Mites On Rats Home Remedies: 101 Guide

In today’s article, we are going to talk about Mits on rats’ home remedies. A high number of mites can harm your rat to a great extent. They also create an itchy sensation on the rat’s skin and make them go mad about it.

Let us see how to get rid of mites on rats. 

How To Get Rid Of Mites On My Rat? Causes And Cure

Causes of rat Mites

Mites present in small numbers do not cause any problems. However, it becomes concerning if the rat is stressed and suffering from any issue that decreases his immune system.

When the immunity is low, or the rat is weak due to other health issues and is unable to self-groom, the mites population increases to an extent that they can complicate the skin. At that point, you have to take action to treat the infestation before getting even more worst. 

Cure For rat Mites

  1. Talk to the vet before giving any medication to your pet.
  2. You can use a small amount of Xenex topical solution on your pet rat. It is formulated especially for small animals. Apply it to the coat. Monitor the pet to ensure it does not lick the solution. 
  3. Give your pet a small quantity of Ivermectin paste. It is usually used for horses, but it can also treat lice and mites on rats. Use it very carefully as it is easy to overdose on your rat. It is available even without a vet prescription online or in stores. 
  4. You can use revolution to treat lice, fleas, and mites under a vet’s supervision. It is a liquid medication to kill parasites. However, an alternative treatment is required after  20 days.

Mites on Rat’s Home Remedy

Animal oil

Coat your rat with animal oil to suffocate the mites and lice. Here you can also use vegetable oil and other oils that are safe for rats. 

Many rat owners use olive oil and it works great. After applying the oil, wait for 5 minutes and gently wash your pet with soap.

This will remove the excess oil, dead bugs, parasite droppings, and dirt. 

Moreover, it will clean any wound from the mites. Repeat this for 8 weeks as the mites life cycle is of 8 weeks. 

Proper Sanitation

Sanitize everything with a bleach solution. Then dust all areas with diatomaceous earth. It is capable of dicing the parasites and is completely harmless for rats. Don’t worry if your rat consumes it.

Diatomaceous earth can kill internal parasites as well. Moreover, it also supplies nutrients and minerals like SIlica. 

On the top of the diatomaceous earth and apply petroleum jelly to the scabby area. It dehydrates the parasite, while the petroleum jelly suffocates them so that they cannot breathe. 

fresh bedding and food

Buying fresh food and bedding can help to prevent mites. Make sure you are purchasing the right bedding for your pet. Be more attentive towards buying food and bedding.

Freeze them for 24 hours before using them. Freezing kills any parasites present in the object.

Revolution dosages in pet rats

Tube colorPet weightConcentrationAmount of product dosage for rat
Mauve<5 lb60 mg/ml  150.1 ml/lb
Purple      5.1 lb to 10 lb120 mg/ml  300.05 ml/lb
Blue     5.1 lb to 15 lb60 mg/ml 450.1 ml/lb
Red 20.1 lb to 40 lb120 mg/ml 1200.05 ml/lb
Tea   140.1 lb to 85 lb120 mg/ml  2400.05 ml/lb
Plum    85.1 lb to 130 lb120 mg/ml120 + 2400.05 ml/lb
Brown       10.1 lb to 20 lb 120 mg/ml 600.05 ml/lb

How did my rats get mites?

Mites are very common in rats. In a normal situation, mites are present in small quantities and do not create any problems. However, if the quantity rises, it can create problems for your rat. 

The best thing is, most common skin mites are not bloodsuckers. Moreover, they produce no signs. Therefore, there is usually a no serious health issue. 

Symptoms of mites on rat

Symptoms of mites are – 

What Are The Signs Of Mites?

Mites can lead to red bumps on the skin along with the following respiratory symptoms:

  • Itchy or watery eyes
  • Cough
  • Wheezing
  • Chest tightness
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Itchy nose, throat, or mouth
  • nasal

Why do my rats have mites?

Mites are usually present in small numbers and cause no harm to the rat. However, if their count increases, then you have to take action. Mites count increases when your rat’s immunity is low, unable to self-groom or is stressed.  

This will suddenly increase the mites count in your rat and your rat may face skin inflammation or irritation. Then you have to take clinical help to reduce them.

Can you see mites on rats?

Mites are very small and are not visible to the naked eye. You can see them with a magnifying glass or under a microscope. Most of these parasites feed on plants or other insects and animals. The most common mite that feeds on humans and rats is the tropical rat mite. 

How Long Do Rat Mites Live?

Since mites can live up to 6 weeks without a host, they can live for some time after the rodent dies. 

Can Rat Mites Live In Clothes?

Rat mites do not infest our clothing, hair, and skin but can bite us. Moreover, they can also cause itchiness and irritation.

For this, frequently wash your clothes, bedsheets, and other fabrics to ensure rat mites are wiped out. Also, make sure you seal all the cracks and holes in your house.

Do Rat Mites Go Away On Their Own?

Some professionals say that rat mites can go away on their own to 6 weeks after properly feeding on the rat. After 6 weeks their lifecycle gets completed. 

How To Treat Ear Mange Mites In Rats?

You can treat ear-mange mites in rats by applying a parasite-killing spray or dust. Moreover, the medicine can be in a form of a solution. Therefore, you can give it by mixing it with drinking water. 

Why is my rat so itchy? Is it infestation?

Rat owners think scratching or itching is normal. However, if this continues for a long period and you see marks on your rat, it is not normal. He might be having a parasite problem or be allergic to things in his food or cage. 

If you are worried about it, here is something you need to know –

Itching or scratching can be due to various reasons. Some of those reasons are normal and others are a bit serious. The serious ones may need professional assistance. 

How do I get rid of rodent mites in my house?

The best way to get rid of rodent mites in your house is to go for pest control. Before that, you must have to confirm that there are mites present in your house. The initial sign of the presence of mites is biting. Hence, finding and collecting them is the best way to start. 

To do this, use tissue paper and dip it in rubbing alcohol. This removes the mites from your skin. Once you have collected them, keep the tissue in a plastic container. 

You can also use sticky tape around the house to capture mites. Once you have caught them, you can contact pest control to verify the exact type of pest problem and the best way to kill them. 

There are different methods and techniques you can do to control mite infestation. However, the best way is to hire pest control professionals to tackle the problem.

They will properly evaluate the pest problem and find the best method to get rid of mite infestation.