How cats took over the Web

Why Are Cats Popular On The Internet? How Cats Took Over the Web?

“Cat” is one of the most searched on Google and YouTube. In addition, they are also trendy on social media, standing millions of feline accounts with more than 20 billion followers. Therefore cats make up the single most popular category on the Internet. If you are looking to know: why are cats famous on the Internet? You are on the right site. 

In this article, we’ll not only be going to answer the question: why are cats popular on the Internet? But also, How do cats take over the Internet? We will further discuss a field guide to famous cats. Thus, let’s first know the answer to the first question: why are cats so popular on the Internet? 

Why Are Cats Popular On The Internet?

In the giant virtual Internet Park, cats get more traction online than dogs because of their furry nature and Ultra cuteness. Apart from these, cats are also one of the most popular pets worldwide. Plus, they are also trendy pets. They’re silent, self-reliant, affordable, and easy to care for. 

As the Internet is vast, millions of kitten channels are all over YouTube with thousands of videos. There are millions of feline accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Cats are acting like they pretty much own the site. 

Unfortunately, there is no definite reason cats are so famous all over the Internet or gain more than dogs. The cat being celebrated on the Internet is one of those propaganda machines that is ruthlessly killing thousands of hours a year of each individual. 

As nobody has ever been able to come up with an actual and definite answer to the attendant question: why are there so many cats on the Internet, I guess it is because cat owners are now able to flaunt their pets virtually and online compared to dog owners who exhibit their pet in the park. Dog owners have parks where they can bond with their pets, whereas cat owners lack this opportunity. 

Ever since the Internet has created a space for social gathering and interaction through a virtual Park, cat people have learned they are not alone by connecting with others online. With the bang of the Internet, pet owners, particularly cat owners, realize that they are not even in the minority. Let’s talk about how cats took over the Internet.

How did Cats take Over The Internet?

Cats took over the Internet through mesmerizing eyes, adorable cuteness, sweet little paws, fluffy coats, and a great body structure. As they are furry and soft to the touch, more & more people are attracted to these felines to adopt. In addition, cat videos are one of the most favorite visuals that melt all human beings who love cats. 

Cats’ natural beauty and majesty delight people’s hearts, making them adorable pets. The charm of cat videos has already crossed all boundaries of nationality, class, and gender; there is no medium left on the Internet where these felines’ imagery or videos are unavailable. 

According to recent studies, “cat” even surpassed many action movies and Disney cartoons as one of the most searched terms on the Internet. No soul can ignore a cute cat. 

If you are one of those who have never interacted with a cat individually or personally, I would recommend you to visit your nearby cat shelter. I can guarantee you will not be able to help yourself, and if not worse, you will return with a kitten at home. 

A Field Guide To Famous Cats: 11 World Most Famous Cats

Grumpy Cat. 

Do you know Grumpy cats is the internet name of the tartar sauce famous all over the Internet for the Grumpy expression on her face? The popularity of the Grumpy Cat came into the spotlight when its owner posted an image on the news site; Reddit. Reddit is one of the best social media that the brother of bundesen Bryan developed on 22nd September 2012. Surprisingly, the official Grumpy Cat page has more than 19 million followers.

Big Floppy.

Big Floppy is not a cat but the title of an actual photo. The photo was posted on Instagram with a different cat sitting on a window sill. Floppy became an Ironic memes collection based upon a cat named Gregory.

Colonel Meow.

TColonel meow’s first feature is that it was a hybrid/crossbreed. Colonel Meow was a Himalayan Persian mix featured in the newest Guinness World Record 2014 book. The Colonel’s meow fur is 9 inches long and was adopted by Anney Avey from the Seattle rescue center. Currently, colonel meow has millions of followers on numerous social media. Do you know Colonel Meow addresses his followers as Minion? 

Oskar and Klaus.

Oskar was an indoor cat who lived on a tiny property at the lowest hill in the western part of Europe. He was born on 5th May 2011. On the other hand, Klaus was another closest pet to Oskar and is believed to be a stray from the past. Klaus was thought to be adopted back in 2006 by the couple. Both are very popular, with millions of followers all over the Internet.

Oh, Long Johnson.

Oh, Long Johnson surfaced its first video on the Internet in 2006. Its scene was compiled in an online cat compilation video posted on YouTube. In 2012, Oh Long Johnson managed to get the attention of at least 6.5 million views. Surprisingly, the clip only had a series of aggressive sounds along with vocalizations mimicking. Vocalization mimicking seems to be a human-like gibberish. 

Lil bub.

Lil bub was a famous American cat who uploaded its first image on Tumblr in November 2011. Unfortunately, he died on 1st December 2019. And sadly, its featured photo was also removed from ⁸the news and social media site: Reddit.

The Two-Faced Cat: Venus

Venus, the two-faced cat, was a stray cat found in North Carolina, United States. Venus had black and Ginger sides with one green & one blue eye. After its first appearance on Reddit, Venus’ popularity gained traction and became more expansive. Many geneticists debated the question of whether Venus is an anthropomorphic illusion or not.

Hamilton: The Hipster Cat. 

Hamilton, the hipster cat, currently has over a million followers on Instagram. Do you know there was a time in 2020 when Hamilton was one of the most famous cats on the planet? Hamilton, the cat, is grey with white fur that looks like a mustache. Due to hamilton’s moustache-like appearance, they are often associated with the hipster subculture.


Maru is a Scottish fold cat from Japan, and its popularity is immense on YouTube. Currently, Maru videos have approximately 8 lakh views per video on average. Maru is also often discussed in internet celebrities’ telecasts and print media.

Grandpa Mason

If you are looking for an elderly famous cat, this is the one. Grandpa Mason is a wildcat found near Langley in the cat Colony. His YouTube videos are becoming viral since 2019 as numerous videos have mason along with his cat’s kittens.


Surprisingly Jorts is an office cat at the centre of a dispute reported by employees on Reddit. The employee disagreement in December 2021 brought massive attention to Jorts, the office cat on Reddit.


Are Cats The Most Popular Thing On The Internet? 

Cats are one of the most popular online things, covering almost 50% of all web traffic. Cats are among the most searched terms, with 30 million Google searches per month on the Internet.

What Role Do Cats Play In The Food Web? 

Big cats are strictly carnivorous, so they stay at the top of the food chain, which plays a substantial ecological role by regulating prey populations and structuring animal communities. Smaller members or species of the cat family also indirectly affect the food web.

What If Cats Have Their Internet? 

Fortunately,, cats don’t have the Internet. But if cats have their Internet, they will control our attention by only getting intriguing and false information. Thankfully, the US and Japan dominate the internet culture.


I hope to give you all the information about why cats are so popular. The cat’s popularity is undoubtedly helped by the fact that they are simultaneously self-reliant and affectionate. They are also straightforward to care for, making them trendy pets. 

Since they require no virtual or practical training like dogs and can groom themselves, they are one of the primary choices as pets for people. Cats are also great at killing pests. 

Nonetheless, cats can also be left alone without paying their owner. In a word, cats are convenient to have as pets. I hope you like this article and will consider sharing it।. Your one share will help many people get aware of this hard truth or fact. Check out our other interesting articles on cats; take care and goodbye.