Why Are Pugs So Cute

Why Are Pugs So Cute? 5 Things To Know

Pugs are famous for their not-so-pretty, wrinkled faces, stubby legs, and small frame, but they are still considered one of the cutest dogs by a lot of dog experts and owners.

You may ask why this dog breed is deemed to be cute when it doesn’t come close to poodles in terms of attractiveness.

Why are pugs so cute? 

The pug’s face is flat and looks sad, yes. The pug’s eyes are adorably big and cute. Pugs are adorable, playful, social, intensely loyal, and quirky, making them one of the world’s cutest dogs. 

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Pugs: History And Origin

Pugs are native to China (200-206 AD). At this time, only members of the Chinese imperial household and Tibetan monasteries owned pugs. This dog breed possesses a lineage that is soaked in adoration and respect.

Pugs were first brought to Europe around 1500, and the wealthy quickly made them a favorite. They are one of the oldest canine breeds that exist today.

And now, in recent years, these digs have become so popular. They are now a recognized dog breed throughout the world.

Pugs: How Do They Look?

Pugs are compact, sturdy, barrel-shaped canines that have relatively short legs. The dogs are known for their broad chest, which the girth increase as it matures.

The pug has a flat face – a developed physical trait that places it in the brachycephalic group of dogs. The flat face causes the dog to have breathing problems.

The pug’s small ears are covered with beautiful, thin hairs that are velvety, and they are folded over to the eye level, forming the shape of a rose or button. The eyes of this dog breed are huge, round, and dark.

The pug dog is famous for its many wrinkles that are deep over his forehead and face. The pug’s tail is an exceptional feature. The tail is naturally curly and may have one or two loops.

The coat of the pug is very short.

It never grows longer than an inch. It is also very dense, which makes the pug shed a little bit.

However, sometimes, pugs with longer coats are born, and while experts suggest that the pug probably has another breed within its bloodline, the mystery of the long cloth remains unsolved. A healthy pug’s coat is visibly shiny and very smooth to touch.

The pug has four primary colors. They are black, fawn, silver, and apricot. Not all these colors, however, are accepted by dog registries.

Pug Recognization

The CKC (Canada Kennel Club) recognizes silver fawn, fawn, and black, while the AKC (American Kennel Club) recognizes fawn and black. The Kennel Club (UK) and FCI accept the four colors.

Pugs that are not black have black masks. The black mask starts from the chin and runs over the muzzles up to the eyes.

The size of the pug breed ranges from 14 to 20 pounds, although there can be some pugs that are a bit smaller, and some can also be a bit larger than the standard size, especially if the pug weighs too much. A pug’s standard weight in the AKC show ring is 14-18 lbs.

If you measure an adult from the ground to the top of the shoulder blades, it will typically measure at 10-14 inches.

The male and female pugs have slight differences in appearance. Female pugs are a bit more marrow and weigh less than male pugs.

Pug pubs are round and have loose skin. They also have a much more marrow body than adult pugs. Pugs reach their final adult size when they are two years.

Personality & Temperament

Pugs, unlike some toy breeds, are not lively socialites. The pug dog is a bit more serious and has a dry sense of humor. The pug is a very stubborn dog, but it always wants to please.

Pugs are a little bit laid back. They don’t bark as much as other dogs, and they also chew and dig like them.

These dogs tend to make friends with other dogs, and they are sturdy enough to be around kids. Pugs love to be with people and are very affectionate. They make excellent companion dogs.

Don’t expect your pug to hunt, retrieve, or guard, its breed isn’t trained to be hunters or retrievers. The pug breed was trained to be companions, and that’s what they know how to do.

The pug wants to be showered with affection, and it loves to sit on your lap. If the pug doesn’t get this, it becomes sad.

Pugs are sedentary dogs, contented with sitting on your lap while you watch TV or read a book. Being sedentary, however, doesn’t mean your pug is a stick-in-the-mud. Pugs like to play. They are comical, and they delight their owner with funny antics.

The pug’s temperament is usually affected by certain factors, which include heredity, socialization, and training. Pug pups that have sweet personalities are playful and curious.

They are willing to meet people and like them to carry. Choose a playful puppy, not the one that beats up his littermates or hides somewhere in the corner.

Make sure you meet at least one of the pup’s parents to be sure whether they have sweet temperaments. You can also meet the parent’s siblings or other relatives to find out. By doing this, you know how the puppy is likely to true out when it grows up.

Like other dog breeds, the pugs need to socialize early. It requires exposure to different people, sounds, sights, and experiences. Socializing a dog helps it grow up to be a well-rounded pet.

You. Enroll your cute pup in a puppy kindergarten class. Enrolling is a great way to start socializing with the dog. Inviting visitors from time to time will help your pug socialize.

Take it to visit the park, take it to stores that allow dogs, and take it on strolls so that it can meet people. Doing this will polish your pug’s social skills.

Why Do People Love Pugs?

The American Dog Kennel ranks Pugs #28 on the list of the most popular dog breeds.

People love pugs because of their adorable looks and charm.

This dog breed is very loyal and loves to show and receive affection. A pug represents unconditional love.

Pugs Are Different In An Adorable Way

Even though these dogs are considered toy dogs, pugs have all the qualities a big dog possesses.

Pugs love to ride in cars and love traveling. They are small enough to fit into any house or apartment.

Pugs are Affectionate

Once your pug bonds with you, you will always have them around you. Your pug will follow you everywhere you go and watch you go about your daily activities.

You won’t have to use a pug harness on your pup as long as you trained it properly

Pugs make great couch buddies if you allow them to sit on your lap. They will keep you warm during the winter nights.

However, keep in mind that pugs snore louder than older adults.

Pugs become attached to one person, and they shower the person with an undying love.

Pugs Are Adorable and Funny

These pets have unique personalities that everyone loves and Pugs are usually called “clowns of the dog world”

Pug loves attention and also likes to be the life of the party. They are very playful and will entertain you to make you laugh and happy.

Pugs Listen to Their Owners

Pugs are great listeners. People even say they listen more than humans. When you talk to these dogs, they will tilt their heads and give you undivided attention as you talk.

When your dog stirs directly at you like that, you will wonder if your pug understands what you are saying. You can tell your pug about your problems, and they will keep it a secret.

Pugs Are Sensitive Dogs

Pugs don’t react well to harsh tones and negative training. These dogs are intelligent and sensitive to your feelings.

Some people think pugs are hard to train. And this is, however, not true. You can teach a pug breed just like you can train other dogs.

Pugs Love Children

Pugs relate well with everyone, from your neighbor to the dog next door. These dogs don’t bite, and they connect well with toddlers, adults, seniors, cats, and other living creatures.

If you socialize your pup, they will never consider anyone a stranger. When your pug meets a new person, it will what that person to rub their belly or pet them.

Pugs Are very Loyal Dogs

Your pug will never betray you. Your pug will always be your best friend and shower you with unconditional love, no matter what happens.


If you were not sure about getting a pug as a pet, by now, after reading this enlightening post, you must have made a pug decision.

Pugs are great pets for people who want to be responsible pet owners. When you have your pug, you will understand why they are so cute and why everyone loves them.