is witch hazel safe for cats?

Is Witch Hazel Safe To Use on Cats? [15+ Cat Safe Herbs]

Are you also an over-possessive cat parent like me who can’t take a chance when it comes to your furry baby’s health? If you’re, then this guide is going to be advantageous for you as here, we are going to talk about your most searched term “is witch hazel safe for cats?” or not.

As said above, I can’t afford to take a chance on my cat’s health and that’s why I have not only made in-depth research but also consulted veterinarians before coming up with this post.

Thus, you can highly rely on the information provided below and keep your cat safe and healthy. So, let’s get started.

What is Witch Hazel?

Witch Hazel or Hamamelis is basically a plant that is mainly used in making medicines.

The leaf, bark and twigs of the plant are beneficial in many medical conditions such as diarrhea, cancer, tumors, and more.

Other than these life-threatening diseases, it is also used for itching, pain, and other skin-related problems.

Witch hazel for cats

As mentioned above, witch hazel is highly effective and recommended for skin-related issues and in cats, you would find itching is the most common issue.

If you own a cat, you may find her/him itching frequently and that could cause Allergic dermatitis which is a kind of skin irritation. That is when people consider using witch hazel for cats.

Is Witch hazel safe for cats?

In general, the answer is NO. Witch hazel is not safe for your cat as whatever you apply to your cat, they would lick it off immediately as they don’t prefer being smelt differently.

Most of the time when I put a spray or medicine on my cats, I keep an eye to ensure that they aren’t licking it as eating such things would surely be harmful to them.

Can I put witch hazel on my cat’s wound?

No, you should never try putting witch hazel on your cat’s wound as it could lead to some major issues if it goes into your cat’s bloodstream. Know that your cat is not as capable of taking the same medication as you.

They’re sensitive and they most of the time lick whatever you apply to them in order to clean themselves.

Thus, you should never wipe up a wound with witch hazel when it comes to your cat.

If the injury isn’t serious, your cat will get okay within a few days as your cat’s saliva contains enzymes that are like a natural anti-biotic and works as guarding against infection.

What to do if my cat licks witch hazel?

Consult a vet. If your cat has licked witch hazel mistakenly, then it is an emergency situation as consuming witch hazel is highly toxic for cats and can cause death as well.

Since witch hazel plants contain tannins and many such phenol-based acids, you should keep your cat away from the witch hazel plant, tinctures, and teas produced from it.

Can I use witch hazel on my cat’s acne?

No, it is not advisable to use witch hazel on your cat’s acne. However, most people prefer using it as applying witch hazel on your cat’s acne will make the acne disappear in a few moments only.

However, it is not advisable or safe as if your cat swallows the witch hazel, it could be deathly for them.

Instead, you can try using apple cider vinegar or high-quality cat acne wipes available on the market for curing acne.

Also, aloe vera is highly effective and is termed as a natural remedy too. There are many other medications available too that you must buy after a proper consultation to cure the acne of your cat.

What happens when my cat swallows witch hazel?

In most of the cases, the generic symptoms found are vomiting that gets okay within a few days and a proper medication after consulting with a vet.

However, if it is swallowed in a big amount, your cat may get fatal and that is why using witch hazel is not worth the risk.

cat dermatitis and Witch hazel

Witch hazel as said above works well when it comes to cat dermatitis which is an allergic condition in cats.

Its spray and lotions are available in the market that would go off so quickly that your cat won’t get a chance to swallow them.

You can surely use those for the allergic skin condition of your cat. Other than that, you can also upgrade your regular cat food to a high-quality one and include wet food that also works as a remedy.

Additionally, you can also omega 3 fatty rich oils like flaxseed oil or fish oil on your cat’s skin to cure the disease. Brushing your cat hair regularly and taking care of the cleanliness will also aid.

Can I use witch hazel for cat fleas?

Yes, although using witch hazel is not safe for cats, using witch hazel for cat fleas is effective.

However, you need to know the proper solution for using it, and to make it,

  • you need to have a half-gallon of water,
  • one gallon of vinegar,
  • eight ounces of witch hazel,
  • and 16 ounces of lemon juice and mix them all together.

And now spray this mixture around your home and in places where your cat mostly sits.

You can also spray this on your cat’s hair coat and give it a rub with your hands. Don’t use it too frequently but if needed, repeat it as and when required.

Is witch hazel safe for the cat’s ear?

Though there are many medications available on the market that proves that witch hazel works effectively on your cat’s skin and ear-related problems, it is not going to work for ear mites. Thus, you should not use it for your cat’s ear.

Is witch hazel safe for cats’ eyes?

Well, To Be Frank, Never administer or apply witch hazel on cats’ eyes or any sensitive areas because they have incredibly sensitive skin, and the witch hazel has a fairly good chance to get into the feline bloodstream while wiping wounds.

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Wrapping up

I hope all your questions related to witch hazel for cats are solved now. If not, please comment down and let us know your question in the comment section. I would get back to you ASAP.