How To Breed A Silver Lab Effectively

How To Breed A Silver Lab Effectively? 101 Guide

Silver Labradors are just another lab instead of the ones with striking coat colors. Their greyish silver coat makes these Labradors stand out in the crowd. Not just that, but because of this unique color, a lot of dog enthusiast wants Silver Labs.

Do you know what it takes to breed a Silver Labrador?

Silver Labradors are Silver because they have two recessive genes, the ‘dilution gene’ that dilutes their coat color. Silver Labradors are actually a diluted version of Chocolate Labradors, and organizations like the American Kennel Club and more recognize them under Chocolate Labs only. There’s no separate or different recognition for Silver Labs since they are one of the light/ diluted versions of Chocolate Labradors only.

However, breeding a Silver Labrador isn’t as straightforward as breeding a Chocolate, Yellow, or Black Labrador. One cannot just breed two Chocolate Labradors for accidentally getting a Silver Labrador. Instead, getting a Silver Labrador takes health standards, quality parameters, and a selection of healthy dogs.

How To Breed A Silver Lab Effectively

Come, let’s learn more about it.

Beyond their coat color, everything about Silver Labradors and Labradors, in general, are the same. Each of them has a thick, water-resistant coat, excellent ability to swim, broad head, stocky build, and a very charming personality.

Silver Labradors, though, require a bit of extra attention right from their breeding to keeping them as pets.

How are Silver Labradors produced?

Silver Labradors, even after decades of their introduction, are very rare. Why? Because for breeding a Silver Labrador, it takes two Chocolate or Silver Labradors carrying the right recessive gene.

Recessive genes basically mean the dilute genes that dilute the typical brown color of those Chocolate Labradors. However, since it is still difficult to breed healthy puppies by a double recessive gene, Silver Labradors are yet rare and more expensive than all other three Labrador types.

How to Breed a Silver Labrador effectively?

For getting Silver Lab litter, a breeder can take one Silver Labrador, two Silver Labradors, or no Silver Labradors at all.

It is a common myth that only Silver Labradors can produce Silver Lab litters. However, as long as two Chocolate Labradors carry a double recessive dilute gene, their litter has a chance of being Silver.

Breeding two Silver Labradors, a Silver and Chocolate Labrador, or two Chocolate Labradors (with diluted genes) can result in silver Lab litters.

However, despite following any of these combinations, there is no guarantee that the dog will birth only silver puppies. Depending upon the dominance of genetics, the color of the dog still remains a secret until birth.

Breeding a Silver Labrador

While breeding Silver Labradors, dilute genes are definitely important, but that’s not the only important factor. Dog breeding is a very sensitive matter, and it involves a lot of challenges and risks.

Not all dogs can participate in the reproduction process, and there are a lot of things to consider before actually involving two canines.

For instance, Before you breed Silver Labradors, it is important to ensure that both dogs are perfectly fit, healthy and defect-free. Both dogs should attain a health certificate from a veterinarian and must be vaccinated at the same time. A Vet can ensure whether both the dogs are fit to mate and whether the Female is fit to reproduce or not.

Silver Labradors or Chocolate Labradors participating in the breeding procedure should be civilized, friendly, active, and alert. Both males and females must have the success rate of previous breeding sessions. The Female must have a record of deliveries with standards. In addition, it is really important to select dogs who remain cool, calm, and composed throughout the mating and reproduction process.

However, the most important consideration is the ‘Dilute gene.’ 

Silver Labradors come from breeding a pair of Chocolate Labradors having dilute genes. You cannot just breed any two Chocolate Labs and hope to get Silver litter.

Chocolate Labradors or Silver Labradors who have a pair of Dilute genes at the Dilute locus – DD, Dd, or dd can make Silver puppies. Silver Labs are a result of the ‘dd’ genotype. This dilute gene will override all the other colors and result in a beautiful Silver Labrador.

Breeding Silver Labradors- After Mating Care

While breeding two Labradors for getting a Silver Lab puppy, go with dogs who are friendly. Or, allow the dogs to mingle before you make them go through the mating season. Friendliness helps in smooth and hassle-free mating.

Once you are done with mating two Labradors, do not let the Female go free very early. Since the dog is still in its heat, the chances of cross-mating with another male dog are still high. And if that happens, it can spoil the breeding quality and the entire breeding process altogether.

Proper aftercare during the early days of conceiving and mating will result in healthy purebred litters.

In addition, physical stimulation, regular health checkup, a highly nutritious diet, and Vet follow-ups are extremely important for the female Labrador.

Silver Labradors Breed Summary Table

Breed Labrador Retriever
Color Silver, grey, diluted brown
Category Chocolate Labrador
Height 24.5’’ inches Male

23.5 inches Female

Weight 70 lbs Male

50 lbs Female

Lifespan 10 to 14 years
Temperament Friendly, Loving, Playful, and Energetic
Price $1,200 to $2,500 or more

What is the best age to breed a female Labrador?

The best age to breed a female Labrador is between 2 to 8 years. A lot of experts also suggest breeding as soon as the female Lab turns 8 months or right after the first heat cycle, but giving some extra time would help in the healthier litter.

Can a chocolate lab have silver puppies?

Yes, Chocolate Labs with dilute genes ‘dd’ can give birth to Silver puppies. However, until the litter is born, estimating its coat color is slightly tricky.

Can Silver Labs be purebred? Are Silver Labradors cross-breed?

Many accuse Silver Labradors of mixed breed dogs, but in reality, Silver Labradors are purebred. They, in fact, are a diluted version of Chocolate Labrador. The American Kennel Club does not recognize Silver Labradors as separate but under the Chocolate Labrador category.

Wrapping up…

That was all about breeding a Silver Labrador. However, despite all the knowledge, it is always important to breed two dogs under certified breeders’ guidance. This would help in breeding healthy puppies while keeping the dogs healthy as well.