Cats Like to Eat For Breakfast

What Do Cats Like to Eat For Breakfast in Your Home?

Cats have different digestive systems than humans, some foods can be safe for your cat, or even some are very dangerous. This is why you should do proper research before feeding anything to your cat for breakfast. Cats are not animals that can eat everything that humans do. 

Because there are plenty of human foods available and healthy for cats, we are only going to discuss the ones that are suitable as breakfast for cats. This is the article for you to know what cats like to eat for breakfast or the best breakfast for cats. 

There are many meals and snacks available online or at the local store that you would eat yourself, but what about your cat? Let’s talk about: Do cats need breakfast? And, if yes, what do cats eat for breakfast?

Do Cats Need Breakfast? 

It depends upon an individual owner’s choice. Cats do need breakfast and dinner each day. They need meals about 12 hours apart each day to keep going and healthy. Depending upon your schedule or routine, you can serve either breakfast & dinner or lunch & dinner. Always remember that cats appreciate fixed feeding time from their owner. 

Never keep your cats without food for more than 12 hours between meals. If it is, their stomach will likely become hyper acidic, which may cause nausea. Now let’s talk about what cats like to eat for breakfast.

What Do Cats Like To Eat For Breakfast?

Cat foods are always a good start for beginners. If your cat doesn’t like canned food, try adding meat or gravy stock. The feline family enjoys eating a wide range of meat food like salmon, chicken, tuna, and eggs. In addition to this, you can also offer milk, old wet food, or dry cat food to your feline. 

It is essential to give a healthy start to your cat’s day. Make sure to keep your cats breakfast full of nutrients that can start a day happily. In addition to breakfast, when offering healthy, nutritious cat food, make sure to add some homemade ingredients. Below are the nine best breakfasts for the cat.

9 Breakfast For Cats 

Wet Cat Food

This is possibly the most common and preferred food for Cats’ breakfast. With a blended feeding routine, you can feed wet cat food to your feline in the morning or evening. In addition to that, make sure you also give wet food one time a day. I recommend you feed wet cat food in the morning and dry cat food at night to your cat before bed. 

When you feed wet cat food to your cat as breakfast, she gets all the nutrition she needs to keep her hydrated for the day. Wet food is very effective for treating dehydration in pets. Plus, feeding wet cat food as breakfast will keep your cat healthier and love you more.


Apart from wet cat food, you can also feed some pieces of eggs to your cat. An entire egg each day for your cat will be too much. I recommend you always offer eggs as breakfast once or twice a week. It is essential to keep your cats’ food regulated to keep them healthy and interested in their meals. Therefore, when you are out of options, you can get an egg and boil it to eliminate the risk of cats getting infected with salmonella

Avoid feeding raw eggs because it has Salmonella bacteria, which can severely affect cats and other pets. An adult cat usually needs 150 to 200 calories daily to be healthy. In addition to that, make sure you are serving eggs as 10% of your cat’s daily calorie intake.

Boiled Veggies

Do you know that some cats like to eat boiled vegetables? Maybe your cat doesn’t like vegetables to survive, but it can be a delicious treat for all felines. Have you ever cooked vegetables without seeds? If you haven’t done it yet, this is the time? 

Ensure you are boiling the vegetable carefully in plain water without any seasoning. After cooking it, cut it into small pieces that fit your cat’s mouth before serving it. Always remember that it’s not uncommon for your feline to hate boiled vegetables. 

It is common for some felines to turn their nose up when presented with boiled vegetables. However, if your cat seems to enjoy cooked vegetables, you should serve them as breakfast. Your cat can always enjoy safe vegetables, including steamed broccoli, boiled carrot, cucumber, and asparagus.

Cooked Fish

We often see cats hunting for fish in cartoons and movies, especially those kept in an aquarium. The good news is you can always serve fish for your cat as breakfast. Whether grilled, boiled, or baked, white fish without any seasoning or salt makes an excellent breakfast for cats. 

In addition, many cats, including the one you have, prefer cooked fish as their daily meal. But fish is not always good for their health. As fishes are high in fatty acids, it can quickly lead to A painful condition or a vitamin E deficiency in the cat. I have always recommended wrapping your fish in parchment paper and putting another layer of aluminium foil.

It will hold enough moisture to prevent your cat’s stomach from getting upset. The taste of fish is what your cat is looking for. Cat craves fish and loves when it is baked at 400 degrees for at least 10-12 minutes or until tender.

Whole Grain Like Oats

Fortunately, you can always feed whole grains like oats as a morning meal your breakfast to your cat alone. Plain oats are lovely as a breakfast for cats. Plus, it is a good source of vitamin B, a much-needed nutrient in cats. Like any other food on this list, data are safe to feed your cat as an occasional treat or breakfast once or twice a week.


If you talk about what fruits a cat can have for breakfast, then melon comes. Melons like watermelon, muskmelon, honeydew, or cantaloupe are some that many cats enjoy. Make sure to wash it thoroughly before serving.

As melon is high in vitamin C and A, it can be done as a healthy treat for your cat once or twice a week. You can try offering melons if your cat hates boiled or cooked vegetables. Chances are they will accept.


Another great food that is full of vitamins and minerals to help your cat’s immune system and digestion is Pineapple. Pineapple is an excellent treat for cats in small quantities. They enjoy eating Pineapple when served in small pieces. Make sure to permanently remove the hard and spiky skin before offering it to your cat.


Pumpkin is also an excellent alternative for breakfast. You can always feed pumpkin flash to adult cats in a moderate amount as breakfast. It is also used as an ingredient in cat food. Make sure you are not feeding your cat more than one teaspoon of pumpkin flesh daily. Avoid giving raw pumpkin or its skin steam to cats.

Bacon And Ham

As we all know, cats usually Crave meat: bacon and Ham are great options for breakfast for cats. Make sure the bacon you choose is not high in fat or too much salt for cats. It is advised to only feed a small amount of Ham and bacon as a special treat to your cat. Avoid adding specific stuff like garlic, onions, salt, or oil. Below are some foods that you need to avoid in any case.

19 Foods To Avoid

  1. Anything With Alcohol
  2. Chocolate
  3. Bread Dough
  4. Macadamia Nuts
  5. Onions And Garlic
  6. Grapes And Raisins
  7. Almond Butter
  8. Butter
  9. Citrus Fruits
  10. Dairy
  11. Caffeine
  12. Liver
  13. Lactose
  14. Nuts
  15. Raw Eggs
  16. Raw Fish
  17. Salt
  18. Xylitol
  19. Tuna


Do Indoor Cats Need Breakfast?

Yes, indoor cats need breakfast. As they help depend on their owner for their meal, whatever schedule you set up for them is what they will have to adhere to. Always keep their routine on the same days because cats like a disciplined feeding schedule.


I have given my best to give you all the options that can be served as breakfast to your cat. You can also try serving barley, wheat, berries, or brown rice as a breakfast but make sure to mash them first—some cats like eating small grains like oats, but look out for the quantity. Always offer breakfast in moderate breakfast. 

Breakfast should give your cat a great head start on the day. Feeding your cat fruit, vegetables, and meat is always recommended, which helps them digest comfortably and fully. Breadcrumbs are also ok as long as it is served in moderation. 

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