magpies and that can result in swooping.

Final words

The main reasons why magpies suddenly disappear are due to safety issues, food scarcity, climate, nesting, etc. When they feel it is not safe for them in your surroundings, they will disappear and find a fresh locality. It’s just about their well-being.

I hope you enjoyed the article. I will be back soon with more interesting and informative pieces of writing. Till then stay connected. Thank you.