How Much Dog X-Ray Costs

How Much Dog X-Ray Costs in 2024?

How much do dog X-Ray Costs Are they Costly ? and which positions Dogs X-rays is Possible? If your Vet has recommended an X-ray for your dog, are already prepared to plop down a stack of cash. Isn’t it?

Dog X-ray is a common medical diagnosis. It provides a clear image of the dog’s chest, neck, jaw area, bones, and other internal body structures.

An X-ray will expose your dog to a small amount of radiation, but it is negligible and absolutely painless. But, How much dog an X-ray for Dogs costs?

Below is a complete guide on Dog X-ray costs, prices in different countries, and additional requirements. Have a look:

What is the average cost of X-rays for a dog?

The average cost of X-rays for a dog cost somewhere between $150 to $250.

Though generally depending upon the body part and other factors, dog X-rays can easily cost anywhere between $75 to $500.

The X-ray procedure for pets is pretty simple and is designed to create minimum discomfort.

However, since animals aren’t cooperative in such circumstances, the medical experts make sure to ease down the process to their best.

How much does a dog X-ray cost? Factors that influence dog X-ray

The price/ cost for a dog X-ray can be determined depending on various factors.

For instance, the area of the X-ray (body part), the veterinarian performing examination, the number of X-rays, if sedatives are required, your geographical location, and more.

Area of the X-ray (Body Part)

The location of injury or the body part where an X-ray is required to perform is a crucial factor in determining the cost.

For example, X-raying a dog’s paw, leg, or arm is easier, whereas X-raying a dog’s skull or tail is tricky.

Also, performing an X-ray of a dog’s hip and the head is difficult. Thus, while a paw’s X-ray will price less, a skull, hip, or tail X-ray will price more.

Number of X-rays/ Views

Even for examining the tiniest body part, a Vet might require multiple X-ray images.

Sedation/ Anaesthesia

Pup sedation or anesthesia comes in handy when the dog is either injured, in pain, or over-anxious.

Unfortunately, in any of these situations, he won’t be able to sit still and allow the Vet to perform the procedure.

And even with slight movement, it isn’t possible to get a clear X-ray. Thus, in circumstances when the dog needs to be relaxed, sedation becomes a must.

Geographical location of x-Ray

The geographical location where the X-ray was performed too is an influential factor.

For example, a dog X-ray costs nearly $20 in India, whereas the same costs $150 in California.

Whether the area is urban or rural, how qualified the Vet is, how modern the diagnostic center is, and other factors can influence the cost.

Dog X-Ray Costs at Vets clinic
Dog X-Ray Costs at Vets clinic

How Much Do Dog X-rays Cost at the Vet?

Though X-ray cost at Vet or Diagnosis center doesn’t generally differ, some factors might influence the same at times.

Usually, X-rays are quite a simple procedure that your Vet/ Diagnosis expert alone can perform. However, in some cases, a Vet needs a radiologist for a second opinion.

Radiologists are the specialist doctors who are trained for performing medical examinations, including X-rays, MRI, CT, ultrasound, and angiography.

Since they are experts in this field, a Vet might need them to capture things that he isn’t able to. And thus, the need for a radiologist can increase the cost of X-rays (as a radiologist’s fee).

How much do dog X-rays cost in the US?

In the USA, the typical cost of X-rays in dogs is about $75 to $500. Since the range has a vast difference, several factors influence the same. The pet diagnosis centers/ Vet in urban and metropolitan regions generally charge more.

At the same time, the one in rural areas and the countryside charges less. Vets who work with regular healthcare centre does procedure for less price, whereas standalone Vet clinics charge more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog X-Ray Costs based on body parts
Dog X-Ray Costs based on positions

X Ray costs For Dogs Various Positions

What is the correct dog X-ray positioning? The positioning of your dog for an X-ray depends upon which part of the X-ray has to be performed. Though usually, the Vet wants the dog to lie down on his side calmly.

Besides that, depending upon the body part, the Vet and his assistant will turn the dog accordingly.

1) How much does a dog’s leg X-ray cost?

How much does a dog’s paw X-ray cost? Since performing an X-ray on a dog’s legs and paws is easy, it won’t cost much. On average, the medical bill will fall anywhere between $70 to $150.

However, if the dog is in pain and is not standing still, he will require sedation. And the same can increase $100 to $150 in your medical bill.

2) How much does a dog’s X-ray stomach cost?

Dog’s X-ray for the stomach can cost anywhere between $200 to $500. This is because most of the time, before an X-ray, the Vet will give want the dog to drink a liquid called barium.

It is basically a contrast agent, and the more contrast, the better X-ray images a radiologist will get to visualize. Barium contrasts the digestive tract and helps for closer and better observation.

Usage of this liquid alone can increase the price of a stomach X-ray.

3) Pneumonia dog X-ray- How does it help?

If your dog is diagnosed with Pneumonia and is suffering from cough, reach your Vet for help. In extreme cough condition, the Vet will perform thoracic radiographs (chest X-rays) that helps in viewing the lungs.

And with those images, he will examine whatever is going on with your dog’s lungs and proceed with the treatment accordingly.

4) Osteosarcoma dog X-ray- Does it help?

Osteosarcoma is a type of bone cancer that begins in the cells that form bones. No X-rays alone cannot help diagnose osteosarcoma in dogs. So instead, the Vet will perform a physical and Orthopedic examination along with an X-ray.

5) Hip dysplasia dog X-ray Cost is it possible?

Yes, for examining Hip Dysplasia, OFA radiographs (X-rays) have been performed for several years.

The Vet or radiologist takes an X-ray of the dog’s hip in a standard extended hip position for the same.

Can I See My Dog’s X-rays?

Yes, most Vets allow dog owners to present at the center where an X-ray is going to perform on their dog.

This is because, firstly, the presence of the owner helps the dog stay calm, and secondly, it isn’t a medical procedure that can’t allow the owner to examine it all.

Though some vets might charge extra in case you ask for a soft copy of the X-ray.

Are X-rays Bad for Dogs? How to spend less on a dog X-ray?

No, not at all. X-rays offer diagnostic benefits, and since there is minimal radiation exposure, they aren’t hazardous as well.

Tips and Tricks to adjust your dog’s X-rays to your budget

A dog X-ray can cost you much in some cases. And since medical expenses are something most individuals aren’t prepared for, the stress is pretty apparent. Though fortunately, there are a few things that can help you cut down the cost. For instance:

  • If the X-ray isn’t for an essential medical procedure, you can let it perform at any academic hospital. The cost of X-ray and other medical examinations here is low on charge.
  • Find an affordable veterinarian by calling around a lot of them. You can find the phone numbers of a veterinarian on google. Call them all and ask for the price. Further, visit the one that is reliable and perform the diagnosis for a lesser amount.
  • Ask your pet parent friends for suggestions.
  • Or, most importantly, consider pet health insurance. It will offer substantial discounts for items such as X-rays and will cut down on your expenses a little.

Wrapping up…

Owning a dog is no less nurturing than a human. Therefore, you have to look for care and all kind (most) of human needs. Especially when it comes to medical expenses, dog owners aren’t left to rest.

Thus, before you think of bringing a canine home, make sure you look for some reliable pet health insurance as well. It will help you a lot in the long run.