Phantom Bernedoodle

Phantom Bernedoodle: Things You Didn’t Know!

Bernedoodle is a hybrid dog that comes in a range of colors. Phantom is one of the popular colors/patterns amongst Bernedoodles, and dog lovers are crazy about it. Phantom, the striking color contrast makes the Bernedoodle puppy look absolutely adorable and irresistible. These large teddy bear-like dogs make an excellent addition to families, even for first-time pet keepers.

Here’s more about Phantom Bernedoodles and the Facts associated with them.

Who are Phantom Bernedoodles?

Phantom Bernedoodle is a color variety of the Bernedoodle dog breed. A Phantom Bernedoodle is a dog with a solid base color all across its body and a different color as ‘tips.’ For instance, if their base color is Black, the dog will have dominant light brown patches over his head, chest, nose, front legs, and back.

The solid base color on Phantom Bernedoodles is usually lighter; however, the tip color is predominantly darker. These dogs commonly come in a combination of Tan (Base) and Black (Tip) colors.

Phantom Bernedoodles- A Brief Introduction 

Phantom Bernedoodle

Phantom Bernedoodles Origin and History

Phantom Bernedoodles are the latest doodles in the hybrid dog world. These designer dogs were first bred in the early 21st century and have been around for no more than 2 decades. This unique combination of beautiful dogs is a result of the hued Bernese Mountain Dog and the classic Poodle.

Bernedoodles originated in Canada, and within a few years, this dog breed gained immense fame. According to the available documentation, Sherry Rupke of SwissRidge Kennels bred the first Bernedoodle in Canada in the year 2003.

Phantom Bernedoodle Appearance

Phantom Bernedoodles have a cute, fluffy teddy bear-like appearance, and that’s why these dogs are vividly popular. However, the exact appearance can differ from dog to dog since it generally impacts which parent gene the puppy has favored from.

Phantom Bernedoodles are generally fluffy, wooly dogs that come in three different sizes. These dogs have a solid black base coat, whereas hints of tan at different parts of their body. Their coat can be either straight, curly, or wavy. Straight coat in Bernedoodles can be achieved by breeding Bernedoodle-to-Bernese or Bernedoodle-to-Bernedoodle.

However, for curly and wavy coat types, breeding a Bernese Mountain Dog and the classic Poodle can give good results. The curly and wavy coat type doesn’t shed a lot, all thanks to the dominance of Poodle genetics. However, they are the highest maintenance of all and require daily brushing and regular bathing.

Phantom Bernedoodle Personality and Temperament

Phantom Bernedoodles are charming and intelligent. They might lack in any field, but when it comes to personality, Phantom Berndoodles are blessed with a wholesome one. Depending upon the kind of communication and atmosphere they are getting, these dogs will adapt their personality accordingly.

Phantom Bernedoodle is known for its loyalty and friendliness, which makes them excellent family dogs. They are well suited for a family with kids and seniors since Bernedoodles are always gentle with their guardians. They, in fact, are also a great addition to a multi-pet household.

Phantom Bernedoodle is a great fit for the active, energetic and social family. They are pretty clear on what they need and love spending time with family. With the right environment and training, Phantom Bernedoodles can really blossom into their best self.

Phantom Bernedoodles Exercise and Training

Phantom Bernedoodles are full of energy, and therefore it is ideal to start training them early. They are quick learners; however, since Bernedoodles are very clever, training them with boundaries (command) is extremely important.

Phantom Bernedoodles are easy to handle and train, but according to some experts, they are slightly stubborn doodles. For a few of them, a professional dog trainer might become necessary.

Apart from training, it is also important to socialize Bernedoodles early in life. This will help them maintain their mental and emotional health as well as social behavior.

Since Bernedoodles are full of energy, allowing them 60 to 90 minutes of daily exercise is mandatory. Their daily dose of exercise may come in the form of playtime, a walk in the park, a game of fetch, or something else.

Things You Might Not Know About Phantom Bernedoodles

  1. DID YOU KNOW? Phantom Bernedoodles are a crossbreed of a purebred Berneses Mountain Dog and a purebred Poodle.
  2. DID YOU KNOW? Phantom Bernedoodles come in three sizes, Mini, Medium, and Standard. All the sizes are highly dependent upon the Poodle side of lineage.
  3. DID YOU KNOW? Phantom Bernedoodles get their unique coat from parent dogs who produce such colors and patterns regularly.
  4. DID YOU KNOW? Some Phantom Bernedoodles are born all Black, and most of the Phantom in their coat appears with age. Some all Black Phantom Bernedoodle puppies would carry very small tan markings under their tail.
  5. DID YOU KNOW? There’s a misconception that Phantom Bernedoodles comes in a range of color combination. Dog lovers go by the rumors that there can be Chocolate Phantom with Cream tips, Silver Phantom with White, and so on. However, in reality, a true Phantom Bernedoodle only comes in a Black and Tan combination.
  6. DID YOU KNOW? Two color pattern makes a Phantom Bernedoodle, whereas three color pattern makes a Phantom Tricolor Bernedoodle. Several breeders and dog owners often label their Phantom Tricolor Bernedoodle as a real Phantom Bernedoodle.
  7. DID YOU KNOW? The most beautiful Phantom Bernedoodles are the Merle Phantom Bernedoodles. They are so beautiful that anyone can become a fan. Merle is an unmistakable coloring, a solid light color coat like white, tan, or cream. These dogs have patches of merle over their eyebrows, muzzle, nose, neck, chest, legs, and paws. Merle Phantom Bernedoodles, though comes in the F1B generation category.
  8. DID YOU KNOW? Phantom Bernedoodles inherit the fading gene from their purebred Poodle parents. A Black and Tan Phantom Bernedoodle can fade to Beige and Gray. However, not every one of them carries the same, and they might not fade with age.
  9. DID YOU KNOW? The American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize phantom Bernedoodles. It is because organizations like AKC and British Kennel Club yet not consider a cross-breed as a recognizable dog breed.
  10. DID YOU KNOW? Phantom Bernedoodles like to talk and therefore make various efforts, including barking, moaning, winning, and more. However, despite how vocal they are, Bernedoodles aren’t noisy.
  11. DID YOU KNOW? Phantom Bernedoodles love splooting, and it is quite common for this breed. You will often watch them lays flat on their stomach with their back feet and legs stretched on the sides or behind.
  12. DID YOU KNOW? Large Bernedoodles, especially the ones with a curly or wavy coat, are super expensive to groom. Each session can cost more than $100.
  13. DID YOU KNOW? Phantom Bernedoodles can be stubborn and sensitive at the same time. Some of them might not take punishments very well.
  14. DID YOU KNOW? Phantom Bernedoodles can develop separation anxiety if left alone for a long.

Wrapping up…

If you are looking forward to getting home a Phantom Bernedoodle, you are on the right track. Whether you are a first-time dog keeper or have had much earlier, Bernedoodles will make your life happy and happening. These adorable, photogenic, and stunning teddy-like dogs won’t give you high time as pets and can get along with people of all age groups.