Black And Tan Dog Breeds

21 Black And Tan Dog Breeds You Must Know

The black colour resembles authority, power, and strength. Therefore, there is no other colour more significant than black. Moreover, it is also regarded as an elegant or prestigious colour. If you are a dog lover, you will see many dogs in black colour. Let us try to understand the black and tan dog breeds that you will see around. 

Black and tan dog breeds

Here is the list of 21 black and tan dog breeds

Miniature Pinscher: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • Miniature Pinscher is also known as the “King of Toys” due to its courageous and dignified demeanour
  • It has a black coat(not solid black) with tan marks around the chest, legs, eyebrows, mouth and ears.
  • Moreover, its most unique feature is the hackney gait. The gait resembles the stepping behaviour of the hackney horse. 
Miniature Pinscher

Chihuahua: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • This is one of the most popular lap dogs
  • Chihuahuas have black and tan coloured coat.
  • Moreover, it is a good pet dog and is small and compact
  • This breed is small in size but has good strength and is very protective

Rottweiler: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • This breed carries protective nature and at the same time is gentle and charming
  • Many humans don’t know how affectionate they are with kids and family
  • This breed is one of the most popular protection dogs in the world
  • Rottweilers have territorial instinct and can react aggressively to an uninvited guest
  • Their black and tan colour makes them more attractive

Dachshund: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • Dachshund is exactly opposite to Rottweiler in everything except their coat colour.
  • You can find them in many different colours but black and tan are the most common
  • The Dachshund has a stubborn mind. However, it can be easily manipulated with the right training

German Shepherd: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • GSD is an extremely versatile and devoted dog
  • You can find German Shepherds doing many jobs like guiding, rescuing, searching, military work, etc.
  • Black and tan are one of the most common colours
  • However, you can also find it in full black, black and red, blue, black and silver, black and cream, white,, stable, liver, and grey colour
German Shepherd

Affenpinscher: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • This is a toy variant of the Pinscher breed.
  • It does not look like Miniature Pinscher but it has a fluffy and long black coat
  • Affenpinscher is known for its humorous personality

Beagle: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • Beagle is very sluggish and portable
  • This breed is known for its scent-hounding skills that can distract it from other things it may be doing
  • Beagle comes in different colours but black and tan is the most common
  • This is a playful dog that can be a bit cautious of strangers
  • Beagle is not a good watchdog. Also, it is not easy to train a beagle as its focus is always on different scents

Black and tan Coonhound: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • This is one of the best-hunting dogs you will find.
  • Black and tan Coonhound has a beautiful black and tan coat and a good sense of smell.
  • This is a real American breed and was bred to hunt raccoons
  • Its best traits include the ability to work alone and a good sonorous bark. 
Black and tan Coonhound

Bernese mountain dog: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • This is one of the sweetest animals on the whole planet
  • Also, Bernese mountain dogs are one of the biggest dogs you will find
  • They have black and tan coat long hair
Bernese mountain dog

Beauceron: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • This is a black and tan, powerful dog that was bred to herd wild boar.
  • Beaucerons are quite fearless
  • It is also known as ‘bas-rouge’ which means ‘red stockings’ in french. This is due to their tan or red feet. 

Schipperke: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • This breed is from Belgium
  • It is a small black dog which is also known as a barge dog or ship dog
  • On ships, it was used to catch rats and guard supplies. 
  • This is why it is also called the ‘little captain dog’

Yorkshire Terrier: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • Yorkshire Terrier comes in different colours like black and tan with shiny coat.
  • Moreover, this is a high-energy dog suitable for houses with teens
  • This breed is very protective, loving, attention-seeking, and committed towards training. 
Yorkshire Terrier

Airedale Terrier: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • This breed is also known as the king of terriers
  • Airedale Terrier is one of the largest dogs in the Terrier family
  • Moreover, it has a wiry and hard black and tan coat that can protect it from small branches, water, and insects. 
  • One of the most interesting thing is that this breed has a rich military history
  • It was used for military services like scouts, guard dogs, ammunition carriers, messengers, vermin control, and sentries during World war I.
Airedale Terrier

Tibetan Mastiff: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • Tibetan Mastiff was bred to fight off bears, tigers, and wolves
  • You can say that this breed can protect you and your kids.
  • This is a huge dog weighing around 200 pounds
Tibetan Mastiff

English Toy Terrier: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • This breed is best at keeping the rat population down
  • Moreover, it is easy to train and full of energy. Therefore, this makes it a good companion for people who love to do outings and stay active.
  • English toy terrier has only black and tan coat
English Toy Terrier

Jagdterrier: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • This is a German Terrier.
  • It is very clever and can be a bit mischievous as well
  • With a high energy level, it needs a lot of daily exercises.
  • Jagderrier is a small dog

Prazsky Krysarik: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • This is a small-sized dog with large ears
  • It comes in a long or short coat with black and tan as a major colour variant
  • Moreover, it has a good sense of scent hounding.
  • They have immense prey cravings that make them hunt squirrels and rats
  • PK is an obedient, intelligent, and calm dog with a playful nature.

Scottish Terrier: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • This breed is energetic, spirited, and independent.
  • Moreover, it is a proud dog and very human-like
  • The Scottish Terrier has a soft and dense undercoat, intense eyes, and erect ears.

Lancashire Heeler: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • This canine has a long body, upright ears, and short legs
  • Moreover, it is a black and tan double-coated dog with a cheerful nature.
  • Also, sometimes it can be aggressive and territorial sometimes

Hovawart: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • Hovawart is an energetic and big dog that loves to spend time outdoors
  • Also, it does not bark much so you will not get disturbed at night
  • It comes in black and tan coat colour

Black Norwegian Elkhound: Black And Tan Dog Breed

  • This dog breed was bred in Norway
  • It was bred to take down a few big and bad games in town
  • Black Norwegian Elkhound is a small-sized dog that helps to hunt moose and bears.

Final words

Coat colour might not be the major determinant for deciding on a pooch companion.

But if it is, then one of these black and tan canine breeds on the list can make it easy for you to choose a pet

Many of these dogs have a normal temper, while a few may also require excessive or early training and socialisation.

Nonetheless, every doggy desires training and socialization to be in their exceptional behaviours with their owners.

I hope you enjoyed the article. I will be back soon with more interesting and informative pieces of writing. Till then, stay connected. Thank you.

What breed of dog is black and brown?

There are a few canines that are black and brown. These breeds include Dachshunds, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, etc. All these breeds have black and brown coats.

What should I name my black and brown dog?

Snoop Dog.

Do black and tans make good pets?

Yes, black and tans make good pets at home. For instance, lack and tan Coonhounds get along really well with other pets and children.