Dog Breeds With Hazel Eyes

Which Dog Breeds Have Hazel Eyes? [2024 List]

Do you know that certain dog breeds have hazel eyes? Though they are rare, dog breeds with such eyes look adorable. When you find one on the street, you may want to take the dog home.

By and large, most of these dogs are born with blue eyes. But as they grow older, they may develop hazel eyes.

However, not all dog breeds have this mysterious and cute eye color, called hazel eyes. So, without much ado, let’s go through the rare dog breeds that possess hazel eyes.

1. Siberian Husky Hazel Eyes

The Siberian Husky, a wolf-like dog, originates from eastern Siberia. This breed of dog’s predator drive is high, and they enjoy digging a lot.

Siberian Husky also weighs between 25 – 55 pounds and has a height of between 20 – 23.5 inches.

This Siberian Husky does have different eye colors, which are super cute and attractive. Some huskies have hazel eyes, brown and even blue eyes. Another color is light blue eyes, though not entirely dominant but found in a handful of huskies.

In some Siberian Huskies, one eye may be hazel while the other is brown or blue, a trait called bi-eyed.

Furthermore, one eye may have blue color with another color mixed in the dog’s iris in both or one of the eyes. And such a trait is what Siberian enthusiasts call “party-eyed.”

So, if you are seeking dog breeds with hazel eyes, the Siberian Husky should make your list.

2. Australian Shepherds Hazel Eyes

The Australian Shepherd, also called Aussie, is among the famous dog breeds in the U.S. They are brilliant, hardworking, funny, and entertaining.

All these traits, together with their boundless energy, make these assistance dogs called “Aussie” a wise choice for pet lovers.

Furthermore, Aussies may be famous in the U.S, but they didn’t originate from the region. This breed of dog is of the Basque region, a community in northern Spain. It was the shepherds at Basque that took this dog breed to Australia and then the U.S.

Americans started calling the dog ‘Australian Shepherds” because it first landed in Australia before arriving in the United States.

These dogs also have various names. These include pastor dogs, Spanish Shepherd, New Mexican Shepherd, and many other names.

Furthermore, the weight and height of the male and female Aussies could differ. The males could weigh between 25 to 32 kg, while the female weighs between 16 – 25 kg. Regarding heights; the male is between 51 to 58 cm and 46 to 54cm for the female.

What about their eye colors? Well, Aussies are among the rare breeds that possess two different eye colors, known as heterochromia.

In addition to having hazel eyes, Australian Shepherd can have a combination of amber, blue, brown, or even green eyes.

You can even find more than a single color in the eyes of some Australian Shepherd.

3. Pit Bulls Hazel Eyes

Pit Bulls fit the category of indoor dogs for obvious reasons. They do not shed their fur too much, meaning you can groom them easily.

It should also interest you to know that these dogs are not a fan of cold or hot weather. So, life outdoor, particularly under harsh environmental conditions, could be uneasy for them.

Pit Bulls originate from two regions; the United States and the United Kingdom. They are crossbreed, which involves terriers and bulldogs.

So, the Pit Bulls have the terrier’s agility and gameness, together with the bulldog’s strength. The males weigh between 16 to 30 kg, while the female weighs between 14 to 27 kg.

At birth, the Pit Bulls do have stunning blue eyes. But they aren’t alone in this. Most puppies have cute blue eyes at birth.

However, while the pure blue eyes in most puppies may remain with them for life, breeds like Pit Bulls may change their eyes color as they grow older.

Pit Bulls can change eye colors from blue to hazel or entirely brown as they become mature.

4. Alaskan Malamutes Hazel Eyes

The Alaskan Malamutes is another unique dog breed with hazel eyes. Furthermore, the dog’s ancestors originally moved from Siberia to the United States of America.

This dog breed can be easily confused with wolves because of its big statue, wolf-like markings on the face, and huge curved tail, which he likes waving. Plus, they act as wolves in movies.

The Alaskan Malamutes can reach a weight of 85 pounds for the male and 75 pounds for the female. And in terms of height, the male could be as tall as 25 cm, while the females could reach 23 cm.

What about the eye color of this dog breed? First, an Alaskan Malamutes regarded as a pure breed will not have blue eyes.

The default color of this breed of dog’s eyes is brown. The reason they cannot have blue eyes is that they lack the gene that produces such a trait.

It’s still possible to find an Alaskan Malamutes that has blue eyes, though it is rare. The one with blue eyes may have probably inherited it from an entirely different breed along its linage.

There’s a high tendency for the blue-eyed Malamutes to change eye color as the dog grows older. The adult’s eye color can change from blue to hazel, yellow, and even amber.

5. Labrador Retriever Hazel Eyes

Labrador Retrievers originated from Newfoundland and are regarded as one of the most popular dog breeds in Canada. The male could weigh between 29 to 36 kg, while the female could weigh between 25 to 32 kg.

Excitingly, Labs are among dog breeds with hazel eyes. But not all Labrador Retrievers possess this unique eye color.

Furthermore, the dog could have different coats. These include chocolate, yellow, and even black. Another exciting thing about this dog breed is that all the different colors mentioned can be found in one litter.

But make no mistake, Labs popularly have brown eyes. The only exception is the Chocolate Labrador Retriever, a rare breed with hazel eyes.

6. French Bulldog Hazel Eyes

The easygoing, playful, lively, and patient nature of the French bulldog endears the pet to dog lovers. The

French bulldog originates from France and England. But today, it is popular in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

About eye color, all French bulldogs are born with blue eyes. But as they grow to maturity, you can see their eyes changing to other different colors. These include grey, brown, and green.

Another exciting thing about the French bulldogs is their coat color. They have varied coat colors, so you can choose whatever color you like.

The different colors include chocolate brindle, tan, fawn, cream, lilac, and sable, among others. But while many of the colors are common, the chocolate brindle is a rare French bulldog.

The chocolate brindle French bulldogs have gorgeous and highly attractive eye colors, a trait that sets them apart from the crowd.

And if you are looking for dog breeds with hazel eyes, the chocolate brindle should make your list. The dog has hazel eyes, though; in some others, you may find light brown, green, and piercing gold eyes.

7. Weimarrott Hazel Eyes

The Weimarrott is a dog breed produced as a result of the cross between the Rottweiler and Weimaraner. The Weimarrott also took ample traits from both German dog breeds.

The primary purpose of raising the Weimarrott could be for game, hunting, companion, or t serve as guardian. And with regards to eye color, you can count the Weimarrott as one of the dog breeds with hazel eyes.

However, not all Weimarrotts have hazel eyes. Some may have brown or amber eyes.

8. Beagle Hazel Eyes

The origin of the Beagle has been generating some controversies over the years. But while this lingers, it is on record that the first Beagle imports that landed on American soil took place after the civil war.

Beagle is an incredible dog breed when it comes to rabbit hunting. Little wonder why the dog became popular among rabbit hunters in the United States of America from the moment they arrived in the country.

Additionally, the height of the Beagle you will find in England is 16 inches, while that of America is 15 inches. Concerning maintenance, the shedding is minimal, making this dog breed much easier to manage.

The fortune of the Beagle is not only the adorable face the dog breed possesses. The dog also has big cute eyes that could either be hazel or brown, making them one of the dog breeds with hazel eyes.


So, these are the dog breeds with hazel eyes. When you look closely into their eyes, you may find a unique combination of gold, green, and brown coloring.

The amount of each of these colors could also vary. Furthermore, some dog breeds could have hazel on one eye and another color on another eye.

But by and large, they all look cute and highly attractive. So, if you are seeking dog breeds with hazel eyes, you can check out the dog breeds on this list. You might be lucky enough to find one with such eye colors.