Birman cat for Adoption? A Complete Guide in 2022

birman cats for adoption

How do I adopt a Birman? Are Birman cats friendly? Well, If you like the pointy patterns of the Siamese cats but not their high-pitched voice, a Birman is a good option for you. Birmans are gentle, make little noise, and love to follow people around the house. You can expect your Birman to be curious about everything you’re doing while not being as bossy as the Siamese. However, being docile doesn’t mean they are not smart. Birman’s are highly intelligent and curious.

They love exploring their environment and have been known to get wedged underneath floors and explore the roof of cars. Always make sure where your Birman is at. If you want to have this amazing breed in your life, know the facts behind Birman cats for adoption to see whether you should go for a Birman from a breeder or a rescue.

Birman cats for adoption vs. purchasing

How Much Does a Birman Cost?

If you will adopt a Birman, prepared to shell out $75-$150 to adopt a Birman.

The option of buying a Birman from the breeder can be prohibitive and cost you $700-$1000.

Where Can I Adopt a Birman?

The best way to adopt a Birman is through a rescue that focuses on Birman breeds.

The best place to start looking would be a Birman rescue website. The search will reveal all the available Birmans near you.

Birman Shelters and Rescues

There are tons of great Birman cats for adoption at animal shelters or rescues.

Where Can I Find a Birman Breeder?

It is recommended you rescue a Birman or any cat for that matter before going to a breeder. There are tons of homeless cats all over the country, and many of them are purebred and need to be rehomed.

Adopting Birman cats for adoption can change your life. Not only will you be to help an abandoned or unwanted cat, but you will also be a proud cat parent.

If you want to go the option of buying a Birman from a breeder, it is safer to buy a kitten from a breeder with a good reputation. When negotiating with a breeder, make sure that they genetically test their animals. You should also verify your kitten’s health information.

It is also crucial that the breeder will allow you to return any pets if, for any reason, you cannot care for them anymore. The breeder should commit to looking after and rehoming these pets.

You may have to travel far, up to several hundred miles, to find a top-notch breeder that can give you a quality purchase. In addition to that, you will be shelling out top dollar. If you go the adoption route, you can use the extra money to buy cat toys already aside from the Birman cat.

Pros and Cons of Birman cats for adoption

Pro: Birman kittens for adoption Are Cute

There is no use beating around the bush. Birman cats for adoption are one of the cutest sights in the world, and everyone knows it. A lot of people would wish they had kittens around them all the time.

Birman cats for adoption will have rounded, imploring eyes. The sounds they make are also irresistible and soothing. They have ultra-soft and furry little bellies that can soften any man.

The kitten stage only lasts for a few months up to a year, but if you get to experience this stage of your cat’s life, you will never forget it.

Con: Birman kittens for adoption Are Destructive

Expect your Birman cats for adoption to ruin your life a bit. They will not be messing up all of it, but only parts of it: the physical parts. If you decided on Birman cats for adoption, they might damage or destroy items around your house.

Birman cats for adoption are similar to human babies and are naturally and instinctively motivated to explore their surroundings.

In contrast to human babies, kittens have mobility, and they have razor-sharp teeth and paws, so you can only imagine how that plays out.

Pro: Birman kittens Are Playful

Birman cats for adoption will play with you when they feel like it. The majority of the time, however, kittens prefer to relax, snuggle with you, and they wouldn’t be super active.

It can be frustrating to initiate play with a cat to fulfill their need for exercise. It will be different with kittens. You will find that your kittens are highly driven playmates.

Get various toys, such as bowls, teasers, and feathers. Unless your kitten is sleeping, it is likely to be moving around.

Con: Birman kittens Have Tons of Energy

Expect your kittens to be hyperactive even if you don’t want them to, especially if you are napping. Kittens can start playing as early as the wee dawn hours.

If you accidentally wiggle your toes as you sleep, your kitten may sink its claws on it thinking it’s a toy.

Pro: Birman kittens Are Healthy

Similar to humans, cats start developing maladies when they reach middle age. Eliminating congenital disease, kittens are generally healthy.

By adopting Birman cats for adoption early in its life, you increase the amount of time you get to spend with your cats while in their prime years.

In those initial years, you will be the one challenged to keep up with your kitten and its energy levels rather than the other way around.

Con: You Have to Pay for a Birman kitten’s Medical Upkeep

Although kittens may be young and healthy, it doesn’t mean owners can get away from skipping vet consultations. Newborn kittens will need tons of medical care to get them prepared for the world.

Aside from checkups, it would help if you also considered vaccinations and deworming and, of course, spay or neutering procedures.

These cost money, and you will be responsible as a kitten owner. If you adopt adult Birman cats for adoption, many of their health and medical issues will have already been taken care of.

Pro: You Get to Watch Your Birman kitten Grow Up

When you adopt Birman cats for adoption as a kitten, you will be with your pet for the entirety of its life. You get to watch your kitten mature from a hyperactive kitten into a confident young cat into a laid-back, mellow senior.

You will discover everything about your cat and all that it has been through since it went through those events with you by its side. Also, don’t forget that you can create a photo collection that narrates your pet’s entire life.

Con: You Have to Watch Your Birman kitten Constantly

Cats are extremely affectionate than they are given credit for since they can be loners and independent.

During the kitten stage, you should be vigilant with them since they will be prone to making mischief that can endanger their own safety.

Kittens have a knack for getting into things that they are not supposed to. Keeping them away from trouble can be an exhausting effort.

Pro: You’ll Have More Years with a Birman kitten

Since we have already discussed kitten health and how you will have more time with your cat during this stage when monitoring and maintaining their health isn’t such a crucial part of both your lives.

However, it’s also worth noting that adopting Birman cats for adoption as kittens increase the number of total years you’ll spend with them.

The lifespan of cats is short, and they will only reach up to 15 years. Every owner will want to spend time with their cats as long as possible before they transition to the other side.

CON: you are responsible for your Birman kitten’s training

You may be expecting that adopting Birman cats for adoption as a kitten will be all about sunshine and rainbows. It is not so. In addition to all the good stuff, there will also be a lot of hard work at hand.

Training a kitten wouldn’t be as time-consuming and intense as puppy training, but your kitten will need to know how to behave. On the other hand, adopting a Birman cat for adoption as an adult means it is already trained to use basic things such as the litter box and probably even know basic rules such as not jumping on tables and furniture.

Things you’ll need for your Birman Cats For Adoption

Prior to the arrival of your kitten, make sure that you have everything ready to care for them and assist them in settling into their new home. The following are some essentials you should prepare.


Create a safe and cozy nest for your cat to sleep on. Some kittens will like to change their sleeping areas regularly, so make sure that you have more than one sleeping nook ready.

Cat carrier

Pick a firm, stable carrier that is dark or covered with a blanket and is roomy enough to accommodate your growing kitten.

Food and water bowls

A lot of cats will go for porcelain, glass, or stainless-steel material for their bowls. Again, more than one is adjusted to allow your cat a choice when it comes to water bowls.

Kitten food

In the initial weeks, stick to the food the previous caretaker gave to your cat.


Ensure that your kitten has an identification tag and select one that can be adjusted to your growing kitten. Collars that have breakaway features are suggested to prevent your kitten from getting stuck.

 Litter box

An enclosed tray is best for reducing spills and fumes. It would help if you also bought a scoop to remove droppings.

Cleaning equipment

Make sure you apply a nonhazardous and scentless cleaning material for any emergencies and accidents.

Grooming equipment

Pick a brush or comb that is a match to your kitten’s coat and purchase nail clippers as well.

Hygiene equipment

Chose toothbrushes and toothpaste made, especially for cats. A finger toothbrush is recommended.

Scratching post

Protect your furniture by giving your cat or kitten a place to scratch.

Cat tree

Trees with at least a couple of branches will inspire your cat to exercise and offer them mental stimulation.


Choose toys from a good supplier that can boost your kitten’s motivation to stalk, jump, and pounce.

How to kitten-proof your house– Birman cats for adoption vs. purchasing

Kittens enjoy climbing, exploring, and hiding. Therefore, it is crucial to safeguard your home prior to bringing your kitten to ensure it will be safe. The following is a checklist to help you prepare.

Toxic houseplants

Several houseplants can be harmful to your Birman cats for adoption. Consult your vet for the entire list. Ideally, it would help if you eliminated them from your house before your kitten’s arrival.

How to kitten-proof your yard- Birman cats for adoption vs. purchasing

Initially, your kitten will be reluctant to go outside. However, it is crucial to ensure that your yard is kitten safe and ready for your kitten. The following is a checklist of what you should do.

Fencing and gates

Sooner or later, your kitten will have the ability to climb over high fences and gates. However, if your yard is fully covered, it is worth ensuring no gaps and holes they can pass through while their bodies are still small.

The best kitten food to begin with– Birman cats for adoption

Your Birman cats for adoption will have a digestive system that is extra sensitive. Changing their diets regularly could give them stomach troubles and even make them suspicious of their food. Initially, it is best to give them the same diet their previous caretaker fed them.

Choosing the correct food for your kitten is vital since it will help promote their health and development. As kittens grow, they need an exact balance of nutrients in each stage. Make sure their food will include protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Final Thoughts

Birman cats are a unique breed. If you have gotten hooked with their mesmerizing looks and will want one as a companion, you will find that there might be limited sources for Birman cats for adoption.

You have to make extensive research over the Internet for reputable breeders and rescue centers.

To get the best Birman cats for adoption you may have to travel long distances. However, once you’ve found the perfect Birman that captures your heart, life won’t be the same again.  

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