Golden Retriever Breeding Age Male vs Female

Golden Retriever Breeding Age: Male Vs. Female

If you own a pet Golden Retriever, you may have thought of breeding it at least once in a while. And since Breeding is an integral part of a dog’s life, you must give this idea a thought. But is breeding dogs really that easy? What about the right age for Golden Retriever to breed? Well, we will find out that sooner in this article.

It is important to look over the question, “What is the right breeding age for male and female Golden Retrievers?”. If you are planning to breed your Golden Retriever, make sure the male dog is at least 12 months (1 year) old and the female dog is at least around 18 to 24 months (about two years) old. This is because male Retrievers are giant, and they mature (physically) faster than female Retrievers. There, of course, are few to many biological differences between both genders. Let’s shed light upon the same.

How Old Does A Male Golden Retriever Need To Be To Breed?

A Male Golden Retriever can reproduce as early as he turns six months of age. Male dogs do not follow a hormonal cycle, and therefore depending upon their physical growth, they may become fertile and sexually active quite early in life. However, it is important to wait until the male retriever turns 12 months (1 year) for healthy Breeding and reproduction.

Even though breeding a male dog is a simple concept but letting the dog gain physical, mental, and sexual maturity is extremely important. It even isn’t human to force breed Male Golden Retriever at a young age of 6 months. Doing so may lead to growth problems in the puppies as well.

Golden Retriever Breeding Age Male vs Female

How Do You Know When A Male Golden Lab Is Ready To Mate?

Whether your Male Golden Labrador or Retriever is ready to mate or not depends highly upon his fertility, health, age, and genetic traits. Male dogs should only breed once they are at least one year old (Waiting a few months more will allow them to develop their fertility better). Early Breeding is also harmful since several health checkups can’t be performed on dogs until they turn two years old. 

To ensure your male dog is ready to mate, firstly, wait until he reaches the age of sexual maturity. 

Next, before you begin breeding your Male dog, make sure he does not have any health issues. From blood tests to urinalysis and bone checkups, these tests will make sure your male dog is fit and healthy to breed.

However, if the tests show something negative, there are chances that the male dog may pass the diseases to his litter as genetics. Therefore, avoid breeding dogs with hereditary problems.

TIP: Consider running a genetic test, and it will unfold answers to many questions in front of you.

Now get your dog’s fertility test checked. Even though they may reach the age of sexual maturity, some of them may experience difficulties with Breeding or even infertility. Therefore, take your male dog to a certified Vet and confirm if your dog is fertile or not.

The Vet will perform certain tests or a physical examination of your male dog’s genital, reproductive anatomy, and prostate. For dogs who are old enough to mate, the Vet may also examine their $perm count and their health. 

Here if the fertility tests allow, you can breed your male dog. However, if the fertility test raises some questions, you might have to wait for about a year before breeding your dog successfully. Fertility through improves with age, but at times the Vet might also suggest you some supplements for your dog. 

How Old Does A Male Dog Have To Be To Get A Female Pregnant?

Male dogs are capable of getting a female dog pregnant at an early age of 5 months.

Since the male reproductive cycle is different and less complex than females, they can be capable of siring puppies quite young.

However, a male dog will turn more fertile and gain better mental growth once they turn 12 to 15 months old. 

Can A 8-Month-Old Male Puppy Get A Female Dog Pregnant?

Yes, male dogs usually begin puberty from the age of 5 to 8 months, and it is when they can get a female dog pregnant. However, many veterinarians recommend pushing Breeding to a later time, especially by the age when your male dog turns at least a year old.

This recommendation comes with a lot of variation in terms of the dog’s age, breed, maturity, fitness, fertility, and genetics.

Furthermore, many veterinarians advise getting your male dogs vaccinated before you begin breeding them. This is a very important part of healthy Breeding and gaining healthier puppies.

At What Age Can A Golden Retriever Puppy Get Pregnant?

A Female Golden Retriever gains sexual maturity at the age of 18 to 24 months. However, they might get pregnant (even accidentally) before reaching the age of sexual maturity.

Getting pregnant depends on various factors, but with a female dog, their heat cycle has a very important role to play. A female dog, when in heat (if mate), can easily become pregnant.

This could happen at a very young age of 6 months, or for some, it may happen at the age of 18 to 24 months. However, early Breeding can lead to health complications for a female Golden Retriever puppy.

As per veterinarians, one should never breed their female Golden Retriever puppy before or during the dog’s first heat cycle. At this point, the dog isn’t fully developed, and early pregnancy can cause several health risks to both mother and litter.

Therefore, it is safe and advisable to wait until either your female dog reaches the age of 2 years or has experienced three heat cycles. 

Understanding Female Golden Retrievers Heat Cycle

If you aren’t up for experiencing failed pregnancy cycles with your Female Golden Retrievers, you must understand their Heat Cycle first. 

The heat Cycle or Canine Estrus is when a dog’s body prepares itself for potential conception or reproduction. This condition is also known as the Reproductive cycle, Breeding Phase or Period. It is similar to the Menstrual cycle in humans. 

A Female Golden Retriever stays in heat for about 3 to 4 weeks. The most fertile period is between the 10th to 14th day into heat. Therefore, it is better to try breeding the highest fertility period for a more successful outcome. 

Most female Golden Retrievers go into heat twice a year though some may experience it even once. 

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How Many Times Can A Golden Retriever Get Pregnant?

Golden Retriever or any other healthy dog can get ten times pregnant through her reproductive age, which means ten litters in her lifetime. However, most dogs can’t reach the maximum estimation of litter during their lifetime. It even isn’t healthy. 

According to veterinarians, the best and safest practice is 4 to 6 liters per dog throughout their lifetime. More than that, the dog may develop common reproductive-related difficulties like urine infection, recurrent mastitis, and more. Some female dogs may even reach a stage where they require C-section for delivery.

That is why reputable breeders retire female dogs soon, especially before they develop complications. Another sign of retiring a female dog for pregnancy is a drop in litter size which means a lesser number of puppies.

How Long Are Golden Retrievers Pregnant?

Female Golden Retrievers stay pregnant for 63 days on average, with a few days plus or minus. During the last few days before birth, you will be able to observe puppy movement in the abdomen. The dog will feel less hungry but more restless and anxious.

2 to 4 nights before her delivery, the pregnant dog will experience a drop in body temperature, and she will try digging on the floor.

Even if you have to concrete floor at home, the dog will try (unsuccessfully, of course) to dig through. They do so to deliver and keep their puppies safe. 

How Many Puppies Do Golden Retrievers Have In Their First Litter?

A Female Golden Retriever may experience a smaller litter size than many other large breeds in common. However, she may still give birth to about 4 to 12 puppies during her first litter. 

Do You Know? The largest known (Record) size of the first litter of Golden Retrievers is 17. At the same time, the smallest known (Record) size of the first litter of Golden Retrievers is one lone puppy.

Vets use ultrasound examination in order to determine the size of the litter. However, the major drawback is that the count is rarely accurate.

At What Age Should I Stop Breeding My Female Golden Retriever?

Your Female Golden Retriever is too old to breed by the age of 8 years. After the age of 7 to 8 years, most of them develop health issues, and their sperms are not viable. Not just that but kennel clubs too avoid registering puppies who are born to female dogs older than eight years old. 

Signs Golden Retrievers Should Stop Breeding

  • If the dog has already had more than four litter.
  • If the dog’s litter size is dropping.
  • If the dog is experiencing multiple miscarriages or has already faced complications like unplanned c-sections or prolonged labour and birth in early pregnancy. 
  • If the dog has developed health issues including Diabetes, Pyometra, and Hip dysplasia.
  • If the dog displays any inheritable health problems.
  • If the dog is no longer interested in mating.

Wrapping up…

Golden Retrievers are so popular currently, and that is why breeding them has become a hot topic. If you own any gender of this breed, you can contact a reputed and certified breeder for breeding your dog. The breeder will provide you with the right dog (male or female) and ensure a healthy mating scenario. Or, if any of your friends own Golden Retriever of another gender, they too might prove you of great help.